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Signs of Jesus’ (pbuh) Second Coming

The Signs from the Islamic Resources 4

34. Pewasive Corruption

The Mahdi, one of my children, comes into being, by the blessing of God, upon the approach of the Day of Judgment; the weakening of the believers’ hearts because of death, hunger, fitna and the disappearance of the Sunnah; and the emergence of innovations and the loss of means by which to enjoin the right and forbid the wrong. His justice and prosperity will ease the believers’ hearts, and friendship and love will settle between the non-Arab and the Arab nations. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 66)

Islamic literature defines fitna as “hard times,” such as civil strife, war, or riots, during which evil forces attempt to weaken and even eradicate people's faith.

One hadith, which reveals that the believers' faith will weaken in the End Times, also provides information about the developments that will lead to this:

Briefly, the following events will take place before the End Times and the Mahdi’s appearance:

1- Death: As a consequence of anarchy and mass murder, people will not be safe and will be greatly concerned about dying.

2- Hunger: The struggle to make a living will increase, because the cost of living will rise. Natural disasters and catastrophes will lead to starvation and hunger.

3- Fitna: Such troubles will spread and encourage unlawful and immoral acts among all people, both in public and in private.

4- Innovation (bid`at): Adoption of some rituals or innovations on the grounds that they are essential components of Islam, although they violate the teachings of the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

5- Disappearance of an environment that allows the communication of God's message: Believers will be hindered from enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, and a spiritual decline will occur as a result.

Such fitna will lead to a stronger faith, an increase in patience and rewards in the Hereafter for the believers' having a solid faith, while weakening further the faith of those with weak faith. The latter group might even lose their faith completely.

The Mahdi will appear when such fitna is prevalent.

Other hadiths and Islamic scholars state that the Mahdi will appear when a particular type of fitna has become worldwide.

The Mahdi will come when fitnas appear. (Imam Rabbani, Letters of Rabbani, vol. 2, p. 258)

Disorder, corruption [fitna], and fear will emerge in the West... Corruption will proliferate. (Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 440)

35. One Type of Fitna Will Spread Everywhere

One kind of corruption [fitna] will surface, from which no party will be able to protect itself, and spread immediately in all directions. This situation will persist until someone comes and says: “O people, from now on your leader is the Mahdi.” (Ibn Hajar Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 23)

The hadiths speak of a corruption that will touch everybody and spread quickly. In other words, this corruption will be known to everybody, oppose religion and God, and target the people's faith. Today, materialist philosophy is the largest and most comprehensive trend designed to deny God's Existence and creation. Its underlying philosophy, the “theory of evolution,” provides it with a self-proclaimed “scientific” basis. Even though it is not based on any scientific and logical evidence, certain materialist circles continue to work for its acceptance via constant propaganda, deceit, and even fraud.

Today, as this theory has penetrated almost every household, it is safe to say that almost all people have heard of it. This theory is first presented as fact during childhod by means of countless lies and deceit promulgated by society and school textbooks. As they grow older, young people continue to be misled by such funny fallacies that they, and humanity as a whole, came into being merely as a result of coincidence and that they descended from apes. Youths of all ages are brainwashed at all stages of their education by evolutionist lies. (For further information on this important topic and our scientific answers to such propaganda, please refer to Harun Yahya, A Definitive Reply to Evolutionist Propaganda, [Global Publishing: 2003].)

There is a noteworthy point here. As our Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) noted in one of his hadiths, corruption's global pervasiveness and rapid spread can materialize only when current technological means (e.g., the press, publications, broadcasting, the Internet, and satellite communication) are available. As the relevant technology did not exist in the past, corruption could not spread throughout the world so quickly. As a result, no other worldwide trend that had declared war on God's Existence, creation, and the morality of religion was seen. All of these are among the important signs that the Mahdi's advent and the second coming of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) coincide with the present time.

At this point, we need to remember that the hadiths heralding this fitna say that it will end when the Mahdi appears.

36. Religious Prohibitions Gain Acceptance

A fitna appears, and other fitnas follow … then comes a fitna that considers all of the unlawful acts to be lawful. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 26)

Transmitted by Hudhayfa: “Our Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) said: ‘O Hudhayfa, on that day they [the Muslims] will be on the verge of reverting back to their former religion; they will assume that wine is lawful and will fail to perform their regular prayers.’” (al-Uqayli)

Such unlawful acts as prostitution, alcohol, and bribery are widespread in the world today. The western media praises and encourages those who commit these unlawful acts, while criticizing those who do not. Statistics reveal that the number of people engaged in such activities is steadily increasing. This lifestyle that sees no boundaries, disregards what is lawful and unlawful, and considers every form of immorality as normal is quite compatible with the setting depicted in the hadith. This gloomy setting, which indicates the Mahdi’s advent, also indicates that the coming of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is drawing nigh. Other related hadiths and the explanations of Muslim scholars are as follows:

The Mahdi will not emerge until unbelief invades everywhere and is openly committed in public. What rules in such times is the invasion by unbelief ... That is its power. (Imam Rabbani, Letters of Rabbani, vol. 2, 259)

The Mahdi will emerge following the occurrence of such vile fitna, whereby all of the prohibitions are regarded as lawful. (Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 23)

37. Openly Denying God

The Hour will not be established until it is not said on the Earth: God. (Sahih Muslim; Tirmidhi)

Atheism, although around for a long time, started to spread on a heretofore unknown scale by the end of the nineteenth century. The number of people deluded by the spread of materialism and Darwinism, atheism’s philosophical and so-called “scientific” bases, increased markedly in the twentieth century, when they were able to propogate their perverse views without any significant difficulty. However, atheism will be defeated by God’s Will, thanks to the ideological struggle of sincere believers. (For further information about the collapse of atheism, please see Harun Yahya, The Rise of Islam [Kuala Lumpur: A.S. Noordeen Publishing, 2003].)

38. Replacing God with Other “Deities”

The system of night and day will not end until the people have taken to worship of Lat and ‘Uzza… (Sahih Muslim)

Many tribes of my people will adhere to associators and revert back to disbelief before the Hour … (Muhammad ibn `Abd al-Rasul Barzanji, Al-Isha`ah li Ashrat as-Sa`ah, p. 287)

The Last Hour will not come before the tribes of my people attach themselves to the polytheists, and tribes of my people worship idols. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah)

Ascribing associates to God, or deeming someone or something (idols) worthy of worship besides God, is a great sin. Some people think that idolatry involves worshipping statues carved out of stone and wood, as people did in the past. But this is a great mistake, for idolatry also means those who ascribe associates to God. Having faith in God alone, as described in the Qur’an, means dedicating oneself to God alone. In other words, one believes in attaining God’s good pleasure and mercy alone. In the End Times, the number of true believers who do not ascribe associates to God will diminish, and the number of people who embrace superstitious beliefs will increase.

39. A Sign of Materialism’s Spread

The Mahdi will appear when the letters of the Basmillah lose their importance. (Risalat al-Khuruj al-Mahdi, p. 29)

What is meant by “the letters of the Basmillah” may be the people’s stance toward Islamic morality and the condition of their faith. Indeed, in a period when the people’s faith weakens, the Mahdi will appear and ideologically eliminate those movements. Considered from this viewpoint, this hadith may indicate materialism’s and Darwinism’s amazing strength on the people.

One, and perhaps the most important, duty of the Mahdi, is to prepare the ground for Prophet Jesus (pbuh) by eliminating these philosophical and intellectual movements.

40. Days of Anarchy and Chaos

The Hour will come when violence, bloodshed, and anarchy become common. (Muntakhab Kanz al-`Ummal)

Anarchy and conflict were among the most obvious features of the twentieth century. In countless wars, rebellions, and conflicts, a great number of people died, and security and peace became one of the survivors’ greatest longings. The seemingly unending civil wars in some African countries, rebellions in many countries (especially in Central and South America), wars and clashes throughout Asia, and conflict in the Middle East are only the most obvious examples of this chaos.

This aside, during the last decade, anarchy and terror seem to have gone global. Many countries suffered – and continue to suffer – from terrorist attacks that targeted civilians and innocent people. This development, along with the ensuing anarchy and chaos, has caused many people to drift into depression.

41. The Absence of Peace

All hearts being in mischief, some people hold talks with others and make peace and agreement demonstrations. But until a period appears in which people’s hearts oppose peace and agreement, Doomsday will not come. (Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 382, no. 701)

The news given in this hadith still holds true for today, especially the failure to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict over Palestine. (God knows best.) Besides, people working for peace all over the world are doing their best to ensure long-lasting peace and to end war, conflict, and murder. Yet, all of these efforts so far have not succeeded.

42. Revolutions

… Fitna, conflict, and revolution become legion, and people kill one another. People commit suicide, and evil is pervasive all over the world. (Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 482, no. 901)

The growing number of civil wars and revolutions are among the important signs of the Hereafter given by our Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace). In the second half of the twentieth century, such Central and South American countries as El Salvador and Nicaragua, being the foremost, were ravaged by revolutions, coups, and counter-coups. At the beginning of the 1980s, with the strenghtening of guerilla movements organized in the countryside, conflicts of interest between executive cadres and military leaders turned into a massive conflict and chaos impacted some 22 million people. In Nicaragua, Somoza was overthrown, and massive uprisings took place in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala that led to many thousands of people being killed.

43. People Flee from One Another in Confusion

"O, Messenger of God, what is the fitna of Akhlas?" He said: "Fleeing – that is, the fleeing of people from one another due to mistrust and the looting of people’s possessions.” (Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 386, no. 714)

The hadith states that people will flee from one another due to mistrust and fear. This might be a reference to those who are forced to flee their homelands. Indeed, the number of refugees and exiles had increased greatly by the beginning of the twentieth century.

Especially during the last 20-30 years, this increase has reached significant figures. By 2001, the number of refugees reached 23 million while the number of people who had abandoned their homes was about 30 million.


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