Merkel opens up to Islam


German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants greater tolerance to be shown to the three million Muslims living in Germany. "Islam is part of Germany," she said.

Chancellor Merkel addressed 7,000 members of the Christian Democratic Union Party through a video conferencing system yesterday. One of the main subjects of Merkel's address was the three million Muslims, mainly Turks, living in the country.

Merkel asked party members to work for greater facilities to be extended to the three milion Muslims living in Germany and continued, "We must be very open on this subject and must say, yes, they are part of us."

Chancellor Merkel also demanded a greater effort to distinguish between Islam and radical Islam.

She concluded by saying that most Muslims living in Germany were opposed to violence and said, "Those who resort to violence in the name of Islam, but find themselves strongly opposed by the law.”

2012-12-14 10:46:15

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