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Analyses By Mr. Adnan Oktar Broadcast on A9 TV – 3

All the Communists in the World Support the PKK

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ADNAN OKTAR: All the communist organizations backed the PKK in the latest marches in France. The PKK has a communist structure. All the communists in the world support the terror organization. People need to see this danger. They describe the PKK's actions in a one-sided way. You must respond to the PKK's ideas with your own ideas; do work that will intellectually eradicate Darwinism, Marxism and Leninism.

Our state should engage in that kind of activity. Or it should support those engaged in anti-communist activity in the region. Many states are still unaware they have fallen under the control of the antichrist. Darwinism is still discussed in books in Turkey. They continue to tell people about Haeckel's drawings, even though all scientists agree that these are invalid. The state should talk about Darwinism. I will respond if they will let me have just three pages in school text books to repudiate Darwinism.

Southeastern businessmen came here the other day. They said, "The KCK is more of a danger in the region than the PKK. They are telling people about communism and Leninism. It is really they who are trying to mislead the public." The state needs to take precautions against that.

Some media commentators say, "The PKK will stop doing what they are doing with our methods." Of course, if you give the region to the PKK they will stop what they are doing for a time. Why not, if you give them what they want, if the country is split up? That is what they want. But they will never renounce terror until communism is defeated.

Fethullah Hodja recently gave a talk along the lines of "Let there be peace." Everyone wants peace. The very name Islam comes from the word 'silm,' meaning peace. But peace can only come through intellectual activities, through the intellectual destruction of the PKK. ( January 13th, 2013; A9 TV)

The PKK Will Not Bring Freedom for Believers. On the Contrary, It Will Prevent People Living by Religious Moral Values

adnan oktar

DİDEM ÜRER: Star newspaper columnist Hakan Albayrak was asked this question on a program broadcast on the Habertürk channel: "If the BDP grass roots are secular grass roots, then is it right to emphasize the concepts of Islam and the Islamic Community in order to win those grass roots over?" Hakan Albayrak replied, "Ten million people voted for the BDP, but the grass roots are not like them. There is not a huge atheist, Marxist and Stalinist mass in Turkey. These are religious people. However, there is a racial, tribal element here. If you give the Kurds their rights, and not as if you are doing them a big favor, then the BDP will lose much of its grass roots." In addition, there may be some religious Kurds alongside the Marxist Öcalan, and that is interesting, of course," he said.

ADNAN OKTAR: We must emphasize the brotherhood of Islam more strongly. We must convince people that Islamic Unity will remove this scourge. Some Muslims may think, "At least we will be able to escape." We will be able to live as Muslims more easily, in other words. But there is such a thing as out of the frying pan and into the fire. They would lose all the benefits they enjoy if they fell into the hands of ruthless, savage Stalinism, may God forbid. They would burn mosques, rape young girls, eliminate the concept of the family and allow believers and religion no room to breathe. That is why our brothers may go along with PKK propaganda, since they are unaware of the scale of the tragedy awaiting. The PKK tells them. "You cannot live by your faith or tell people about Islam at the moment. But when we come to power you will be free to dress as you like, to pray as you like and to talk as you like, without interference." And that is quite attractive to some of our brothers. But this is just one of Marxism's ways of deceiving people. It is the start of a terrible disaster and tragedy. The attitude toward religion is now more positive in Turkey. It seems much more positive, and will be even more positive in the future. Since the system of the Mahdi will soon begin directly making its presence felt across the world. Muslims, Christians and Jews, not just in Turkey but everywhere in the world, will all be able to live at ease. People of other beliefs will also live at ease. There will be no despising of people, nor more wars or terror, no more social injustice, and wealth will be shared out equally. We will therefore enjoy very happy and fine days, insha'God. (January 19th, 2013; A9 TV)

The Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Established the PKK.

ADNAN OKTAR: The PKK is not the only problem in Turkey. There is also the scourge of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. It was these killers who founded the PKK, you know. Whenever they talk to one another, they talk only of blood and war.

These killers hate everyone. They perpetrated terrible persecution in the Southeast. They were so horrible to our Southeastern brothers because their aim was to make them hostile to the state and to break away. But out dear ones in the Southeast were not so easily deceived. These killers tried to portray the followers of Bediüzzaman as enemies of the state, too. They tried to portray our Süleymanlı brothers as enemies, they gave the state the impression that all religious communities were hostile. The important members [of Ergenekon] are overseas. In Russia and Kazakhstan in particular; the state there has fallen entirely into the hands of these killers. Members of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon go there and seize all the assets of a company and nobody says a thing in protest. These people are in complete control of the state. These killers are in Russia, Iraq and Syria now. The government should not allow these killers room to breathe.

Let me also say this. When I refer to the alleged terror organization Ergenekon, I am not speaking of those on trial now. They are on trial, and whatever the judicial process reveals, so be it.

The only way of putting an (intellectual) end to the alleged terror organization Ergenekon and the PKK is by establishing Islamic Unity; ideas such as getting them to lay down their weapons will be of no use. Let us open up the borders and unite Russia and Iran and all the Islamic countries. Everyone must at once sign up to this highly reasonable solution."


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