For success in Middle East, it is essential to listen to Turkey

What He Said?What Happened?

 Ekin TV, 12 January 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: Everything has its expert, doesn’t it? A bakery has its master baker. There are expert metalworkers. LIKEWISE THERE ARE EXPERT LEADERS. THAT IS THE TURKISH NATION. TURKEY IS THE LEADING COUNTRY IN THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD. A leader always has to make his position crystal clear. Seeking a leader causes strife and corruption. The leader has to stand out and be right there. And that is Turkey’s right.  The sacred relics are also in Turkey. And we have the experience. Thanks be to Allah we have a well-educated, intellectual work force with great taqwa. We are a highly rational nation. WE ARE A MODEST, COMPASSIONATE AND LOVING NATION THAT IS WELL ABLE TO WITHSTAND SUFFERING. WE ARE A NATION THAT DELIGHT IN SERVICE AND IN HUMAN HAPPINESS. WE STILL STRIVE TO BRING PEACE AND RECONCILIATION WHEREVER WE GO. THEY CALL ON US WHEREVER WE GO. Come and mediate between us. Israel and Syria are calling on us. Algeria is calling on us. Why? Because they know we are the natural leader. So Turkey should assume the leadership, we will say. The Turkic states are one nation that has been artificially divided. We are one family, and this is a family affair. We have turned to this matter, the Turkish-Islamic Union, as a family. Of course we will join together with the Turkish world, with our brothers, our own family, and with the whole Islamic world to embrace and protect our family. Who else can we do that with? There is a powerful, healthy, sincere, candid, courageous and altruistic nation, one that demands to serve.WE SAY WE WANT TO SERVE. WE WILL SERVE. WE WILL BE THE SERVANT OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD. That is it. But we do not say there is an extraordinary superiority in our genes. We do not claim to be superior in terms of blood or race. We believe that Allah creates everyone equally. But we are an eligible nation in terms of moral values and taqwa, and of administrative skills. That is evident. There can be no objection to that. It is there for all to see, even children can see it. AND IT IS NOT JUST US WHO SAY IT, BUT THE WHOLE ISLAMIC WORLD. THEY SAY COME AND BE THE LEADER. WE DID NOT CLAIM THAT FOR OURSELVES. THEY SAY IT THEMSELVES. AND WE HAVE THE RELICS. WE ARE THE CONTINUATION OF THE OTTOMANS, INSHA’ALLAH. THAT IS WHY WE WILL STRIVE TO FULFILL THIS GREAT TASK.

Kıbrıs Ada TV, 1 August 2008

Adnan Oktar: If you could see, you would not be able to recognize the Turkey of the future. In the true sense of the word, it wıll be the super state of the region. As a consequence, Israel will be saved, Armenia will be relieved and so will Palestine. Israel will attain unprecedented peace and security. The Palestine problem will be radically resolved. TURKEY IS THE KEY POINT TO ALL THIS AND THERE IS AN OBVIOUS DEMAND. In other words, Iraq demands it; Iraq demands to unite with Turkey. So does Syria; it wants to unite with Turkey and it demands the administration of Turkey. But of course states will be separate. They want Turkey to take the lead as a spiritual leader.

Star , 20 March 2011

It is essential to listen to Turkey For success in Middle East

U.S Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Senator John F. Kerry,, told that Turkey has a key role in the Middle East. Kerry who spoke in the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace , an international affairs think tank, expressed that Turkey is a stunning  example of progress. He also added:

 “ I think Turkey has the ability to play one of the key roles in this transformation as well as in the Middle East peace process. So I listen to Turkey very closely. I listen to its leaders. And I think we need to work with them very closely in these next months to help make this process effective," .”

2011-07-21 11:16:26

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