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Cells that Commit Suicide
to Keep the Body from Harm

Many cells produce a series of proteins in order to destroy themselves when they become superfluous, defective or diseased. However, so long as a cell is beneficial to the body, these proteins are obstructed from doing their deadly duty. If the cell becomes diseased, turns renegade or cancerous, or begins to threaten the health of the organism, the fatal proteins are released and activated to kill off the offending cell.

The cell's ability to make the right decision at the right time and place is very important. In the event that it can't, that is, when the killer proteins are activated in a healthy cell, then healthy tissue will die, and the result will be death of the whole organism. But if the harmful or diseased cells are allowed to survive, then the organism may die too.

A cell that has "decided" to commit suicide and activated its killer protein, first shrinks and pulls away from its neighbors. Soon blebs appear on its surface, and it appears to boil. Then its nucleus and finally, the cell itself break apart. Other surrounding cells immediately ingest its remaining fragments.

A more interesting event is that the other living cells do not clean up all the dead ones. Some are deliberately left alone, because they have not yet completed their duties. For example, tissues such as the lens of the eye, the surface of the skin, and the nails are all composed of dead cells. But because the body has need of them, they are not destroyed. The important fact that trillions of cells in the body all make decisions about which dead cells to destroy and which to leave alone is a point worth reflecting on.

What gives the cell consciousness to make and apply such vital decisions? Who taught the cell to recognize conditions that bring harm to the larger organism it finds itself in? And Who inspires this microscopic life form to ward off harm?

As has been explained here, all cells have been programmed in the best fashion to let organisms continue their existence. But in that case, Who is the Master of that program?

Evolutionists have become blind enough to believe that the master of this extraordinary program is unconscious coincidence. But God's unique creation and infinite knowledge are clearly manifested in every detail of a living organism.

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1.A cell begins to commit suicide when a warning signal arrives, from inside or outside the cell. This message lets the cell know that it is time to "die."
2. Proteins found in the cell receive the message and interpret it and are responsible for the cell's demise.
2a. On receiving the message, the destructive proteins become activated.
3. These proteins, activated by the arrival of the warning message, go about destroying the cell in a variety of ways.
4. With the attack by the proteins of the structural backbone of the cell, diseased and harmful cells set about their own self-destruction, thereby protecting the body.


12 / total 51
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