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Your Cells Can Do What You Cannot

Pretend that various samples of powdered metal are placed before you, and you are asked to determine what each metal is. Would your analysis be correct?

If you haven't been educated in the field of metallurgy, this would be impossible for you. But this analysis, which a conscious being like you cannot perform, is done quite easily by the approximately 100 trillion cells in your body—and without any thinking, or calculations, or difficulty. Moreover, not only the cells in your body have this ability, but so do the untold trillions of cells in the bodies of the billions who have ever lived on Earth.

Your cells can easily recognize iron, which your body needs, and can absorb it for use. With the same ease, cells can recognize phosphorus, nitrogen, oxygen, sodium, potassium and other substances and can gather them together to use, or else store the excess. They can even send out any extra material that isn't needed.

Consider that the cell is a structure made up of proteins, molecules, and atoms and is about a thousandth of a millimeter in size. It has no hands or arms, no eyes, ears or brain. Unlike you, it has no consciousness. If so, how can it recognize these substances?

This ability is brought about by God's inspiration to each cell. It is the Possessor of knowledge and power Who confers this ability requiring clear insight and consciousness, upon blind and unconscious atoms.

Most people cannot identify minerals placed in front of them. However, cells in our body can distinguish between minerals, oxygen, sodium and potassium, and isolate the elements it wants and take them in.

minerals, human body

1.Molecules that try to pass through the gates of the cell
2.The protein that controls entry and exit from the cell
3.inside of the cell


15 / total 51
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