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The Liver as a Giant Laboratory

No one could claim that a fully equipped laboratory, fitted out with the latest technology could come about by itself, by chance. But evolutionists claim that the liver's unparalleled laboratory complex arose by itself, advocating this claim with no proof at all. This is because Darwinism is a superstitious belief system, a spell that blinds one's mind.

Five hundred separate processes take place in just one cell of the liver. Most of these (which take place faultlessly in milliseconds, that is, thousandths of a second) still have not been reproduced under laboratory conditions. Liver cells convert the food we eat into stored energy, that is glycogen, which the liver stores and converts to glucose as needed by the body to satisfy its energy needs.

In short, even while we eat all manner of food we like, the liver uses, converts or stores this food's energy according to our body's needs. And from the first human until today, trillions of liver cells have acted with exactly the same consciousness and knowledge, with no confusion.

Glucose, cell, Giant Laboratory

3.Fatty acid
4.Glucose, after being absorbed by the intestines, arrives at the liver,
5. Where the excess glucose is converted to glycogen.
6.When the store of glycogen is full, glucose is converted into to glycerin and fatty acids.
7.When needed, glycogen is converted back to glucose.


11 / total 51
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