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The Characteristics of Religious Scholars of the End Times Who are Arrogant and Weak in Faith and Intellect

Bediuzzaman says that certain religious scholars in the End Times who are weak in faith and intellect, and who are also arrogant and proud, will fail to understand the truths revealed in the hadiths, for which reason they will tend to deny them:

Since the hadiths that speak of the signs of the end of time, the events at the end of time, and the merits and rewards of certain actions have not been well understood, some scholars who rely on their reason have pronounced some of them to be either weak or false. While some of the scholars WHOSE BELIEF WAS WEAK BUT WHOSE EGOTISM WAS STRONG have gone as far as denying them.

Conclusion: O UNFAIR, UNTHINKING, SELF-CENTERD, ARGUMENTATIVE MAN WHOSE BELIEF IS WEAK AND PHILOSOPHY, STRONG! Consider these Ten Principles, then do not make the pretext a narration you thought was contrary to the truth and definitely opposed to reality, and point the finger of objection at Hadiths thus casting aspersions on the Noble Messenger’s (saas) sinlessness! (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Words, Twenty-Fourth Word, Third Branch)

THOSE WHOSE BELIEF IS WEAK DEEM IT UNLIKELY that what is narrated in a sound Hadith, “Jesus (as) will come, he will act in accordance with the Shari‘a of Islam, and he will kill the dajjal [intellectually eliminate it],” will come about. But if the reality of this is explained, no reason remains to deem it unlikely. (Letters / Fifteenth Letter – p. 77)
One other thing remains and it is the most dangerous: among yourselves and among your friends to feel jealous of this poor brother of yours is most dangerous. There are scholars of standing among you, and SOME SCHOLARS ARE EGOTISTICAL IN REGARD TO THEIR LEARNING. Even if they themselves are modest, they are egotistical in that respect. They cannot easily give it up. Whatever their hearts and minds may do, their evil-commanding souls want eminence, to sell themselves, and even to dispute the treatises that have been written.

Although their hearts love the treatises and their minds appreciate them and recognize their worth, due to jealousy arising from the egotism of learning, their souls want to reduce the value of the Words, as though nurturing an implicit enmity towards them, so that the products of their own thought can compete with them and be sold like them.

But I have to tell them this:

Even if those in this circle of Qur’anic teaching are leading scholars and authorities on the Law, their duties in respect of the sciences of belief are only explanations and elucidations of the Words that have been written, or the ordering of them. For I have understood through many signs that we have been charged with the duty of issuing fatwas concerning these sciences of belief. If someone within our circle writes some things outside an explanation or elucidation due to a feeling in his soul arising from the egotism of learning, it will be like a cold dispute or a deficient plagiarism because it has become established through numerous evidences and signs that the parts of the Treatise of Light have issued from the Qur’an. In accordance with the rule of the division of labour, each of us has undertaken a duty, and we make those distillations of the water of life reach those who are in need of them! (Letters / Twenty - Ninth Letter - Sixth Section - pp. 498-499)

Or, like Buddhists, who claim to be familiar with the Unseen, or THE PSEUDO-INTELLECTUALS, who imagine their conjectures about its affairs to be certain, DOES WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT THE UNSEEN NOT APPEAL TO THEM? (The Words / Twenty-Fifth Word - First Light - First Ray - p.400)
Together with indicating many truths, these three things also allude to the spiritual voyaging of the soul, the mind, and the heart. They also correspond to three levels of those who investigate reality.*

The First indicates those who follow the path of intellectual thought; those who follow the path of sainthood; and those who follow the path of prophethood.

The Second corresponds to those who approach reality by striving for perfection through the bodily systems; and those who approach it by striving with the mind and refining the soul; and those who approach it through belief, submission, and purifying the heart.

* There are also three groups in each level. The three things given as examples in the comparison look to these three groups which are in each level. Indeed, they look to those nine groups, not the three levels.

The Third is the comparison of those WHO DO NOT GIVE UP EGOTISM, ARE PLUNGED INTO WORKS, and approach reality through deduction and reasoning only; and of those who search for reality through knowledge and science, reason and learning; and those who approach reality swiftly through belief and the Qur’an, poverty and worship. These comparisons point to the wisdom in the differences between the three groups, whose capacities are also different. (The Words / Twenty-Fourth Word - Second Branch - pp.345-346)

But HOW CAN THOSE WHOSE MINDS SEE NO FURTHER THAN THEIR EYES AND ARE SUBMERGED IN MULTIPLICITY reach those who follow elevated sacred aims through ‘the legacy of prophethood’? (The Words / Twenty-Fourth Word - Third Branch - p.360)
The phrase “Is it at all possible?” is indeed repeated many times, because it expresses a most significant mystery. MISGUIDANCE AND LACK OF BELIEF GENERALLY SPRING FROM THE HABIT OF IMAGINING THINGS TO BE IMPOSSIBLE, FAR REMOVED FROM THE REALM OF REASON, AND THEREFORE DENYING THEM.

Now in this discussion of resurrection it has been decisively demonstrated that true impossibility, absurdity and IRRATIONALITY PERTAIN TO THE PATH OF MISBELIEF AND THE ROAD OF MISGUIDANCE, whereas true possibility, facility and rationality are characteristics of the path of faith and the highway of Islam. (The Words / Tenth Word - Third Truth - p.77)

YES, OF COURSE, IT IS DIFFICULT TO DEMONSTRATE SOMETHING AND CONVINCE SOMEONE LIKE YOU OVER WHOSE EYES A VEIL HAS BEEN DRAWN, AND WHO SEES ONLY WHAT IS IMMEDIATELY APPARENT TO THEM. BUT THE TRUTH IS SO BRILLIANT THAT even the blind can see it, so we also say what is unanimously agreed upon, that the depths of space are full of matter called ‘ether’. Subtle energies like light, electricity, and heat point to the existence of some subtle matter which fills space. For just as fruits clearly demonstrate the existence of the tree that bore them, flowers their flower-bed, shoots their seed-bed, and fishes the sea, the stars also thrust before the mind’s eye the necessary existence of their source, seed-bed, sea, and flower-bed.

Since there are different formations in the world above us, and different rules are seen to be in force under different conditions, the heavens, which are the source of those rules, also differ. And since just as in man there are immaterial faculties apart from his body, like the mind, heart, spirit, imagination, and memory, certainly in the world, which is the macro-anthropos, and in the universe, which is the tree of which man is the fruit, there are other worlds apart from the corporeal world. Moreover, there are heavens to each world, from the world of the Earth to the world of Paradise. (The Words / Thirty-First Word - Second Principle - pp.594-595)

Or LIKE UNREASONING PHILOSOPHERS WHO RELY ON THEIR REASONS, DO THEY HOLD BACK FROM FOLLOWING YOU, SAYING: “OUR FACULTIES OF REASON ARE SUFFICIENT.” But reason commands that you are followed, because everything you say is reasonable. But again the reason on its own cannot reach it. (The Words / Twenty-Fifth Word - First Light - First Ray - p.397)
… THEY IMAGINE ONE WHO IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOTENT TO BE A POSSESSOR OF ABSOLUTE POWER … Since they have abdicated their reason and humanity to this degree and have fallen lower than the animals and even inanimate beings, … (The Words / Twenty-Fifth Word - First Light - First Ray - p.397)
The Materialists, WHOSE USE OF THEIR REASON IS LIMITED TO WHAT IS IMMEDIATELY APPARENT TO THEM, have, in their nonsensical philosophies which are based upon foundations of futility, taken the transformations of particles, which they regard as the results of coincidence, as the fundamental basis of all their principles and shown that the Divine works and creatures result from those transformations. Anyone with a grain of intelligence would know how contrary to reason is their attributing creatures adorned with infinite instances of wisdom to something based on purposeless, meaningless coincidence, which is quite without order. (The Words / Thirtieth Word - Second Aim - p.574)
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