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Wisdom and Decisive Speaking are Blessings from God

Wisdom and decisive speech are blessings from God as related in the Qur'anic verses below:


He gives wisdom to whomsoever He wills and he who has been given wisdom has been given a great good. But no one pays heed but people of intelligence. (Surat al-Baqara: 269)

We made his kingdom strong and gave him wisdom and decisive speech. (Surah Sâd: 20)


Great gifts are the wisdom and impressiveness in speech. A subject can be explained by various people with different styles. Yet, the most impressive style is a wise and decisive one. Such an explanation makes one focus attention, awakes him from heedlessness, encourages a reflection on things already known but often forgotten. A person of decisive speaking skills does not make unnecessarily long speeches, but expresses thoughts and views in the briefest, most concise, yet in the most comprehensible and impressive way possible. Explanations by a wise man on a subject are limited to a few sincere sentences, and thus makes a stronger impact on others. One thing deserves mention here - decisive speaking is not a faculty that can be learned. It has no rules or intricate points. It demands only sincerity and prayers for the blessings of God. God, in the course of one's speech, inspires this wisdom to whomsoever He wills.

The grand masterpiece of wisdom and impressive talking is surely the Qur'an, which is the direct words of God. This wisdom is peculiar to all the books revealed by God to mankind. This is related in the verses below as follows:


News has come to them, containing a rebuke: consummate wisdom - but warnings are profitless. (Surat al-Qamar: 4-5)



25 / total 35
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