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Chapter 1: Why Do They Want to Separate the Southeast of Turkey?

An Artifical Term; "The Kurdish Problem"

The term "The Kurdish Problem" has been widely used in Turkey for many years now. And this term has succeeded in misleading people for many years; so much so that some people imagine they are dealing with a problem originating from our Kurdish brothers. They have come to believe as fact an artificial grudge between Turks and Kurds, as if our Kurdish brothers were traitors and not members of the Turkish Republic. The name "Kurdish Problem" thus became a propaganda tool.

Yet the term "The Kurdish Problem" is an utter deception, a false phrase intended to foster division between Turks and our Kurdish brothers. With the constant use of the term "Kurdish Problem," the impression has been given that there really is a problem between Kurds and Turks and an artificial climate of distrust has ensued. The Laz people from the area of the Black Sea, Circassians, Georgians and all ethnic groups live in peace and comfort as Turks in Turkish territory. They maintain their own traditions, use their own languages freely and describe themselves as "Turks." Yet all of a sudden, Kurds have been made to question their "Turkishness." With the establishment of an artificial division between Turks and Kurds, who have lived together as Turks in the same lands for many years, a great many people have come to imagine there really is a problem and today's talk of separatism has thus found an artificial foundation. But the fact is that a sly and dangerous game is being played behind the idea of a "Kurdish Problem."

This artificial question, referred to as the "Kurdish Problem" and supported by certain circles, is preparation for the communist, Stalinist and Leninist rule that efforts are being made to establish in the region. As we all know, communist regimes thrive in a climate of disorder and conflict. In order for a communist regime to take over, an uprising against the rule of the state has first to be initiated and an air of conflict thus created. Since communism makes conflict, savagery and terror essential (as we shall be seeing in greater detail in later chapters), once disorder has been brought about, the appropriate foundations will have been laid for a communist regime. That tactic has been employed in all countries ruled by communist regimes, such as the People's Republic of China, Cambodia and North Korea; their peoples have been incited by propaganda techniques, and the savage regimes that have subsequently been formed have since slaughtered millions of people in those countries. The stratagems being employed in Southeast Turkey are part of just such a plan.

Kürt sorunu

The initial preparations for a communist, Stalinist and Leninist rule in Southeast Turkey are being made, and an artificial "Kurdish Problem" is being manufactured for that purpose. By constantly engaging in media propaganda along those lines, some secret communists working in media organizations are encouraging the idea that dividing the motherland can resolve the problem. But the fact is that giving away land is the beginning of terrible disasters.

Is a federation the only solution to the Kurdish problem?

We must consider an autonomous state in order to be free from terror.

"Give it up and be freed" for social peace?



People need to be well aware that the problem in the Southeast of Turkey has nothing to do with Kurdish nationalism or the conditions in which the Kurds find themselves. And again they need to be aware of the kind of climate of disorder tried to be brought about using the pretext of the supposed "Kurdish problem." There needs to be a close examination of the ideology of the PKK in order for people to better understand how our Kurdish brothers are being misused in this wicked system. That perverse ideology is that of Marxism, materialism, Stalinism and Leninism, and its one and only foundation is Darwinism.

The PKK is a Darwinist, Markxist, Stalinist and Leninist Organization

What Kind of Ideology is Darwinism?

Darwinism, or the theory of evolution, espouses the fictitious claim that life on Earth began by chance and that all the living species on Earth descended from one another, again by chance – in other words, that they evolved. According to this claim (a complete deception in scientific terms), the starting point for all the variety of life on Earth was a bacterium that formed spontaneously in muddy water and life forms assumed their present forms by descending from that bacterium. Again according to this illogical claim, human beings are also descended from some species of ape and subsequently became human. According to this facile logic of the theory of evolution, which has lost all validity in the face of modern science, in order for a chimpanzee to be able to turn into a human being, all it had to do was experiment with standing upright a few times, be able to make a bit of use of tools and lose its fur because of the heat.

This is of course pure myth. The theory of evolution is the worst scientific fraud in history. Darwinists are unable to account for even a single protein possessed by the imaginary first bacterium they regard as the origin of life because it is impossible for a single protein to come into being by chance. In addition to being definitely impossible, even if we assume that life did emerge spontaneously in some way, that still changes nothing, because it is also impossible for one species to turn into another. No life form can ever possess new characteristics outside those encoded in its own genes. Genetics absolutely refutes that claim.

deniz canlıları

To briefly summarize the basic points that cause the theory of evolution to collapse in the face of science:

  • Living things can never step outside their own genetic information and can never acquire new information not contained in their genes either over time or through external effects. 
  • Mutations can never cause progress in a living thing. They always injure the organism. They can never, ever add to the genetic information of a living thing.
  • Billions of fossil records should have been discovered to document the fictitious change from one species to another, in other words there should be many "transitional forms." But THERE EXISTS NOT ONE transitional form fossil anywhere to confirm Darwinists' claims of a passage from one species to another. 
  • Although there are no transitional forms, there are more than 350 million fossils showing that life forms have remained unchanged for millions of years – in other words, that they never evolved.
  • The most important point, however – as described above– IS THAT DARWINISTS ARE UNABLE TO ACCOUNT FOR THE SPONTANEOUS FORMATION OF A SINGLE PROTEIN. This great truth is in and of itself sufficient to totally invalidate the theory of evolution.

The fossil record is exceedingly rich and sufficiently numerous for us to understand the origin of life. When we examine fossils we see that living species emerged independently, in a single moment and with all their different structures, with no imaginary evolutionary "transitional forms" between them. And this is one of the proofs that Almighty God creates all living things.

fosil kayıtları

1. This fossil garfish is 152 million years old and has never changed.
2. A 125-millionyear- old fossil scorpion.
3. This beetle, one of the darkling beetles, is 100 million years old and the species is still alive today.
4. This fossil sycamore leaf is 54 to 37 million years old and has remained unchanged for millions of years.
5. This fossil gingko leaf is 290 to 248 million years old and identical to present-day specimens.

As can be seen from all this, the theory of evolution is a massive fraud refuted by science, a theory that collapses right from the start when it fails to account for the origin of life. (For more detail of the fraudulent nature of evolution and the scientific facts that eliminate that fraud, see The Evolution Deceit - Harun Yahya, and Atlas of Creation - Harun Yahya)

The subject we shall be concentrating on here is to reveal the ideological aspect of the theory of evolution, rather than producing scientific evidence of its invalidity. The reason for this is because Darwinism represents the supposed basis for all materialist, communist and fascist ideologies.

It is exceedingly difficult to keep a fraud propped up and make people support it in the face of scientific developments. In order to do that, they first familiarize people with the logic of evolution through demagoguery and propaganda. The Darwinist dictatorship is at work to that end. After taking over states, governments, the media in all countries, universities, schools and scientists, the Darwinist dictatorship then began using them to spread this fraud. People who opposed evolution were silenced, one-sided instruction in evolutionary theory was given in schools and a biased pro-evolutionary indoctrination was carried out in the media. Thus, people were obliged to either believe in evolution or at least appear to believe in it. In this way, the idea of evolution entered everyone's minds as an indisputable concept.

How does Darwinism provide an intellectual basis for savagery?

Darwinizm vahşeti


What we have seen so far is the essential logic of Darwinism. It is important that this should be known, because this ideology is responsible for savagery, slaughter, terror, hatred and conflict.

ceylan, kaplan

Darwinists regard man as a highly developed species of animal. Therefore, in the perverse eyes of a Darwinist, human beings are of equal value to animals. For a Darwinist, a human being possesses the same value and importance as an animal. To put it another way, human beings "are of no value or importance" for a Darwinist at all.

According to Darwinism, if a living thing in nature is to develop and become strong and advantaged, the presence of a climate in which the strong eliminate the weak is essential. In other words, there needs to be constant competition in nature. In this fictitious, Darwinist climate of conflict, one species will supposedly try to eliminate all other species, and it is thus always the strong that survive. This struggle also goes on between members of the same species, and even of the same family. Every individual enters the fray for its own selfish existence. This false tale represents the basis of Darwinism.

This tale constitutes the basis of Darwinists' theories and worldview. Because of this supposed conflict that they believe exists in nature, Darwinists constantly speak of a "nature red in tooth and claw" in which the weak are eliminated. According to their erroneous beliefs, since human beings are also a species of animal, the same conflict and elimination must also apply to human societies. Therefore, under this perverse logic, the weak can only be eliminated through conflict, war and terror.

This is, of course, totally false. Of course nature is not a battlefield in which living things are in a competition to the death. Living things exhibit amazing instances of affection, compassion and şefkataltruism, not only to their own species and offspring, but also toward other species. This represents a powerful challenge to Darwinism. The existence of an entity that risks its own life for its community, that is willing to starve or even die for its offspring and that even protects the offspring of species other than its own is by itself more than sufficient to refute Darwinism's perverse claim that "The strong have to eliminate the weak in order to survive." That is why Darwinists are very careful to avoid mentioning these amazing characteristics in living things, because when evidence is produced that affection, solidarity and compassion, not a ruthless struggle, reign in nature, Darwinism will no longer be able to represent the foundation for the claim that life consists of fighting and conflict. To put it another way, bloodthirsty communist and fascist ideologies will lose their intellectual foundations.

The essential logic of the theory of evolution thus prepares the groundwork for aggression, rebellion and killing between people and communities. Social Darwinists believed that the conflict they believe exists in nature must also be present between human communities and peoples, and that this is the only way in which favored and privileged species and generations can emerge. "Dialectical materialism" was therefore imposed on communities. Under this, a thesis is proposed. There must also be an anti-thesis. When the thesis and anti-thesis clash, the result is a synthesis of the two. The synthesis son becomes a new thesis, and a new anti-thesis to clash with it is produced, and the conflict goes on ad infinitum. Therefore, according to that belief, societies are places in which there needs to be intense conflict. This conflict will give rise to "elimination." When the desired end, the "synthesis," is achieved, fictitious "progress" from the primitive to the more developed will be brought about.

The fascist and communist dictatorships that emerged in the 20th century applied this peculiar Darwinist logic to societies word for word. All fascist and communist dictatorships openly stated that they drew their ideas from those of Darwin as they imposed their brutal and ruthless systems of elimination.


Examples of the horror caused by Darwinist ideology
To the side, Red Army prisoners treated like wild animals by being kept in cages

Admissions by Bloodthirsty 20th-Century Fascist and Communist Dictators That They Drew Their Basic Ideas from Those of Darwin

Charles Darwin, diktatörler

Joseph Stalin:

"In order to disabuse the minds of our seminary students of the myth that the world was created in six days, we had to acquaint ourselves with the geological origin and age of the earth, and be able to prove them in argument; we had to familiarize ourselves with Darwin's teachings." 1

Mao Zedong:

"The foundation of Chinese Socialism rests on Darwin and the theory of evolution." 2

Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx:

From a letter by Engels to Marx: "Darwin, whom I am just now reading, is splendid." 3


Marx's reply to Engels written on 19 December 1860: "… this is the book which contains the basis in natural history for our view." 4

Marx: "Darwin's book is very important and serves me as a basis in natural science for the class struggle in history." 5

In the German edition of his Das Kapital, which he dedicated to Darwin, Marx wrote in his own hand: "To Charles Darwin from a true admirer, from Karl Marx." 6

Engels: "… nature works dialectically and not metaphysically . . . In this connection, Darwin must be named before all others." 7

Engels: "Just as Darwin discovered the law of evolution in organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of evolution in human history." 8

Darwin'in etkisi

Fascist and communist ideologies that inflicted horror on the world and led to the slaughter of millions drew their ideological foundations from Darwinism. Darwinist logic was installed in people's brains, and they were indoctrinated with the idea that mass slaughter, genocide and persecution are permissible.

Leon Trotsky :

"Darwinism … was the highest triumph of the dialectic in the whole field of organic matter." 9


"What is man? He is by no means a finished or harmonious being. No, he is still a highly awkward creature. Man, as an animal, has not evolved by plan but spontaneously … To produce a new, 'improved version' of man — that is the future task of Communism… Man must look at himself and see himself as a raw material, or at best as a semi-manufactured product…" 10

Adolf Hitler :

"Take away the Nordic Germans and nothing remains but the dance of apes." 11

Benito Mussolini:

For the fascist leader Mussolini "... the reluctance of England to engage in war only proved the evolutionary decadence of the British Empire." 12
Darwin ırkçılık

The idea of superiority among races, ethnicity, nations and classes, and the logic of conflict that resulted, became reality through the application of the false claims of the theory of evolution. People sat back and watched the ruthless genocide and slaughter of millions.

As the words of these bloodthirsty leaders in question, who claimed that nature functioned in a dialectical manner, openly express, they applied the idea of "conflict in nature" directly to human societies. It is clear that Darwinism is the sole reason for the shameless and ruthless bloodshed perpetrated before the eyes of the world by fascist and communist dictatorships in the 20th century. What we shall be concentrating on in this book is not so much fascism as communism, so the way that Darwinist ideology shaped and fed communism shall be dealt with in more detail.

A brief reminder of 20th-century communist barbarity will be useful in realizing what a terrible scourge communism, which draws its strength from Darwinist ideology, truly is.

What Kind of Communist Barbarity Took Place in the 20th Century?

Communist savagery began with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. After the consolidation of the newly established Soviet Union, it spread to Eastern Europe, China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Latin American countries, Cuba and Africa.

More than 350 million people lost their lives, directly or indirectly, during or after the two World Wars of the 20th century. One hundred twenty million of these were civilians. The communist savagery that took place in countries may be summarized as follows:

As a result of his devotion to Darwinism, Lenin regarded human beings as simply a species of animal. He therefore had no qualms about using the most repressive ways of dealing with the people under his rule and spreading his terror-based ideas.

Lenin, orak çekiç

The Soviet Union

Bolşevik devrimciler

The Bolshevik revolutionaries shown posing with their weapons in St. Petersburg in November 1917 were all symbols of Lenin's ghastly and vile reign of terror

In the Soviet Union, the Communist Party that grew under Lenin's leadership carried out a revolution using the method of armed struggle and propaganda. In Lenin's time, both units of the Red Army and the secret police organization set up by him, known as the "Cheka," inflicted terror on all parts of society they regarded as being counter-revolutionary. Militants even developed special forms of savagery against the people.

Bolshevik militants, the Cheka secret police and units of the Red Army raided villages all over Russia and began rounding up the harvests of the peasants, who were already living under very difficult conditions, at gunpoint. The result of this policy was terrible famine in the country.

Six million people starved to death because of a famine caused by Stalin, with hundreds of thousands of children falling victim to the disaster.

Those resisting collectivization were shot, and others were sent into exile with their wives and children and the elderly. Many of these people were unable to bear the harsh conditions in exile and died.

The toll of the communist savagery in the time of Lenin and Stalin:

  • The shooting of tens of thousands of hostages detained without trial and the killing of hundreds of thousands of peasants and workers who rebelled in 1918-1922; 
  • The famine of 1922 leading to the death of 5 million people;
  • The forced exile of the Cossacks living in the Don region in 1920;
  • The killing of tens of thousands of people in concentration camps in 1918-1930;
  • The killing of approximately 690,000 people in the Great Purge of 1937-1938;
  • The death of 6 million Ukrainians as a result of deliberate famine in 1932-1933; (the famine, known as the Holodomor, was not the result of insufficient crops being produced in the Soviet Union, but rather of the Communist Party refusing to allow crops to be handed out. In other words, this was a deliberate mass slaughter. 
  • The exiling of hundreds of thousands of Poles, Ukrainians, people from the Baltic states, Moldavians and Bessarabians, first in 1939-1941 and then again in 1944-1945;
  • The exiling of the Volga Germans in 1941;
  • The sending into exile of the Crimean Tartars in 1944 and their being abandoned to die;
  • The exiling and abandonment to die of the Ingushetians in 1944.
  • European countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Albania and East Germany falling under the control of Stalin's bloody regime in the Soviet period.
komünist vahşet

As a result of the famine deliberately engineered by Lenin in 1921 and 1922, 29 million inside the Soviet borders faced starvation. Five million of these died for this reason. The total casualties of the communist terror under Lenin and Stalin are terrible indeed.


Mao Tse Tung

Chinese communism developed and came to power with the support of Stalin's Russia. But the savagery Red China inflicted on the people was so terrible as to leave even that of Stalin's in the shade.

Mao Tse Tung

Political executions were one of the extraordinary measures implemented by the Red Chinese regime. Many people were executed in plain view on the grounds of "deviating from Mao's path."

Communist guerrillas led by Mao Zedong seized control of China in 1949. For China, that meant murder, slaughter, torture, famine, impoverishment, corruption and a terrified, inward-looking society.

Millions of people regarded as exhibiting the slightest negative behavior with regard to communism were considered enemies of communism and arrested for no crime at all, imprisoned, and often killed in public executions in the squares of large cities.

It is estimated that in that period 6 and 10 million people were killed under Mao's directives. Some 20 million people branded as "counter-revolutionaries" spent much of their lives in prison, being treated like animals.

The Tiananmen Square Massacre in June 1989 (around 1,000 dead) is just one example of savagery from China's recent past.

Policies in the field of agriculture resulted in terrible famine and suffering for the people of China. People who opposed these policies were punished by forced starvation. The death rate from famine in some villages exceeded 50%. The number of people dying from starvation in that period is estimated at around 40 million.

The Dalai Lama, who directed the Tibetan resistance to China for many years, described the savagery inflicted on his people by Chinese communism as follows:

"Tibetans not only were shot, but also were beaten to death, crucified, burned alive, drowned, mutilated, starved, strangled, hanged, boiled alive, buried alive, drawn and quartered, and beheaded." 13

The Uighur Turks were subjected to systematic genocide after Mao came to power in 1949. China carried out nuclear tests in the Uighur Autonomous regions with no safety precautions being taken. As a result of these nuclear tests there was a huge rise in cancer rates among the Uighur Turks and many children were born handicapped or dead.

Uighur Turks were forbidden to have more than one child in East Turkestan. The children of those who disobeyed were killed inside their mothers' wombs. As a result of the policy of assimilation pursued since 1953, Muslims who represented 75% of the population in the Uighur Autonomous region now represent only 35%. East Turkestan Muslims, with a population of some 25 million are still subjected to Chinese persecution today.

komünizm gerçeği


Red China became the scene of the worst communist savagery and slaughter. Communist publications, however, played host to deceitful communist propaganda, as if they could cover that horror up. Pictures of happy people holding flowers and supporting the regime, happy peasants with copies of the "Little Red Book" (properly, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung), smiling soldiers and workers side by side with peasants living in peace, and a happy Mao listening to the problems of workers and peasants was intended to propagate a vast lie to the world. The truth behind these pictures of happiness was in fact most terrible.

The reality of communism is very different to that of the false picture in communist publications. People were slaughtered en masse for no reason and executed wherever they were.


The propaganda of a happy people in communist publications is a huge lie. Mao's time was one of horror, when a large part of the people of China starved to death, when professors, artists, statesmen and writers condemned as "bourgeois" were humiliated in public, had insulting placards hung round their necks and were executed.

The Black Book of Communism, a book put together by a team of historians in which the crimes committed under the name of communism were collected together, describes the savagery of communism in China as follows:

The whole people were invited to public trials of "counterrevolutionaries," who almost invariably were condemned to death. Everyone participated in the executions, shouting out ""kill, kill"" to the Red Guards whose task it was to cut victims into pieces. Sometimes the pieces were cooked and eaten, or force-fed to members of the victim's family who were still alive and looking on. Everyone was then invited to a banquet, where the liver and heart of the former landowner were shared out, and to meetings where a speaker would address rows of severed heads freshly skewered on stakes. This fascination for vengeful cannibalism, which later became common under the Pol Pot regime, echoes a very ancient East Asian archetype that appears often at cataclysmic moments of Chinese history. 14


Pol Pot

Pol Pot, the ruthless Khmer Rouge leader and murderer of 3 million Cambodians

The communist Khmer Rouge came to power in April 1975 under the leadership of a fanatical Maoist called Pol Pot (his real name was Saloth Sar) and emptied out all towns and cities.

The Khmer Rouge regime is regarded as the apex of communist genocide.

One of the worst mass slaughters in the world took place under Pol Pot's regime. Between 1975 and 1979 alone, some 3.3 million people out of a total population of 9 million were killed by being shot in the head, suffocated by having plastic bags put over their heads, pickaxe blows to the head or starvation.

Under Pol Pot's rule, the party decided that for the sake of the country, the only duty of a communist was to work to death in the rice paddies, and it duly forced the entire population of Cambodia to work in the rice paddies. Tens of thousands of city-dwellers – politicians, civil servants, teachers and intellectuals – were exiled to the countryside and forced to labor on collective farms under terribly harsh conditions.

Shirking, eating even a tiny piece of produce without permission or performing any religious observance were regarded as "counter-revolutionary activities," and under that pretext, killing at the level of almost one person a minute was initiated. At least one member of every family lost their lives during this slaughter.

People who spoke more than one language, those who were doctors or teachers, or even those who could simply read or wore eyeglasses were tortured and slaughtered as "parasite intellectuals" or "under the influence of depraved foreign cultures."

Under the Pol Pot regime, people to be killed were executed with a bullet to the head at first; however, it was later decided that this was a waste of bullets and more barbaric methods were employed.

The Khmer Rouge regime finally came to an end when the Vietnamese launched the invasion of Cambodia in 1979. In order to expose the savagery of the previous regime, the Vietnamese dug up the rice paddies, known as the "killing fields," produced the bodies and put them on display.

Kore, Kamboçya

The Communist Khmer Rouge numbered some of the people they executed and took pictures of them. These photographs are of Cambodians taken before their execution.

Thousands of mass graves have been found in the "killing fields" of the Khmer Rouge. The bones to the side are those of Cambodians suffocated to death by having plastic bags placed over their heads. Cambodia experienced the very worst of communist barbarity.

North Korea

The Red barbarism in Asia was by no means limited to China and Cambodia; the communist regimes in North Korea have also inflicted a ruthless terror on their own people. The "Juche" (Juche meaning "spirit of self-reliance" or "independent stand") doctrine, even more ruthless than Mao's policies, was implemented in the country.

Falls in production, famine and mass deaths have taken place because of communist agricultural policies. It is estimated that some 2 million people starved to death in North Korea in the 1990s, though the true figure may have been as high as 4 million. While the people starve, spending on the military, ballistic missiles and the nation's pursuit of nuclear weapons continues to consume the country's resources.

Though very little is known about the internal life of the country beyond what their carefully managed propaganda and state media chooses to release to the wider world, there are the testimonies of those who have defected and speak of horrors such as "Camp 22", officially Penal Labor Colony #22, a concentration camp in North Hamgyong Province, where the inmates, sometimes whole families, are isolated, forced to work all day regardless of weather conditions, systematically starved and abused, and frequently executed or tortured to death. There are also disturbing testimonies of medical experimentation similar to that practiced by the Nazis at Auschwitz.

Kuzey Kore

The Red barbarity in Asia was not limited to China and Cambodia; communist regimes in North Korea and Vietnam also inflicted ruthless terror on their own peoples. The number of people murdered by the North Korean regime under the decades of dictatorship by Kim Il Sung has been out at 1.5 million.

communist, barbarity

Communist barbarity spread to many countries during the Second World War and after. Genocide, executions, famine and hunger in countries that fell into the hands of communism cost the lives of millions. The toll from the communist savagery that spread to Europe, Asia, the Far East and even South America was very high. These historical facts show us once again that the true objective of communism is world domination. This perverse ideology that inflicted terror on the 20th century is still alive today. And its aim now, instead of the failed communist initiatives of the 20th century, is to be able to establish a more comprehensive communist dominion to rule the entire world.



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