Turkey Should Be Included in the Middle East Quartette

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Kıbrıs Ada TV, 1 August 2008

Adnan Oktar: If you could see, you could not recognize the Turkey of future. In the real sense of the word, it will be the super state of the region and as a result Israel will be saved, Armenia and Palestine willfeelrelieved. Israel willattain an unprecedented peace and security. The problem of Palestine will be solved completely. THE FOCAL POINT OF ALL EVENTS IS TURKEY AND THERE IS AN EXPLICIT REQUEST. Iraq also requests. It wants to unite with Turkey and so does Syria. Syria also wants to unite with Turkey and wants to remain under the administration of Turkey. But surely their states will be seperate. They want Turkey to be the spiritual leader.

Azernews, 23 October 2008 

Adnan Oktar: TURKEY WILL BECOME THE GREAT TURKEY. I am not saying by ninety-nine percent; it is one hundred percent. IT WILL BE THE LEADER OF THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION.TURKEY WILL BECOME THE LEADER OF THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION.WITHIN TEN-TWENTY YEARS, THE ENTIRE WORLD WILL SEE THIS. I am here and so you do. Everyone is here; by Allah’s leave this is clear. There is no other way. That is, there is not an alternative. This is the destiny of humanity, Insha'Allah. This will happen so. Turkey already has some sovereignty over the Islamic world as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union. But the Turkic states are generally Islamic countries…Consequently Turkey will become the leader of Muslims, Christians and Jews Insha'Allah. That is, it is the leader, it will be the leader. And it will present peace, bliss and justice to all.

Sabah, 11 December 2010


Yevgeny Primakov, the former Prime Minister of Russia, stated that in order to solve the Middle East problem, the Middle East quartette must be put into effect and the leaders of the region must be included in the organisation. Vitaliy Naumkinde, the Chairman of Russian Academy of Sciences Orientalism Institute said that Turkey must also take its place in the Middle Eastern quartette.

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