We would never give a drop of Cyprus

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Excerpt from the Press Conference held on 17 September  2009

WE WOULD NEVER GIVE AWAY CYPRUS. WE WOULD NEVER GIVE A SPAN OF LAND from anywhere. Such a matteris out of the question.And there is no need to makea fuss about it. Meanwhile it is very important to give importance to spiritual progress. Support should be provided to those NGOs that give services in the spiritual sense. I consider this a vital issue.

News.com.tr, 15 January 2011

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan expressed the following about the Cyprus issue: So far the positive approach has been made completely by the Turkish side, by Turkey. We have accomplished our task as the guarantor country and up until now our Cypriot Turkish brothers have done their utmost. If they ask for items that are not included in any of the agreements, you can never find them here. At this point we would not give a drop of Cyprus to you.

2011-04-05 11:18:38

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