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Everything You Learn Is an Example of the Splendor
of God's Creation

The nerve cells in your body are like a net, over which innumerable commands and warnings between the brain and the organs are communicated. This net is not continuous, however. As we just mentioned, there are gaps between these neurons, and when a message reaches these gaps, electron-carrying enzymes, or neurotransmitters, transfer the message to the next neuron.

Once these neurotransmitters have deposited their charge onto the end of the next nerve fiber, they are free. But if they were to accumulate there, they would block the path of the next lot of transmitters coming from behind. In such a situation, the electrical signal will not be passed onto the next neuron, and the flow will be interrupted. But such a problem never occurs, because a special enzyme called acetylcholinesterase destroys chemicals that build up at the end of the nerve fiber. In other words, it sweeps the area clean. In this way, the path is constantly made clear for the transmitters arriving from behind, eliminating the slightest glitch or interruption in the transmission of impulses.

And so, out of the thousands of enzymes in our bodies, if even this one, acetylcholinesterase, were lacking, it would mean the breakdown of the electric signaling throughout the body; we would not be able to survive.

At this point, each of us should ask ourselves: Who has formed these faultless systems in the bodies of all living things, in which the smallest detail has not been overlooked? Who has programmed molecules that do not possess consciousness, knowledge or will, to display the most intelligent, appropriate behaviors?

None of this intelligence, knowledge and perfect artwork can be coincidental! Evolutionists are necessarily quiet on their answer to these questions. Because the One Who created each enzyme—and Who inspired each with its duty, and Who created this life perfectly from non-existence—is God.

nerve fiber

1. End of a nerve fiber
2. The enzyme called acetylcholinesterase is found at the sites in the body where it is most needed. It sweeps away acetylcholine enzymes that accumulate between two nerve cells after they've transmitted an impulse between them. This way, it makes room for new transmitter enzymes.
3. Acetylcholine enzymes transmitting an impulse
4. The gap between nerve cells
5. Acetylcholinesterase enzyme, waiting to sweep up the neurotransmitter enzymes after they finish their duty
6. End of a nerve fiber


51 / total 51
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