Turkey would inspire the Arab countries

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Mersin TV, 5 September 2008

Adnan Oktar: By the leave of Allah Turkey will be a great country. Turkish – Islamic Union is going to be established. Turkey will embrace the entire Middle East, BALKANS and AsiaWITH A SPIRIT OF ELDER BROTHER, INSHA’ALLAH. A marvelous system will come true, if you notice. The Caucasian Treaty is in a process of establishment and as you may know we have railway project going on as well as projects like oil pipeline and natural gas pipeline. You see, Islamic Union meetings are being organized. Studies are going on to form a stronger Turkish Union. All of these developments are very good Insha’Allah. As you know, Anatolia was the cradle of many civilizations. Anatolia is such a place. Also in the time of Ottoman period, as you know.  THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE RULED THE THREE CONTINENTS, THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST AND BALKANS, INSHA’ALLAH. NOW A UNION IS GOING TO BE ESTABLISHED JUST LIKE THAT. BUT, THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN ALL ALONG WITH LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP AS WELL AS WITH A SPIRIT OF BROTHERHOOD. 

Çay TV, 23 June 2008

Adnan Oktar: MAY SINCERELY EVERYONE BELIEVE THAT TURKEY IS GOING TO TURKEY AND INDEED WILL BECOME A SUPER STATE. TURKEY WILL BECOME AN UNPRECEDENTEDLY GREAT COUNTRY. IT WILL BE THE LEADER OF THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD Insha'Allah. We are at the preliminary stages of this historical mission. And the Turkish nation is a nation that will save the entire world from anarchy, terror, troubles, all sorts of afflictions and sufferings. Indeed it is a very noble and well-mannered nation; a nation that has gone through much suffering and it has a soul that tend to direct the world and be of benefit to the world. It seems that Allah has granted this task to this nation. In very near future we will see this Insha'Allah.

Yeni Akit, 27 February 2011

In response to a question about Turkey’s being a role-model for the Arab countries as a Muslim country posed by Germany’s “"Rheinische Post" newspaper, Prime Minister Erdogan said: “We especially desire the establishment of democracy and stability in the Arab world.” Turkey has always stated this: The just expectations of the public must be taken into consideration and this process has to proceed without resorting to violence.” Permanent stability can be assured by taking peace and the welfare of the public under guarantee. This can only be possible by respecting the fundamental rights and freedom of people.” He also added: “I believe that rather than a role-model, Turkey can be an inspiration for the Arab countries.”

2011-10-11 20:57:01

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