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Throughout this book, we have elaborated upon the perfect understanding of mercy which the Qur'an exhorts man to have, the exemplary moral values that manifest themselves when mercy is integral to one's life and the beauty and bliss a society will attain once people begin to live up to this standard of morality. We have also tried to describe the dismal atmosphere of an environment in which people do not display the Qur'anic understanding of mercy and the physical and spiritual harm caused by such an environment to the human soul. As is evident from these descriptions, the differences between these two models of morality are incomparably great and obvious. The understanding of mercy offered by the Qur'an makes people develop a noble character endowed with good values, and guarantees the establishment of peaceful societies. The absence of this understanding, on the other hand, makes people cruel, troublesome and ignoble.

Furthermore, the sublimity engendered by this elevated understanding of mercy, which stems from the individual's pure intention of attaining the approval of Allah, is not limited to this world. The rewards for such an individual also extend to the hereafter. Indeed, an attribute of the people of paradise who are called to be "Companions of the Right" in the Qur'an is their summoning one another " to urge each other to compassion" while they are in this world:

Then to be one of those who believe and urge each other to patience and urge each other to mercifulness. (Surat al-Balad: 17)

As we have seen, those who live by the understanding of mercy as defined by the Qur'an, and accordingly engage in good deeds, will attain bliss both in this world and beyond.

This book is a summons to all men and women to think about what true mercy is and to reconsider to what extent they are imbued with the good values of the Qur'an which demonstrate mercy. To encourage everyone to be patient and persistent in displaying good values and mercy, thereby earning Allah's mercy and paradise, and to be one of the best in the sight of Allah, are the goals to which this book is dedicated.


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