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Were It not for Enzymes,
It Would Take You 40,000 Years to Read This!

Enzymes are protein molecules that make life possible, promoting the necessary chemical reactions for life by boosting them up to just the right speed.

Enzyme, Molecule

1. Molecule 2.Enzyme

The diagram at left shows an enzyme about to bind to a molecule

One enzyme can speed up a reaction by a factor of 1010—that is, ten billion times faster. If this speeding-up didn't occur, then the five-seconds it takes to read this sentence might take 1,500 years! During this time, so many other unwanted chemical reactions could also take place that life wouldn't just be slowed down; it would become impossible.

Another important feature of enzymes is their selectivity. While they speed up the desired reactions, they don't speed any undesired ones. But how do these enzymes know which reactions need to be hastened and which do not? To do this, they must be aware of all of the reactions and functions taking place in the body, and what is needed when.

Moreover, each enzyme can speed only chemical reactions in which certain molecules take place. An enzyme can bind only onto the specific site on a particular molecule. For this reason, the enzyme must fit into the special site on the molecule as a key fits a lock. Each enzyme has to recognize its particular molecule, and the specific site where it must attach itself.

Why have these enzymes, made from unconscious atoms of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and which have no brain, eyes, mind or consciousness, taken up the responsibility of speeding reactions in the body? And how can they determine the right molecule to bind to and the particular sites on which to bind?

How have coincidences and unconscious atoms decided that enzymes were needed for life to continue?

Evolution theory, which accepts coincidence and unthinking atoms as deities, has no answer to these questions. The truth is that these enzymes have been designed and created for life by a superior Power and Creator—that is by God.


44 / total 51
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