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Cuttlefish Like Jet Engines

Although it is called a "fish", unlike other fish, cuttlefish have no bones in their bodies. You may wonder how these boneless fish move along in water. Indeed, cuttlefish use a quite unusual means of locomotion. The body of a cuttlefish, which is composed of soft tissues, is covered with a thick layer of skin. By means of muscles below this layer, a cuttlefish collects water within its body and moves by squirting this water out.

Bir Bitki Doguyor

The system of the cuttlefish based on squirting water is quite complicated. There is a pocket-like opening on each side of the creature’s head. The water is drawn through these openings into a cylinder-like cavity. Then the cuttlefish jets out this water from a narrow pipe immediately under its head with great pressure. This enables the animal to move swiftly in the opposite direction and flee from predators because it can accelerate very suddenly. You may be wondering what would happen if it cannot move fast enough. In this case the cuttlefish sprays a dark colored liquid produced in its body towards its enemy. This spray of ink confuses the predator for a few seconds, which is enough for the cuttlefish to get away. It flees and disappears in the spray of ink.

As with all other living creatures, this feature of the cuttlefish is the creation of Allah, the Creator of everything. Allah informs us that there is no other god besides Him:

That is Allah, your Lord. Sovereignty is His. There is no god but Him. So what has made you deviate? (Surat az-Zumar: 6)


43 / total 46
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