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Lysosome Enzymes at the Service of the Body

Many processes we are unaware of take place within our bodies. These processes are carried out by some 100 trillion cells, all performing their duties without fault, and without fail.

The many structures inside these cells know their duties very well. Some of them produce energy, others produce protein, some act as transporters, and others are used as storage depots.

One of the apparently conscious structures found in cells is the lysosome, which may be considered as the cell's digester. Many degradative processes can be carried out as a result of the enzymes these organelles contain. Aside from breaking down and destroying cells that are dead, diseased, or no longer useful, and puncturing and digesting the membrane that surrounds a structure, lysosome enzymes also destroy certain cells that are continuing to grow in the body. These breakdown processes carried out by the lysosome enzymes are of the utmost importance for health and ultimately, for survival.

For example, the womb of a pregnant woman develops at a much greater rate than normal to accommodate the development of her fetus—a necessary step for the birth of a healthy baby. Once the baby is born, however, no longer is there any need for such a spacious womb. Now this organ, which has increased so much, must return to its original size. The lysosome enzymes carry out this process. When labor is over, certain cells send this news to the lysosomes, which already know very well what they have to do and begin secreting the necessary enzymes. In ten days and at a very fast rate, these enzymes decrease the size of the womb by a factor of forty, returning it to its original size, for the health of the body.

Lysosomes are also found in the heads of sperm. A spermatozoal cell uses the lysosomes it carries to break through the membrane surrounding the egg it seeks to penetrate. Thus these enzymes' degradative properties facilitate the fertilization of the egg cell by breaking through its protective layer.

As these examples show, every mechanism in our bodies works in ways that complement every other. Just as one system allows the womb to grow during pregnancy, there is also a system to return it back to normal. In the same way, specially placed in the sperm is an enzyme with the ability to break through the egg's protective layer.

Darwinists have strayed so far from logic and reason as to claim that this perfect integrated system, which continues to proceed in a flawless fashion, is only the result of certain coincidences. The most perfect workings within these mechanisms, and their harmonious and systematic workings with the whole body, display the perfection of God's creation for everyone to see.

lysosome enzyme

1. The sperm enters the egg by breaking through its outer membrane.
2. Upon reaching the egg, the sperm uses lysosome enzymes to break through the egg's membrane.
3. The lysosome enzyme, which plays a role in destroying cells
4. Lysosome enzymes, as seen under an electron microscop


33 / total 51
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