Turkey is a place of Peace

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Çay TV, 23 July 2008

Adnan Oktar: Everyone must honestly believe that Turkey is heading in good direction and that we will really become a super state. TURKEY WILL BE A GREATER STATE THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN IN THE PAST.Insha’Allah, it will be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world. We are at the initial stages of this historic mission. And the Turkish nation is one that will free the whole world from anarchy, terror, distress, pain and all its sufferings. It is a really noble, decent nation toughened by troubles and sufferings. It has a spirit oriented towards managing the world and being of use to it. It seems that Allah has bestowed this task on our nation, insha’Allah. We shall soon see this coming true, insha’Allah. 

The Gulf Today, 2 November 2008
Adnan Oktar:
 A TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP WILL COME INTO BEING, INSHA’ALLAH, WITH THE UNIFICATION OF THE TURKIC STATES AND THE ASSISTANCE OF THE TURKISH UNION. This will be under Turkish leadership,and we are already moving in that direction. The ideal state of affairs is for Turkey to be its leader. … This has long been a duty incumbent upon Turkey. Turkey has always assumed the effective leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world. IT MAKES THIS FELT EVERYWHERE. IT ACTS AS AN OLDER BROTHER EVERYWHERE, EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY. For example, Turkey became involved in the establishment of the Caucasian Alliance.

Azerbaijan Novoye Vremya, 6 October 2008 

Presenter: What would you say about the global crisis throughout the world?

Adnan OktarNOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO TURKEY. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO TURKISH ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. ON THE CONTRARY, THERE WILL BE PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE IN THOSE PLACES. Here comes the age of abundance and prosperity Insha’Allah. By the leave of Allah we enter the Golden Age. Turkish countries will be happy, joyful and live in comfort. These crises are temporary indeed. They do not actually affect us but we of course do not want America be affected because of the crisis. We do not want the Christians to be in dire straits. We do our utmost regarding that Insha’Allah.

Turkiye, 6 March 2011


The Middle East and Africa are struck by uprisings while Europe is hit by economic crisis. Under these harsh circumstances, Turkey is like a peninsula of stability and peace. The series of public uprisings in African countries incited the ones in neighboring continent of Asia. The uprisings reached Yemen, Umman and even Armenia. Despite the best efforts and incitements of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, on the other hand, 2010 was a year of peace for Turkey. Also the country had a good year in terms of tourism and exports while important developments were experienced in international relations. Many countries including Russia, Argentine, Portugal, Venezuela, Malesia and Ukraine announced that they lifted visa for the Turkish citizens. The progress in the automotive and housing sectors and struggle against unemployment brought new opportunities for Turkey. While in this climate of peace, national income per capita increased and reports of success stories of private sector appeared every day.

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