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For Events to Take Place in Your Cells,
Knowledge Is Required

Digested food that has come from the stomach to the small intestine contains very strong acids—posing a serious danger to the duodenum, because unlike the stomach, the duodenum has no special lining to protect it from acid.

So how is it that the duodenum escapes damage from the acids in digested food? Determining the answer requires us to examine the events that take place during digestion, and an awareness of the amazing processes that occur in our bodies.

When the level of acid reaching the duodenum from the stomach becomes dangerously high, the walls of the duodenum release a hormone called secretin, which protects the duodenum and is found in the walls of the small intestine in an inactive form, called prosecretin. On contact with acid, prosecretin is converted into secretin.

Released into the bloodstream, secretin travels to the pancreas where it stimulates the release of enzymes. The pancreas, on learning by the presence of secretin that it is in trouble, sends to the duodenum bicarbonate ions that neutralize the acid and thereby protect the duodenum.

How did these processes, so vital to human life, come about? Located in the pancreas is "knowledge" of the substance needed by the duodenum cells, and the formula to activate them. The way the pancreas "understands" the message sent by the duodenum, and its subsequent release of bicarbonate ions are all miraculous.

Here, in talking about the intestinal cells, we use terms like "knowledge" and "understanding" to emphasize the events that take place in the human body. However, as every conscious person can appreciate, it is impossible for a cell to think, to possess the will to make decisions, or to be aware of what's transpiring with other organs and produce enzymes and hormones in response.

The unique Possessor of knowledge, Who created these cells together with these capabilities, is God. With these features that He has created in our own bodies, He demonstrates to us His infinite power.

stomach, pancreas

1. Nutrient
2. Stomach
3. Special protective layer.
4. Acid 5.Prosecretin fount in the lining cells of the small intestine.
6. Secretin is carried to the pancreas via the bloodstream.
7. Pancreas
8. Bicarbonate ions produces by the pancreas...
9.... Neutralize the stomach acid.
10. Small intestine.

Thanks to faultless cellular cooperation and communication, the small intestine is protected from the acid coming from the stomach.


17 / total 51
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