Bashar al-Assad and the Ergenekon of Syria

What He Said?What Happened?

2 August 2011, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: (about incidents in Syria) …This is a classical implementation of the alleged Ergenekon terror organization.  In Turkey there are the leaders of this organization. It is the same; the same system and the same structure. It is a mentality that hates the people, that looks down on them, that despises them, that considers them as, Allah forbid, bugs. This is the communist mentality, the Stalinist conception. Saddam was also of the same mentality.And it seems that the same mentality holds truefor the same regime, you know. We noticed that the same mentality persists also in this regime. The Baath regime; the Suphianist, that is the Suphian regime. This is a system that hates Muslims. It is a mentality that despises Muslims, an inscrutable  mentality. It is founded upon mercilessness, sadism and psychopathy. They persecute Muslims severely, torment them and exert violence. Those who advocate the alleged Ergenekon terror organization must see this picture. Those who carry out activities in Syria right now is a wing of the alleged Ergenekon terror organization and they are clearly psychopaths. The organization consists of furious blood-shedders and psychopaths. In contrast,  it is an obligation, an urgent duty that Muslims take care of one another, and establish the Turkish-Islamic Union. It is a duty that must be discharged right away.  

26 April 2011, A9 TV and Gaziantep Olay TV

ADNAN OKTAR: For one thing, Baath must withdraw from the power. A normal, reasonable ruler ship must be established; the government is socialist and communist. Consequently it is the continuity of the former regime, a slightly modified form of the regime of Hafiz Assad. They need to change the State.

TimeTurk, 16 August 2011

Abdullah Muradoglu, who referred to a Nusairi Ergenekon that settled down on Syria, said that this organization is a crime ring which is eager to move tanks on streets against their people. He also stated that Nusairi Ergenekon had penetrated all social fields and cells of the state and added: “Syria can only relieve when Assad packs and leaves Damascus.”

2011-08-29 03:17:01

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