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Can the Power behind a Cell's Conscious Actions
Belong to a Hormone Unaware of Its Own Existence?

The human body's 100 trillion cells carry out their duties faultlessly thanks to the thyroid hormones.

The more thyroid hormone in the blood, the faster the cells will work. If the body does not secrete enough thyroid, metabolism slows down considerably and virtually comes to a stop. For this reason, there must be a certain level of thyroid hormone in the blood at all times.

It's impossible for the thyroid gland to take up the duty of affecting other cells and to make such decisions on its own. It is unaware of other cells' existence. It only obeys to the letter the commands present in the DNA of its own cells.

The power that gives these written commands to the thyroid gland and brings them about is God, the One Who created every tiny detail. The plan, design and consciousness at work here does not belong to an unconscious piece of flesh, a gland unaware of its own existence that goes by the name of "thyroid." It belongs to God.

Evolutionists, however, in denial of this, claim that:

- the thyroid gland "feels the need" to stimulate all of the body's cells, and therefore has designed hormones that would affect all cells;
- it has perfectly produced these hormones all by itself, and
- decides by itself the level of hormone that needs to be in the blood at all times.

This is nothing but conjecture, of course. It's in no way possible for an endocrine gland to have the knowledge to think of any of this, or to bring it all about. The Creator of everything in harmony with everything, and the One Who made things to be interdependent, is the One with knowledge of all things—that is, God.

thyroid hormone

The diagram above summarizes the effect of thyroid hormone level on the body's metabolism.



39 / total 51
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