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Conclusion: Alliance With The Good Must Not Be Delayed

The purpose of this book is to make a call the good, conscientious, honest, sincere, optimistic, genial, modest, loyal, faithful, chaste, self-sacrificing, forgiving, agreeable, humble and peaceful people. These wise and sensible people would surely like to hear the exchange of kind words and live in a peaceful and amicable environment where people love and respect one another.

However, we are surrounded by wicked, unscrupulous, pessimistic, insincere, deceiving, selfish, ungrateful, disrespectful, vindictive, unchaste, quarrelsome, bad-tempered, fractious people whose hearts are full of hatred. The number of such people is by no means negligible. Guided by the evil, these people endeavour to spread their wicked ways to all people. Against the alliance of evil, which has become extremely strong and harmful in our day, the good should initiate an all-out resistance, without losing any time groping for the proper conditions, and bothering about what others are saying. In their endeavour, they should be prepared for all the hardship they are likely to face, join forces together with the zeal they derive from their faith, and resist evil with all the power they have.

Today is not the time to look for the mistakes of others or to to look down on others due to their inadequacies. On the contrary, everyone who calls himself a "Muslim" and says "I am a conscientious and good person" should come together and avoid all forms of conduct which would strengthen and encourage the evil.

Postponing the formation of this alliance, or waiting for others to take the initiative, is simply abandoning the oppressed to the cruelty of the evil.

All conscientious people should do their best to live in a world where people approach one another with an amicable and friendly manner, and correct one another's errors with kindness, and where peace, compassion, tolerance, happiness and abundance, in short, where the moral values of the Qur'an pervade. If we conduct ourselves with these principles in mind, our Lord, having infinitive mercy and compassion, will grant us bliss. For this reason, everyone must ally themselves to those who have devoted their entire lives to goodness. We must also remember, that in Surat as-Saff, verse 4, God commands Muslims to be like "well-built walls."

9 / total 10
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