Mr Davutoglu carries out peace visits

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What He Said

Ekin TV, 12 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: Everything has its expert, doesn’t it? A bakery has its master baker. You have a master ironsmith.You also have master leaders. That is the Turkish nation. Turkey is the leading country in the Turkish-Islamic world. The leader should always be clear in everything it does... The leader is obvious and plain for all to see, and it is Turkey’s right. We have the sacred relics. We have the experience. Thanks be to Allah, we have a well-educated intellectual class full of pious people. We are a highly rational nation. We are a modest, compassionate and loving nation, one inured to hardship and that enjoys serving and rejoices in the happiness of others. Note how wherever we go we strive for peace and reconciliation. They call us wherever we go. To come and act as intermediaries. For example, Israel calls us. Syria comes and calls us. Algeria comes and calls us. Why? Because they know we are the natural leader. Of course we will say that Turkey should assume the leadership. Turkish states constitute one nation, which has separated factitiously. WE ARE ONE FAMILY. THIS IS A FAMILY DUTY. As a family, we own this duty of establishing Turkish-Islamic Union. Of course, we will unite with the Turkish world; we will unite with our brothers, our family; we will embrace and protect our family in the Islamic world. With whom we will do it? There is a strong, healthy, sincere, ingenuous, brave and self-sacrificing nation and it applies for the duty. We say we are servants.

Türkiye, 11 July 2011

Mr. Davutoglu, Foreign Minister of Turkey, pays critical visits to the countries affected by the “Arab Spring”.

After visiting Egypt and Libya, Mr. Davutoglu visited Saudi Arabia and Iran to talk about the developments in the Middle East.

2011-11-10 17:21:30

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