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What the Believers’ Excitement Is Like

In societies remote from values of the Qur’an, the word "excitement" often expresses feelings of nervousness, anxiety, stress and agitation in the face of certain events. It is not a positive feeling but something distressful. The excitement of believers, on the other hand, is a feeling of ebullience experienced at the thought of Allah’s artistry, of His blessings, and of the eternal life in Paradise.

Disbelievers experience feelings of distress because they do not put their trust in Allah. Putting trust in Allah means taking Allah as one’s guardian and relying only upon Him. Since people of ignorance fail to appreciate the greatness of Allah, they cannot experience feelings of trust and submission. Instead of taking Allah as their protector, they expect to receive assistance from worldly sources. For this reason they can never get rid of the fears and anxieties particular to the ignorant.

Believers, however, are not afflicted with the distress found in ignorant societies thanks to the trust they place in their Lord. They are the ones who profoundly experience the excitement of faith which the Qur’an describes as an attribute of believers. That is because they are aware that every single occurrence is created for a divine purpose and so, contemplate deeply to perceive divine purposes. By exercising consciousness, they can easily see purposes hidden in the most delicate details. When compared to people of ignorance, they show more sensitivity to the very same occurrence, derive more pleasure and feel greater excitement from it. They experience zeal and excitement from knowledge that they have been created from nothing into a colorful world where hundreds of thousands, even millions of miracles exist all together at the same time. Wherever they look, they see the unique artistry of Allah: the universe, the sky, the sun, the moon, the butterflies, millions of animals, plants, fruits, etc. A believer cannot help getting excited when he envisions all these.


7 / total 13
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