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In What You See—but Don't Think About—Lie Hidden Infinite Knowledge and Miracles

If you cut your finger, in a short time the blood will clot and stop the bleeding. But how does this clotting take place in such a short time? And what takes place in your body?

blood clotting

1. Clotting cells
2. Blood clotting

When bleeding occurs anywhere in the body, proteins entrusted with stopping the bleeding immediately arrive at the site.

The event of blood clotting is similar to what occurs when an ambulance and police cars come hurrying to the site of a highway accident.

Whenever bleeding begins in any part of the body, first aid arrives from blood platelets called thrombocytes, which are dispersed throughout the bloodstream. No matter where bleeding takes place, there are sure to be thrombocytes in the body patrolling nearby.

blood clotting

1. Skin
2. Blood vessels
3. Red blood cell
4. Clotted blood
5. Fibrin drying out
6. Scab formation
7. Blood vessels
8. Red blood cell
9. White blood cell

A protein called von Willebrand factor works like a traffic policeman calling for help, indicating the location of the accident and cutting in front of the thrombocytes so that they remain in the area.

As if communicating by wireless, the first thrombocyte that arrives on the scene calls for help by secreting a special substance that calls other thrombocytes to the site.

Meanwhile, twenty enzymes found in the body come together to form a protein called thrombin over the open wound. Thrombin is produced only at the site of the wound, like a first aid team manufacturing the medicine needed by the patient on the spot. Moreover, this needs to be produced in just the right amounts; and the thrombin production must start at just the right time and stop at the right time. The orders for starting and ending production are encoded among the enzymes that make up this protein.

Once enough thrombin has been produced, tiny fibers of fibrinogen are formed. They have the very important role of forming a net over the blood, thereby trapping and accumulating the thrombocytes that begin to arrive. Once enough fibers have accumulated, blood stops oozing out from the wound. Once the wound has healed completely, the blood clot is then broken down by similar methods.

These enzymes and proteins are structures that come together by the different ordering of lifeless, unconscious, blind atoms. Each of these is in an organized state from the time the wound occurs, and takes up a particular duty to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. Together, they synthesize the necessary proteins and then "send for help." As if understanding the reality of the situation, the other proteins immediately arrive at the wound, each one performing its duty without fail.

Let it not be forgotten that the enzymes that carry out the "organization," "synthesis," "calling for help," and "understanding" have come about as a result of atoms coming together. This display of apparent consciousness by a molecule of unconscious atoms is certainly a great miracle.

It is certainly impossible for such a system to have arisen in living things as a result of coincidence. Each detail of this system is a product of planning and calculation, evidence of God's infinite knowledge, power, and wisdom. The claim that this system came about as a result of coincidence is an example of the faulty logic that Darwinists display.


47 / total 51
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