The Economist: Turkey the great mediator

What He Said?What Happened?

The Gulf Today, November 2- 2008

Adnan Oktar:  Adnan   Oktar: Under the leadership of Turkey, unitization  of Turkish States will occur. With the help of the Turkish  alliance, The Turkish Islamic Union is going to come into existence insha’Allah. THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THE LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY, and we are already proceeding towards it a step by step. Indeed, Turkeys leadership is the most ideal to note...This is a duty that has been on Turkey since old times. Turkey has always taken the responsibility of  the leadership of  the Turkish Islamic States.  TURKEY MAKES THIS BE       FELT EVERYWHERE. DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY IT REVEALS ITS DUTY AS AN ELDER BROTHER EVERY WHERE. IN EVERY SORT OF CONFLICT TURKEY STEPS IN. For example  in the formation of the  Caucasion Alliance, Turkey has stepped in. When there is a  dispute at hand  between nations TURKEY HAS TAKEN THE POSITION OF RECONCILER. Thus,  the natural gas pipeline project,  the oil pipeline project   and other projects in occurance clearly show Turkey's leadership.  Turkey  has actually effectively undertaken this despite a formal disclosure hasnt been accounted for, thus this is continuing and developing. 

MPL TV, November 21- 2008

Adnan Oktar: The need for Ottoman , a modern Ottoman in the world is like the fundemental need of water for humanity. With Turkey's leadership, and the brace of Turkish States. Thus The Great Turkish Islamic Union. This means almost the transformation of the world into Paradise. It gives extaordinary wealth in terms of economy; Europe, America, Russia and China. The mine and oil of all Islamic and Turkish States will flow to these countries. They will also improve their  trade with the technical tools and opportunities they receive from tehse countries. They will build hospitals,  facilities and roads. We will visit them and work at their sites, engaging in beneficial activities and works. We will interact and do our business on the fields of Technology and Arts. Terror will cease in an instance. It will definetly come to a halt from its roots. Spendings to combat violence will no longer be an issue.  Therefore at the end of this, tranquility and stability will be born thus giving way  to the divine narration of richness and abundance  which will come down like rain. There will be enormous comfort. Our age is the Ottoman age. It is the Turkishness age. It’s the Age of the Turkish Islamic Union. Its the age of Social Islamic justice consisting of enchanting ethics. We will witness all this within the next 10 to 15 years Insha’Allah.

Vatan, August 21- 2010 


Turkiye, August 22- 2010


In the Economist, England’s international affairs publication, praised Turkey with the words: “The Great Mediator”. Economics stated that Turkey is a real bridge between West and East with its peacemaking skills. It is also stated that many countries ask Turkey to act as a mediator..

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