100 thousand people are educated for violence against women

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 Destan TV, March 08- 2009

Adnan Oktar: For instancethe research conducted in 2006 reports that in Turkey an incident of violence occurs in every 26 minutes. That isa disgrace.Child abuse,WOMAN ABUSE, harassment,rape and violence within family,incest are the incidents that are least carried to courts. Look at the torture…According to a research conducted in Turkey the dimensions of physical violence within family are tremendous. According to research 57 percent of women in Turkey are subjected to physical torture while 47 percent of them are subjected to sexual violence. 8 percent of them are raped within family. This is an utter disgrace. A total shame. Against this, a rational, PROPER CUSTOM SHOULD BE DEVELOPED.

Turkiye, September 08- -2010


With the purpose of decreasing violence against women, more than 100 thousand policemen, judicial and health-care personnel are trained. While the education of religious officials continue the education of public training directors are completed. In the year 2009, 771 people went through training while in 2010, 371 people are trained.

2010-11-06 22:33:30
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