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Cells of the Immune System Have Been Created with Large Memories

Immune System

1. Bacterial waste products spread out.
2. wound
3. Bacterial waste products arising from microbes
4. Macrophage engulfs the bacteria.
5. Macrophage advances to the site of the wound.
6. Blood vessel
7. Macrophage arrives, via the blood vessel, at the site of the wound.

When cells receive news ofmicrobial attack, they immediately warn the immune system.

Whenever you get an infection—for example, when microbes invade an open wound—cells of the immune system are immediately activated. These defensive cells, known as macrophages, identify the area of infection in the least amount of time and initiate a response against microbe attack and then hasten to this area. Macrophages are sensitive to a number of changes. For example, they identify bacterial waste in a given area, along with the presence of destructive substances produced by infected tissue, as well as factors involved in blood clotting. If macrophages couldn't identify any changes in infected tissue, they wouldn't be able to respond to the innumerable number of dangers the body faces every day.

But here is something interesting: Most macrophages are coming face-to-face with such an attack for the first time. If so, how did these microscopic living cells learn what constitutes danger? Have they had training in this matter?

Obviously, it's impossible for these microscopic macrophages to have been educated in any way. All this information has been in their memory since the macrophages first came into being. A power has given them this memory and inspired them with the knowledge of how to protect the body from outside enemies. The One Who has acquainted them with the impact of attacks from outside is the Lord of the worlds, Who created them together with this knowledge—that is, God.

Immune System

When we hurt ourselves, we are certain that the wound will soon heal. But how few of us even think of who heals that wound?


46 / total 51
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