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The World's Most Complex Network Lies in Our Brain

With the aid of the perfect structures in the human brain, we have the ability to perform a number of tasks at the same time. For example, you can drive a car while at the same time working with the dials on the cassette player and being in control of the steering wheel. Even though you are doing a number of things at once, you do not crash into the car on the road in front. While controlling the accelerator with your feet, still you can understand exactly what is being reported on the news broadcast on the radio. You can continue a conversation with a passenger where you left off. In short, you can perform a good number of different things simultaneously thanks to your brain's extraordinary capacity.

brain Facilitating this cooperation is the interdependence of the brain's nerve cells, which number about 10 billion. Some 100 trillion connections facilitate communication among these cells. In Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, Michael Denton explains just how huge a number 100 trillion really is:

Numbers in the order of 1015 are of course completely beyond comprehension. Imagine an area about half the size of the USA (one million square miles) covered in a forest of trees containing ten thousand trees per square mile. If each tree contained one hundred thousand leaves the total number of leaves in the forest would be 1015, equivalent to the number of connections in the human brain.

The extraordinary character of our brain does not end with the sheer number of its neural connections, because every one of the 100 trillion is in the exact place where it's needed. If even one of these connections were in the wrong spot, there would be a fault in this network, with very grave consequences. But this does not happen. Apart from a few exceptional diseases, people continue their existence as a result of trillions of miraculous processes that come naturally to them.

Darwinists claim that these 100 trillion connections arose as a result of coincidences. According to them, some 10 billion of the 100 trillion cells in the human body somehow decided, on their own, to become nerve cells and consequently adopted the required shape and changed their features—all at once! Not content with this miraculous display, they connected to each other perfectly, using 100 trillion connections, without even one of them being incorrect. This Darwinist claim is akin to saying that New York City's electricity network came about coincidentally after a storm one night and allowed current to reach every single house, bar none.

It's clear and evident that a superior power formed and controls this perfect system. This Power is the Creator of us all—God.


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