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Bediuzzaman Describes How the Prophet Jesus (as) will Appear in Person, After Him and in the Time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)

The Prophet Jesus (as) who is now in the presence of Allah will appear in person and assume leadership of the followers of Jesus


After Jesus (as) kills the antichrist [intellectually eliminate it] at the end of time, most people will enter the true religion. But it says in some narrations: “The end of the world will not occur so long as there remain on the earth those who say, “Allah! Allah!”” So how after most people have come to believe, will most people become unbelievers?

The Answer: Those whose belief is weak deem it unlikely that what is narrated in a sound Hadith, “Jesus (as) will come, he will act in accordance with the law of Islam, and he will [spiritually] kill the antichrist,” will come about. But if the reality of this is explained, no reason remains to deem it unlikely. It is as follows:

The meaning expressed by this Hadith and those about the Sufyan and the Mahdi, is this: at the end of time two currents of irreligion will gain strength.

One of them: Under the veil of duplicity, a fearsome individual named the Sufyan will deny the messengership of Muhammad (saas), and coming to lead the dissemblers, will try to destroy the Islamic Shari‘a. To oppose him, A LUMINOUS INDIVIDUAL CALLED MUHAMMAD MAHDI OF THE FAMILY OF THE PROPHET will come to lead the people of sainthood and perfection, who are bound to the luminous chain of the Family of the Prophet (saas), and he will kill [eliminate intellectually] the current of dissemblers, which will be the collective personality of the Sufyan, and scatter it.

The Second Current: A tyrannical current born of Naturalist and materialist philosophies will gradually become strong and spread at the end of time by means of materialist philosophy, reaching such a degree that it denies divinity, much like a savage who does not recognize the king, or accept that the officers and soldiers in the army are his soldiers, ascribes a sort of kingship and rulership to everyone and to all the soldiers. In just the same way, the members of that current, who deny Allah, each ascribes divinity to his soul like a little Nimrod. And the greatest of them, the antichrist, who will come to lead them, will manifest awesome wonders, a sort of spiritualism and hypnosis; he will go even further, and imagining his tyrannical, superficial rule to be a sort of providence, he will proclaim his godhead. It is clear just what foolish buffoonery it is for impotent man, who may be defeated by a fly and cannot create even a fly’s wing, to claim godhead.

At that point when the current appears to be very strong, the religion of true Christianity, which comprises the collective personality of Jesus (as), will emerge. THAT IS, IT WILL DESCEND FROM THE SKIES OF DIVINE MERCY.

Present Christianity will be purified in the face of that reality; it will cast off superstition and distortion, and unite with the truths of Islam. Christianity will, in effect, be transformed into a sort of Islam. Following the Qur’an, the collective personality of Christianity will be in the rank of follower, and Islam, in that of leader. True religion will become a mighty force as a result of its joining it. Although defeated before the atheistic current while separate, CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM WILL HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO DEFEAT AND ROUT IT AS A RESULT OF THEIR UNION. THEN THE PERSON OF JESUS (AS), WHO IS PRESENT WITH HIS HUMAN BODY IN THE WORLD OF THE HEAVENS, WILL COME TO LEAD THE CURRENT OF TRUE RELIGION , as, relying on the promise of One Powerful Over All Things, the Bringer of Sure News has said. Since HE HAS TOLD OF IT, IT IS TRUE, AND SINCE THE ONE POWERFUL OVER ALL THINGS HAS PROMISED IT, HE WILL CERTAINLY BRING IT ABOUT.

Indeed, it is not far from the wisdom of an All-Wise One of Glory, Who all the time sends the angels to the earth from the heavens, sometimes in human form (like Gabriel appearing in the form of Dihya), and sends spirit beings from the Spirit World making them appear in human form, and even sends the spirits of most of the dead saints to the world with similitudes of their bodies, IT WOULD NOT BE FAR FROM HIS WISDOM -EVEN IF HE WAS NOT ALIVE AND PRESENT WITH HIS BODY IN THE SKIES OF THE WORLD, AND HAD TRULY DIED AND DEPARTED FOR THE FURTHEST CORNER OF THE HEREAFTER- TO CLOTHE JESUS (AS) IN HIS BODY AND SEND HIM TO THE WORLD, SO TO BRING THE RELIGION OF JESUS TO A GOOD CONCLUSION ; for such a momentous result. Indeed He promised it because His wisdom required it to be thus, and since He promised it, He will most certainly send him.

When Jesus (as) comes, it is not necessary that everyone should know him to be the true Jesus. His elect and those close to him will recognize him through the light of belief. It will not be self-evident so that everyone will recognize him. (The Letters, 15th Letter, pp. 52-54)

The Prophet Jesus (as) will be personally instrumental in the intellectual elimination of irreligion and in Christians’ becoming Muslims

The Third Level of Life is that of Enoch and Jesus (as) which, being removed from the requirements of humanity, rises to an angelic level of life and acquires a luminous fineness. Quite simply, Enoch and JESUS ARE PRESENT IN THE HEAVENS WITH THEIR EARTHLY BODIES, which have the subtlety of bodies from the World of Similitudes and the luminosity of star-like bodies. THE HADITH THE MEANING OF WHICH IS, “AT THE END OF TIME, JESUS (AS) WILL COME AND WILL ACT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE SHARI‘A OF MUHAMMAD (SAAS),” indicates that at the end of time the religion of Christianity will be purified and divest itself of superstition in the face of the current of unbelief and atheism born of the Naturalist philosophy, and will be transformed into Islam. At this point, the collective personality of Christianity will kill the fearsome collective personality of irreligion with the sword of heavenly Revelation; so too, REPRESENTING THE COLLECTIVE PERSONALITY OF CHRISTIANITY, JESUS (AS) WILL KILL [SPIRITUALLY] THE ANTICHRIST, WHO REPRESENTS THE COLLECTIVE PERSONALITY OF IRRELIGION, THAT IS, HE WILL KILL ATHEISTIC THOUGHT [he will intellectually eliminate it]. (The Letters, First Letter, p. 22)

The Prophet Jesus (as) will personally be at the head of his followers


The Mahdi’s luminous community will repair the destruction of the innovative regime of the secret society of the Sufyan, and will restore the Prophet’s glorious Sunnah. That is to say, the secret society of the Sufyan will try to destroy the Shari’a of Muhammad (saas) in the World of Islam with the intention of denying his Prophethood, and will be killed and routed by the miraculous immaterial sword of the Mahdi’s community.

Moreover, in the world of humanity, the secret society of the antichrist will overturn civilization and subvert all mankind’s sacred matters, with the intention of denying the godhead. A zealous and self-sacrificing community known as a Christian community but worthy of being called “Muslim Christians,” will merge the true religion of Jesus with the reality of Islam, and will kill and rout that society of the antichrist UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF JESUS (AS) [under the command of Jesus in person it will be killed and routed intellectually], thus saving humanity from atheism. (Letters / 29th Letter - Seventh Section - p.516)

The Prophet Jesus (as) will appear in person and abide by the practice of our Prophet (saas)

Christianity will either erupt, or being purified, will lay down its arms before Islam. Christianity was split apart several times, and Protestantism emerged. Then Protestantism was rent, and approached the true affirmation of Divine Unity. It is preparing to be rent again. It will either erupt and be extinguished, or it will see before it the truths of Islam, which encompass the basis of true Christianity, and it will lay down its arms.


When the Prophet Jesus (as) comes he will be recognized by the light of faith

This Fifth Ray contains an Introduction and twenty-three “Matters.” The Introduction consists of five “Points.”

First Point: Since belief and accountability are a test, a trial, a competition within the bounds of man’s will, theoretical issues that are obscure, profound, and in need of careful study and experiment cannot be obvious. They should not be so compelling that everyone has to affirm them willy-nilly. For in this way the Abu Bakr’s may rise to the highest of the high and the Abu Jahl’s descend to the lowest of the low. If there is no will, there is no accountability. It is because of this mystery and wisdom that miracles are displayed only rarely, and in this realm of accountability, like some allegorical verses of the Qur’an, the signs of the end of the world, which will be visible and seen, are obscure and open to interpretation. Since when the sun rises in the west it will be so clear everyone will be compelled to affirm it, the door of repentance will be closed and repentance and belief will no longer be accepted. For the Abu Bakr’s and the Abu Jahl’s will be equal in their affirmation of it. IN FACT, ALTHOUGH WHEN JESUS (AS) COMES HE HIMSELF WILL KNOW HE IS JESUS, NOT EVERYONE WILL KNOW. Similarly, fearsome figures such as the antichrist and Sufyan will not know themselves to be such. (The Rays / 5th Ray - p.98)

Irreligion will be intellectually eliminated through the Prophet Jesus (as) and his community

And, for example, it is well-known that when the Islamic antichrist dies, the satan who serves him will shout out the news to the whole world from ‘Dikili Tas,’ the obelisk in Istanbul, and everyone will hear its voice saying that he is dead. That is to say, the news will be broadcast by radio, which is wonderful and leaves even the satans in amazement.

Also, since the strange circumstances and fearsome activities of the antichrist’s regime, and the covert organization and government that he founds have been narrated as referring to his person, their true meaning has remained obscure. For example, “HE WILL BE SO POWERFUL AND LONG-LIVED THAT ONLY JESUS (AS) WILL BE ABLE TO KILL [SPIRITUALLY] HIM; NOTHING ELSE WILL BE ABLE TO.” That is, it will only be a revealed, elevated, pure religion that will be able to overturn his way and rapacious regime, and eliminate them. Such a religion will emerge among the true followers of Jesus (as), and it will follow the Qur’an and become united with it. ON THE COMING OF JESUS (AS) AND EMERGENCE OF THE TRUE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, THE ANTICHRIST’S IRRELIGIOUS WAY WILL BE WIPED OUT AND WILL CEASE. (The Rays, 5th Ray, p. 101)

The Prophet Jesus (as) will personally bring about the intellectual end of the way of the antichrist

THIRTEENTH MATTER: There is a definite, sound narration which says: “Jesus (as) will kill the Great antichrist [intellectually eliminate it].”    The knowledge is with Allah, there are two aspects to this:

The First Aspect: It could only be a wondrous person with the power of miracles who could kill and change the way of the fearsome antichrist, who will preserve himself through wonders, bestowed on him by Allah in order to lead him astray, such as magic, hypnotic powers, and spiritualism, and will spellbind everyone. AND THAT PERSON WILL BE JESUS (AS), WHO IS THE PROPHET OF THE MAJORITY OF MANKIND, AND WHOM MOST PEOPLE FOLLOW . (The Rays, 5th Ray , Second Station, p. 108)

The fact that the Prophet Jesus (as) will pray behind Hazrat Mahdi (as) shows that the whole world will be Muslim and that the Prophet Jesus (as) will follow Hazrat Mahdi (as)

The Second Aspect is this: It will be the truly pious followers of Jesus (as) who will kill [intellectually] the gigantic collective personality of materialism and irreligion which the antichrist will form -for the antichrist will be killed by Jesus’ (as) sword [of knowledge]- and destroy his ideas and disbelief, which are atheistic. Those truly pious Christians will blend the essence of true Christianity with the essence of Islam and rout the antichrist with their combined strength, in effect killing him [spiritually]. THE NARRATION: “JESUS (AS) WILL COME AND WILL PERFORM THE OBLIGATORY PRAYERS BEHIND THE MAHDI AND FOLLOW HIM,” ALLUDES TO THIS UNION, AND TO THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE QUR’AN AND ITS BEING FOLLOWED. (The Rays, 5th  Ray, Second Station, p. 108)

The Prophet Jesus’ (as) community will be a very small one

Sixteenth Matter: It says in a narration in connection with Jesus’ (as) killing [intellectually] the antichrist: “The antichrist will have a colossal form, he will be extraordinarily big and taller than a minaret, while Jesus (as) will be very small in comparison.” None knows the Unseen save God, thus one interpretation must be as follows: it is an allusion and sign that quantitively the spiritual community of mujahidên who will recognize Jesus (as) and follow him, will be very few and small comparatively to the ‘scientific’, physical armies of the dajjal in terms of schools and soldiers. (The Rays, 5th Ray, Second Station, pp. 109-110)  

The Prophet Jesus (as) will certainly return in person, but the parallel meanings of the hadiths also point to many truths

SINCE THE MEANING OF HADITH ABOUT THE APPEARANCE OF JESUS (AS) IN THE END TIMES AND HIS SLAYING [SPIRITUALLY] OF THE ANTICHRIST IS NOT PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD, SOME SUPERFICIAL TEACHERS HAVE LOOKED AT THE SUPERFICIAL ASPECTS OF THESE ACCOUNTS AND HADITH AND FALLEN INTO SKEPTICISM, OR ELSE THEY HAVE DENIED THEIR SOUNDNESS, OR HAVE ATTACHED A NONSENSICAL MEANING TO THEM, GIVING THEM AN ABSURD FORM AND HARMING THE WORLD OF ISLAM. Atheists, on the other hand, attack and mock the truths of Islam by misinterpreting these hadith that look irrational on the surface. The Treatise of Light has shown the true meaning of such allegorical hadith through the riches of the Qur’an. I declare the following single instance as an example:

At the time of Jesus’ (as) struggle with the antichrist, when Jesus  (as) slays him [spiritually] he will jump ten yards (5 meters) up in the air but only be able to plunge his sword in his knee, and the antichrist will be ten or twenty times taller than Jesus (as). This account’s superficial meaning is incompatible with the secret of the test, but favors the law of Allah currently in force. Yet in order to silence those unbelievers who imagine that this account, this hadith is - may Allah forbid- adversary and superstition and to warn those superficial hodjas who believes only in the truth itself, those even though they have seen some of the truths in that hadith with their own eyes, still hopingly await, that this hadith with numerous meanings had been realized in one respect in this period with the same truths and in complete compliance as the truth itself.


“We are awaiting the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as)”

(From a Letter to the Master from brother Husrev)

Second: Your humble servant Husrev said this when speaking with Mr. Re’fet the day before the arrival of this message: “Dear Re’fet! WE AWAIT THE COMING OF THE PROPHET JESUS (AS). IT MUST BE SUCH THAT THIS GREAT PROPHET WILL APPEAR AT THE HEAD OF A MOVEMENT ACTING ON BEHALF OF THE FAITH; AND THAT NATION WILL BE A MUSLIM ONE.  That is what I understand our dear Master’s last letters to mean. My hope on this matter is strong. Insha’Allah, that is how it will be,” I said. (The Ratifying Stamp of the Unseen, 27. Important Extracts from the Letter’s Addendum, p. 43)

The Prophet Jesus (as) will come and will be one of the community of our Prophet (saas)

Question: Will Christianity not prevent the spreading of Islam in the future?

The Answer: Christianity will either erupt, or being purified, will lay down its arms before Islam. Christianity was split apart several times, and Protestantism emerged. Then Protestantism was rent, and approached the true affirmation of Divine Unity. It is preparing to be rent again. It will either erupt and be extinguished, or it will see before it the truths of Islam, which encompass the basis of true Christianity, and it will lay down its arms.



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