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Chapter 4: The One and Only Solution to Communism: Anti-Darwinist, Anti-Materialist Propaganda

What Kind of Intellectual Activity?

Civil society organizations must discuss the scientific invalidity of Darwinism

If the state cannot halt Darwinist propaganda in its own institutions because of the destructive and oppressive influence of the Darwinist dictatorship, then civil society organizations must become involved. National and local private television stations must undertake effective activities on the subject. Films and documentaries setting out the invalidity of the theory of evolution must be shown on an almost hourly basis, and wide-ranging scientific information on the subject must be provided. Various associations must prepare informative leaflets on the subject, and meetings must be held, especially in educational institutions, to inform the public against the danger of communism and the theory of evolution.

Fossil exhibitions and conferences must be staged

One of the most effective ways of showing the invalidity of Darwinism is the arranging of fossil exhibitions. Free of charge fossil exhibitions will both attract people's interest and also convince people who see that fossilized life forms have remained unchanged for millions of years that evolution never happened. In addition, small meetings or conferences will also be very influential. Someone seeing the scientific evidence of the invalidity of the theory of evolution at a conference will never forget it throughout his life. And furthermore, he will tell what he learns to everyone around him.

darwin, fossil

Fossil exhibitions and conferences are very important in terms of showing people the facts about evolution being nonsense. Just one piece of scientific evidence produced during such activities will be enough for them to realize that evolution is nonsense, and the truth will spread ever wider.

Individual activities must be encouraged

Individual activities are also exceedingly important in anti-Darwinist propaganda. Our people can buy as many books refuting Darwinism as they can and hand them out free of charge. They can prepare little leaflets, containing brief details regarding the invalidity of Darwinism and hand them out in villages and townships. They can give talks about the untruth of Darwinism where people generally meet together, in cafes, coffee houses, restaurants, train stations and the like.

It is not essential for someone who wants to do these kinds of things to possess vast amounts of knowledge. The theory of evolution will collapse under the weight of just two points:

1) The fact that it is impossible for even a single protein to come into being by chance,

2) The fact that although not one single transitional fossil exists, there are more than 350 million fossils showing that life forms remain the same, in other words, that they are created.

It is enough to be informed on these two points alone, and to spread that information, for Darwinism to come tumbling down. The works of Harun Yahya are the most effective sources that can be used in such activities. All kinds of works can be downloaded free of charge from the Harun Yahya web sites and free books are handed out all over the country. Harun Yahya documentaries can be broadcast freely on TV stations of all kinds across the country. Moreover, since these works prove the scientific invalidity of Darwinism in a wide-ranging and accessible way they are highly valuable reference sources. Even very brief activity based on these works will be very effective.


Through personal activities, everyone can spread the fact that Darwinism is a deception to as many people as possible. Handing out little leaflets, talking in cafes and coffee houses and restaurants, writing articles on the Internet and making effective use of social networking sites are some of the ways of doing this.

It is impossible for someone who sees the invalidity of the theory of evolution to be a Darwinist again

This point needs to be emphasized: once someone has learned that the theory of evolution is a fraud being propped up by demagoguery, there is no way to ever get him to believe in evolution again. Some people may sometimes appear to still be evolutionists even after seeing the scientific proofs that evolution is a lie. They may even give the impression of strongly opposing the facts that disprove evolution. But that is not actually true. Such a person will definitely have concluded that evolution is nonsense. But concern for his career, an unwillingness to lose his Darwinist friends or perhaps an inability to admit that a theory he espoused for many years is really nonsense may prevent him from stating as much out loud. But he will definitely – DEFINITELY – have come to such a conclusion privately.

It is easy to convince someone in a dark room that everything is also dark on the outside. But once he has seen the Sun through a crack in the window for just one second, it will be impossible to again convince him that the outside is in darkness. It is the same with Darwinist nonsense. It is enough for people to just once become aware of the scientific evidence that refutes evolution. After that, no matter what Darwinists do, there is no way of convincing that person that evolution is true. Therefore, no matter where anti-Darwinist activity takes place, or how, or how many people it is aimed at, it will always, every single time, produce results. The important thing is for everyone to be mobilized to engage in this intellectual struggle in the most comprehensive and effective way.

anti darwinist, fossils

The Harun Yahya web sites must be spread everywhere possible in order to bring Darwinism down. These sites document the nonsense of evolution in great detail and provide flawless proofs of Creation. All these works contain highly significant information and can be downloaded free of charge.

What Will Be The Result of Anti-Darwinist and Anti-Materialist Intellectual Activity?

At the moment, there is no intellectual system opposed to that of communism. The ideological infrastructure of communism is disseminated through intensive education, and the lack of any opposed intellectual system is a major gap. The present scourges stem from that deficiency.

Anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist informational activity will fill that gap, because activity on that front is what communists desire and expect the least. This is what communists and all terrorists have feared most, literally their worst nightmare, ever since the time of Lenin. A communist is not afraid of going into a shoot-out, living in the mountains, going hungry or killing. But the idea of the collapse of the Darwinist and materialist ideology fills him with terror because the collapse of the Darwinist and materialist ideology will eliminate everything he believes in and trusts. In this way, the superstition in his brain will vanish. And he will have no more strength to engage in training in the mountains, nor carry a gun, nor die nor kill.

Allah, man, women

Anti-Darwinist activity is the form of opposition that communists least wish and expect to encounter because they know that with the collapse of Darwinism their bloody ideologies will disappear, that people will turn to God and that the world will move in the direction of a fine Islamic union.

Anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist activity will strike at the heart of the communist movement. Someone who until then has believed all the indoctrination of the theory of evolution, that he and the universe came into existence by chance, that no entity in the world has any purpose and that all human beings are merely a species of animal will suddenly realize he was not created for no reason. He will lose the perverse belief in his brain. Espousing communist ideology and killing or dying for the sake of that ideology will suddenly become meaningless. There will be no encouragement to kill and die. He will be terrified to realize he has been working for an empty and foolish aim and that the promises made by the Darwinist ideology are hollow. Terror, violence, attacking people, corruption, treachery and oppressing others will vanish from his mind in a moment, and he will no longer have the strength to believe in communism.

bal arısı

What needs to be done together with anti-Darwinist activity is for people to be told about the signs leading to faith. Someone who sees the extraordinary abilities of the honeybee, for example, can never believe it came into being by chance.

It is enough for it to be proved to him just one time that Darwinism is nonsense. No matter how much he denies it, or how much he tries to remain loyal to his ideology, that strength will definitely disappear. And as he loses his strength and determination, no cause will be left. There will be no need to convince such a person not to kill, and to put an end to terror and violence. That opinion will form naturally in his brain as his ideology collapses. All the ideas he believed in and was devoted to as a Darwinist will suddenly lose all their meaning.

Someone who realizes that Darwinism is nonsense will also realize that he is not living for no reason, and will therefore ask, "What is the point of my existence in the world?" When he realizes there is a purpose to his existence, he will surely grasp the absolute existence of God. He will realize that God created other people, like him, as jewels of creation, that he is a valuable servant, that he has a soul and is subject to destiny. The only thing remaining to be done will be to make such a person know God and show him His Might and Power. The most effective way of doing that is by describing the signs leading to faith.

Signs leading to faith are works of art that draw people closer to God. It is essential to closely examine what God creates and to see the glorious detail in them in order to properly know and appreciate Him. The extraordinary workings of the human body, the development of a baby in the mother's womb and the miracle of birth, the immaculate structure of the cell, the astonishing data capacity and the sheer artistry of DNA, the flawless structure of the eye, the amazing details in insect flight, the spider's ability to weave its web, the bee's construction of the honeycomb, the photosynthetic system on Earth; in short, everything in nature, are all signs leading to faith. Only when someone sees and investigates these proofs of perfect creation in nature and his own body can he appreciate the Lord of these works of art. And this enables him to grow in faith. Someone who passionately loves God by examining His creations, who comprehends His might and power, will thenceforth do everything for God, his beloved. For that reason, the second important intellectual action after anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist activity is to tell people of the signs leading to faith.

Anti-Darwinist Intellectual Activity Will Eliminate the Threat of Communism, Not Just in Turkey, But All over the World

Anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist activity must take place across the world. The aim here is not simply for Turkey to be rid of the scourge of terrorism and communism, but for the whole world to be freed from it. For that reason, anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist activity needs to be spread across the world. When that happens, all countries living under the threat of terror will be able to relax, countries that threaten one another with war will quiet down, and Western countries now heading toward the scourges of racism, prejudice and xenophobia will see the truth. Arab countries, like all other countries, will escape the corruption of Darwinism and, in short, all the strife going on in the world will come to an end, and the world will become a safe place, one of peace and tranquility.

Because North Korea is communist, it is currently carrying out nuclear tests before the eyes of the world. Because China is Darwinist, it constantly eliminates its own citizens. The reason why brother fights against brother in Egypt, Libya and Syria is because of the dominion of Darwinism. The savage tribal wars in African countries all appeared with the deliberate spread to those countries of the false Darwinist logic of superior races. The mindset that used the heads of people killed in Rwanda as footballs is the Darwinist mindset. The mindset that keeps the fingers of the martyred in Afghanistan as grotesque souvenirs is the Darwinist mindset. Darwinism lies at the root of the racist savagery exhibited by fascist terror in European countries solely because people have a different skin color or come from a different country. It is Darwinism that turns people from such superior virtues as love, compassion and altruism, that makes them soulless and intolerant, that leaves them vulnerable to scourges, anger and hatred. Darwinism is therefore a major threat, not just to Turkey, but to the entire world. It must absolutely be eliminated. The only way to do that is the anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist intellectual activity described in detail above.

It is astonishing how some people today still manage to resist this solution that will produce a definitive solution. They fail to heed the clearest and most certain solution to terrorism because they do not look at matters honestly and rationally. The idea of the need for anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist activity is the most valuable and important path to a solution put before them. Failing to use such a path to a solution, resisting such a powerful idea and then pretending to look for a solution through weak and unsuccessful methods and political maneuvering is the height of intellectual dishonesty. There is no way of striving against terror apart from through an intellectual campaign. There is a huge swamp of terrorism, and the sole way of draining that swamp has been set out in great detail. But to resist that idea and still fail to carry out the intellectual activities required means nothing less than turning the world over to communist terror. Those who refuse to see the only answer to the scourge of terror will have to bear this great responsibility.

sevgi ve sevgisizlik

As the result of anti-Darwinist activity, the Darwinist, communist mindset that makes people loveless and turns the world into a place of darkness will give way to a world full of laughter, light, love, joy and peace. People will no longer be deceived, and they will realize that peace and security are the way that life should be lived.

After Anti-Darwinist Activity, “Turkish-Islamic Union”

Our Kurdish brothers living in the southeast of Turkey are highly devout, honest, virtuous and unselfish people. Communist terrorists must be prevented from threatening our radiant people there without delay. In order to protect those fine and immaculate moral values and to ensure that they can live in peace and security, the Darwinist, materialist and communist mindset must be cleaned out of the region and Turkish-Islamic Union established as a matter of urgency.

Turkish-Islamic Union is a union of love and the heart. Turkey will assume the role of an older brother, a pioneer, a servant in that union. That is why the union will be known as the Turkish-Islamic Union. Since according to Islam, no race can be superior to any other, there will be no conception of "racial superiority" in this union. All "Turkish" citizens living in Turkey- Kurdish, Circassian, Zara, Laz, Bosnian, Georgian, Arab, etc. – will be included in the union, as well as all Muslim countries and societies in the world.

Being united will bestow a huge strength upon the Turkish-Islamic world. It will be impossible, unless God so wishes, for this union based on the soundest foundation in the world, love of God, to be weakened or fall apart.

dinlerin birliği

Turkish-Islamic Union will embrace everyone, regardless of religion, language, race, culture or nation. Nobody will be kept down, or oppressed, or poor or humiliated. Brotherhood, peace and security will settle across the world with Turkish- Islamic Union.

Turkish-Islamic Union will resolve all misunderstandings between Muslim countries and bring peace to the Islamic world, while it will also be a preventive force that stands against every kind of movement that incites war and conflict in the world as a whole. Therefore, with the foundation of Turkish-Islamic Union America, Europe, China, Russia, Israel, in short all the countries of the world, Muslim or not, will live at ease and in peace. The problem of terror will come to an end, access to subterranean resources and raw materials will be guaranteed, the economic and social order will be protected and cultural and social conflicts will be completely eliminated.

As the Master, Bediüzzaman, said, Turkish-Islamic Union will come about with an alliance of Muslims, Christians and Jews. The stratagems of those who have to date sought to spread strife among believers will be thwarted, and believers across the world will join forces to create a union. Therefore, for the first time in the history of the world, a giant force will appear in opposition to all perverse communist and materialist systems. Therefore, Turkish-Islamic Union will spell salvation, not just for Muslims, but also for all Christians and Jews.

Nobody will suffer under Turkish-Islamic Union. Nobody will be killed because of his faith, the color of his skin or his beliefs. None will be persecuted, and none will be poor or oppressed. There will be no fear, and no problems in the legal and justice system. There will be no unsolved crimes. There will be no poverty and want. None will be condemned to hunger while others are very wealthy. There will be no despair, and everyone will live in hope and joy and ease. Nobody will be left ignorant and uninformed. Great importance will be attached to education, and exceedingly cultured and well-educated societies will emerge.

Commerce will come to life under Turkish-Islamic Union, and the economy will strengthen. The integral whole that develops among the countries of the world in the economic, political and cultural arenas will permit the less developed to make rapid advances and will allow resources to be used in the most efficient manner. Economic growth will increase investment in science and technology. With economic growth will come a natural rise in education levels and society will grow in many directions.

teknoloji, şehir

Turkish-Islamic Union will bring an economic well-being unseen since the Age of Felicity. The whole world will grow rich, and commercial activity will increase enormously.

By means of the common market that will be set up, goods produced in one country will easily be able to be sold in another, without becoming caught up in customs and quota problems. The commercial sphere will expand, all countries' market shares will increase, exports will grow and the industrialization process will accelerate as a result. Regeneration in the economy will be reflected in advances in technology.

The economic crisis will disappear. This state of affairs will therefore spread across the world. The whole world will grow rich and trade will grow apace.

A major responsibility falls to the Turkish nation in this context. Turkey's duty is to lead the Turkish-Islamic world that will bring peace, plenty and well-being to the entire world. Leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world will be one of Turkey's greatest tasks ever. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST VITAL DUTIES FACING THE TURKISH NATION. In other words, the duty of the Turkish nation is not to save Turkey alone, but all countries of the world and to bring about world peace and well-being.

What Will Turkish-Islamic Union Bring to Our Kurdish Brothers?

When Turkish-Islamic Union is brought up, some people ask the rather ignorant question, "So won't the Kurds be allowed in this union?" That question stems from their failure to understand the aim and objectives of the union.

When Turkish-Islamic Union is established, our Kurdish brothers will be one of the first groups to take their place in it.

kürt halkı

Our Kurdish brothers will be the first to take their places in Turkish- Islamic Union. They will be freed from PKK pressure and the label of second-class citizens imposed on them by the PKK for so many years, and will enjoy living as brothers, in peace, plenty and well-being.

Being both Turkish and Muslim, our Kurdish brothers will naturally be a part of this community. The rumors in question are part of the same sickly mindset that always tries to portray our Kurdish brothers as somehow inherently separate from us. Such attitudes must never be permitted, and all the endeavors of people with ulterior motives who seek to spread strife between Turks and Kurds must be brought to nothing.

Turkish-Islamic Union is the only solution by which our Kurdish brothers can also live at ease in peace and plenty, freed from the oppression of the separatist PKK terror organization. The current aim of the separatist terror organization, as we have already discussed in detail, is to imprison our Kurdish brothers inside a very small region by deceiving them with talk of establishing their own state, to use them in every way possible and to inflict all kinds of troubles and difficulties on them. And the communist mindset can never, and has never, brought with it anything else but suffering and grief.

Turkish-Islamic Union will do away with this ugly ruse the separatist terror organization wants to perpetrate on our Kurdish brothers. In particular, once Turkish-Islamic Union has been set up, the PKK threat will become history. The PKK, which currently regards itself as very strong under the effect of the Darwinist dictatorship and the divisions between Muslims, is terrified at the prospect of such a union. Once Turkish-Islamic Union is established there will be no need for deterrent methods against the communist terror organization, efforts to win it over or even armed struggle against it. The terror organization will fade away from the region OF ITS OWN VOLITION within a few hours of the establishment of Turkish-Islamic Union. The threat from the communist, separatist terror organization will be consigned to the footnotes of history.

At present, the PKK wants to enclose our Kurdish brothers inside a very small area of land. Turkish-Islamic Union will thwart that scheme. Our Kurdish brothers will be freed from being pressured into living in a very small territory and will be opened up to the world. As one might expect, once Turkish-Islamic Union is established, national borders will be purely symbolic. Travel between countries that are united under the umbrella of Turkish-Islamic Union will take place with identity cards alone, not passports and visas. States and political structures will remain as they are, but the borders will be opened up to love and friendship. The first steps toward this have already been taken. Visa requirements between Turkey and many other countries have been abolished. Passport requirements have even begun being done away with. These things are harbingers of excellent progress toward Turkish-Islamic Union.

Since the borders of the Turkish-Islamic Union will include the whole world, our Kurdish brothers can continue to live in their lands in the Southeast under the union if they so wish. Or if they prefer, they can travel to other countries, without fear of threats or harassment.

In addition, our Kurdish brothers will be freed from the horrible imputation that they are somehow second-class citizens, one that the separatist PKK terror organization systematically seeks to impose. Our Kurdish brothers are most valued people who possess the loftiest virtues and whose moral virtues are those of completely Islamic values. When Turkish-Islamic Union is established, their rights will always be protected and they will never, ever be victimized. Indeed, as they live in the climate of wealth, security and well-being brought with it by Turkish-Islamic Union, they will also enjoy the love and respect that comes from the beauties bestowed by Islam. Never again in their lives will they be oppressed and exposed to communist threats and pressure. Turkish-Islamic Union will mean that our Kurdish brothers will enjoy the lives they deserve, in the most perfect form, the climate in which they can be happiest.

güzel hayat, mutluluk, Türk İslam birliği

With Turkish-Islamic Union, borders will be purely symbolic. States and political regimes will remain as they are, but borders will be gateways to love and friendship.

dindar, Kuran okuyan çocuk

Turkish-Islamic Union will foil the PKK's loathsome plans, and our fine, worthy Kurdish brothers will open up to everywhere in the world and live as they please.

That is our Almighty Lord's promise. Insha'Allah, by coming together and living in peace, all Muslims will have fulfilled their greatest obligation to God. Our Lord says in one verse:

God loves those who fight in His Way in ranks like well-built walls. (Surat as-Saff, 4)


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