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Walking Fish with Red Lips

The batfish, with its red lips, is the only fish in the world that walks on its four fins. Fins that are created to enable walking, a weird-looking nose and big red lips make the appearance of this fish quite unusual. What enables the batfish to walk on the sea floor like a human being is its pectoral and pelvic fins. Using these fins, the batfish can easily stand on the sea floor and walk on the tips of its fins.

Bir Bitki Doguyor

Apart from this ability, the batfish with red lips has another interesting feature. It has small appendages below its nose, which it uses as a fishing line to deceive other fish. Batfish are carnivorous. Using their fishing lines, they prey upon other fish, crabs, larvae and cockles.

The complex features in these little fish that live at the bottom of the sea shows us one of the examples of Allah’s artistry.


37 / total 46
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