Nuclear weapons are against our creed

What He Said?What Happened?

13 March 2009, Baskent TV

ADNAN OKTAR:... But first of all A MUSLIM COUNTRY, IT IS UNLAWFUL ACCORDING OF OUR TENET, A MUSLIM COUNTRY CAN NOT USE ATOM BOMB. That is because in the case of an atom bomb, it is unlikely to discriminate between the right andunjust. For instance once a bomb is dropped on a city, you also kill the Muslims and the pious residing there; you kill whoever exists there. Islam by no means allow this. Disbelievers are discerned, so do the Muslims. A time is granted. Then, of necessity, a fight is made for defense. Therefore, EMPLOYING ATOM BOMB IS IN ANY EVENT UNLAWFUL. IT IS UNLAWFUL ALSO IN IRAN, THAT IS, IT IS ALSO UNLAWFUL ACCORDING TI THE CREED OF JAFERITES. THEY CAN IN NO CASE USE ATOM BOMB. That is why America also does not think [that Iran will use atom bomb]…Iran wants to generate nuclear energy and it is entitled to do it. Why would one meddle with it? What is wrong with it? For instance uranium; it obtains enriched uranium; that is, the type of uranium that it can use. And it uses it. It is very weird to ask it not to use it. A very weird belief. This is one evidence that is sufficient by itself. THAT IS, ACCORDING TO ISLAM ATOM BOMB IS UNLAWFUL. THERE IS NO OTHER THING TO DO OTHER THAN THIS. THEY ARE PIOUS PEOPLE. WHY WOULD THEY USE ATOM BOMB?

…It is unlawful in Islam. It is not possible. Demolishing an entire city; that is not possible…


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Milliyet, 15 August 2011

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