Islamic Peace Force against Looters

What He Said?What Happened?

Kocaeli TV, 12 June  2010

Adnan Oktar: Now the Islamic Unity will be established. This is the first sign of the system of Mahdi. This is the first task of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Secondly Bediuzzaman says that he will take the lead of Muslims with the title of the Caliphate of Islam. That is, a spiritual leader. He will be lead from his home. Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not get involved with politics. What else does he say? He says he will make alliance with Christians. He will make a world wide alliance; not an alliance with three or five people. An extensive alliance. What else does he say? He says, “Millions of self-sacrificing sayyids will participate in it.” Millions; not ten or twenty, right? HE SAYS THERE WILL ALSO BE ARMIES OF ISLAM AT THAT TIME. MILITARY ARMIES AND THESE WILL UNITE. THEY WILL UNITE LIKE NATO.

Golos journal (Crimea), October 2008

Adnan Oktar: Our religion with the Turkic states are the same; we are of the same religion. Our language is the same, we speak the same language. We are of the same descent. Our customs, traditions are the same. Their being different is already something very abnormal; that would very surprising. For instance this is as irrational as Kastamonu, Manisa to be separate from Turkey. Indeed this is irrational from the very first beginning. When we look at EU, Italians speak a different language. Italian is a different language. French people speak a different language. So does Germans. They also have different customs, traditions. But these people united immediately. All the nation considers this to be normal. Everyone considers this to be normal, to be very reasonable. NATO, COUNTRIES THAT HAVE NO RELATION WITH ONE ANOTHER, COUNTRIES OF TOTALY DIFFERENT RELIGIONS, LANGUAGES, RACES MAKE MILITARY ALLIANCE AND FIGHT AT THE FRONT SIDE BY SIDE AT THE VERY SAME LOCATION. WHILE SUCH UNIONS EXIST WHY WOULD THE UNION OF PEOPLE OF THE VERY SAME RELIGION, LANGUAGE, RACE, TRADITION, CUSTOMS WOULD BE WEIRD?

Adıyaman Asu TV, 7 June 2010

Altuğ Berker: “But Allah refuses to do other than perfect His Light” (Surat at-Tawba, 32)

Adnan Oktar: IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. IN THE MILITARY SENSE, POLITICAL SENSE. ALLAH PERFECTED HIS LIGHT. HE PERFECTED IT WITH TH E COMING OF OUR PROPHET (SAAS). BUT ITS OCCURANCE IN THE FULL SENSE OF THE WORD IS SOMETHING ELSE. THAT IS, ITS OCCURANCE IN EVERY ASPECT IS DIFFERENT; in the POLITICAL, SOCIAL, MILITARY aspect. The morality of Islambecomes prevalent, for instance it becomes prevalent in a restricted area. Allah perfects His Light but disbelievers remain dominant. In this verse Allah states that disbelievers will be totally defeated. I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed satan: “Fight them until there is no more fitna and the religion is Allah’s alone.” That is the duty of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Look, the commandment of Allah; “there is no more fitna and the religion is Allah’s alone.” This will happen Insha'Allah…

Arabnews, 9 November 2008

Adnan Oktar:  Turkish-Islamic Union is a system   will embrace all countries of the World, look at them with love, regard them  as friends, and be forgiving those which are hostile to it and will make them as friend. Consequently, there will be no hostility  to the system. Because the system has no enemy, it will have no single enemy. Turkish-Islamic union will be established  to bring peace, brotherhood, love and tranquility. The substructure of it, is ready. Because all Islamic countries want an Islamic Union.

Yeni Şafak, 2 April 2011


The military intervention of NATO into the internal conflicts in Libya once again put the establishment of an Islamic Peace Force that will also carry out military operations on the agenda of Islamic countries. According to experts, a military force simiar to NATO or UN can resolve the crises in the region and ensure the peace without any necessity to a foreign intervention.

2011-05-03 10:01:18

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