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The Perfection of DNA Contradicts the Theory of Evolution

dna In one molecule of human DNA, there exists enough information to fill a million-page encyclopaedia. But the order in this information is also vitally important. Ask yourself whether hundreds of letters tossed about at random could possibly come together to form a coherent news article. Could millions of these same letters arrange themselves together perfectly and appropriately as to form an entire newspaper? Can anyone claim this is all a product of blind coincidence? According to Darwinist understanding, it's possible for all these amazing events to come about coincidentally.


No just estimate have they made of Allah.for Allah is He Who is strong and able to Carry out His Will. (Qur'an, 22:74)

Darwinism thinks that it has deceived all the world's populace like little children. This ideology presents coincidence as having divine consciousness, and asserts that it somehow possesses an amazing genius and greater knowledge than all the people in the world. According to evolutionists, time is the only thing necessary for this "genius" called coincidence to shape the brains of all those humans who have lived over thousands of years. And not their brains only, but their minds, their capacity for thought, their reasoning, memory, and hundreds of other physical and spiritual attributes. If provided with matter and enough time, coincidence has the power to create people, ants, horses, giraffes, peacocks, butterflies, figs, olives, oranges, peaches, pomegranates, watermelons, tomatos, bananas, tulips, violets, strawberries, orchids, roses and hundreds of thousands of other living things you cannot even think of. Obviously this entire claim is nothing but nonsense. The Creator of all things is God.


4 / total 51
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