Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 October 2011

A9 TV; October 29th, 2011 

Emirdağ Addendum, 147:

“To a certain degree, it is concealed.” “To a certain degree”, Bediuzzaman says. “Missionaries”; Christian Missionaries, those who preach Christianity, clergy, monks, and the followers of the Risale-i Nur have to be very careful. So who has  to be careful? One; missionaries, two; Christian clergy, three; the followers of the Risale-i Nur. “That is because, the movement of the West”; which means, Marxist-Leninist thinking. At the moment there is the terror organization of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), and all sorts of communist movements in the world. Notice that, “The movement of the West”; that is, those who follow Marxist- Leninist thinking, the materialistic thinking, will ally among themselves to disrupt the alliance of Christian missionaries and Islam. That is the alliance of Muslims and Christians. Don’t we see the same feature in today’s bigots? Don’t we see this in the action  of such a bad lot? Those who commit prostitution, the dirt bags , they all struggle to ruin this alliance. Notice that Bediuzzaman informed us this about 70 years ago. Look, “They will struggle to ruin the alliance between Islam and the missionaries.” That is why they say, “Why are you not hostile to the People of the Book?” Why don’t you blaspheme them? Why don’t you curse Christians?

Bediuzzaman says that some Muslims may attract some communists to their side. The terror organization  PKK also attracts some Muslims to its side. They attract some disbelievers and we indeed see them saying, “Never ally with Christians.” So with whom shall we ally? With Communists and atheists. Bediuzzaman says, “This time I violated my principle and have taken a look at the world.” So who are the ones that give command to these jackals? Communists. There are those communists in the appearance of Muslims. Bediuzzaman stresses that these communists will draw some of the Muslims to their side. “They are drawing and they will draw.” That is to say, “Behind the plot of damaging the alliance of Christians and Muslims, there exists the world’s atheism, the system of the dajjal.” He also says that if Christians and Muslims make an alliance, the issue will be over, Insha’Allah.

(About Mr. Adnan Oktar’s explanations regarding the truth about matter)

What I tell you here is disclosed as a secret by the senior freemasons. Freemasons have been astonished at the fact that I had spoken of  it beforehand, that I had disclosed it. They said, “This was our secret; a secret of freemasonry, a secret that is revealed solely at the upper-degrees of freemasonry.” They said they tell this secret by making them feel it. At the 33rd degree.But they told me that I have revealed it to the whole world. I have also other secrets and I will, Insha’Allah, reveal them when the time comes.

For instance I am speaking right now and they say, “Our Master is speaking.” A human being can not speak. There is nothing like it.I have  uttered these words while Prophet Adam (as) was being created. Almighty Allah says, I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan:“But you will not will unless Allah wills.” (Surat al-Insan, 30) No man can ever speak by himself. Allah makes them all speak and nobody can ever say something other than what Allah wills for him.

One of the severest torments of the people of Hell will spring from the comparison between the Paradise and Hell. Another will bethe length of the time, its infinity. They will also constantly make comparisons. They will constantly covet. They ask for the blessings that are granted to the people of Heaven. Even there they have the mindset of convincing. Look how stupid they are. They assume that they will be able to receive  some food or water from  Paradise secretly without Allah knowing it. In the world, they were accustomed to being able to escape. Even there they do not believe in Allah’s might, may Allah forbid; the fools. They look for an outlet and simply think that they will be able to escape. They, for instance, look for an exit in between the rocks, so that they can run away from the Hell. They try to dig, do something to get away from there. But Allah says that they can in no way get out of Hell. They make an effort of it for thousands of years, millions of years. Because they are fools, they do not get bored and continue. But they are specially created, Insha’Allah.

When we write something, it is Allah Who writes it, but He makes our hand instrumental for it, and we simply assume that we write it ourselves. Even before we are born from our mothers, that text was being written. Every person puts a signature, or writes something in a notebook or in a computer. Every letter he types is predestined for him. They say, “Master, that guy has written against you.” That was written even before he was born because it is Allah Who grants that power to the dajjal. We definitely need the dajjal. The system of the Mahdi does not exist without the dajjal…For instance the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the negative and the positive. Allah definitely creates with its opposite. A Muslim is also definitely created with its opposite. He is certainly created with his dajjal. For instance, every prophet has a dajjal. This is related in the Qur’an. There are thehuman dajjal and the jinni dajjal. Every prophet has both a human dajjal and a jinni dajjal. So has Hazrat Mahdi (as). He also struggles against his jiini dajjal and the human dajjal. But the dajjals of the Mahdis and the Prophets are very severe. They are enormous. For instance, at the moment the dajjal is a world-wide power against Hazrat Mahdi (as). For this reason, Hazrat Mahdi (as) is the last of the saints; he is the greatest saint. This is why he is the greatest saint of all times. That is why in the Torah, Hazrat Mahdi (as) is referred to in such an inclusive form. The reason why he encounters such hardship is that all these human and jinni dajjals come over him.  That is to say, Hazrat Mahdi (as) not only struggles against the armies of those dajjal consisting of human beings. He strives against the armies of jinni dajjal as well. That is why his task is very hard. It is an unknown aspect of Hazrat Mahdi (as). It is his concealed aspect. It is something special between Allah and him for jinni is a more rampant being; it is a more sly being because it is possible to see a human being. A Jinni is a being that can move as it wills; it is a being with a profound impact upon people. He passes through  matter. In an unexpected moment and place, he may appear before a person. He They exerts power against people. For instance, he may take the power of a person; he may cause forgetfulness, make him aggressive and wild. Consequently he bothers the system of the Mahdi. Because we are also the followers of the Mahdi, we struggle against both the jinn and human armies of the dajjal. The jinni armies of the dajjal make hypnosis upon all Muslims worldwide now. He makes this as a token of the might of the system of the dajjal. Allah makes it instrumental. For instance,the Islamic world consisting of 1.5 billion people have been captives.The Dajjalhas made hypnosis. Muslims strive against one another, they massacre one another. They massacre one another in Libya, in Morocco and in other places. They ruin one another. They go and attack Christians or Jews. They become suicide bombers.They assault Shias. Shias go and assault Sunnis. But as the human and jinni armiesof the dajjal, they will make the severest assault against Hazrat Mahdi (as) and his followers. It will change according to their degrees. The severest assault will be made against Hazrat Mahdi (as). Then to his followers who are pious. Then the severity decreases relative to their faith. This is essential for the trial they go through, Insha’Allah.

Notice what  Almighty Allah says about the hypocrites in  surah Muhammad, verse 30; “If We wished, We would show them to you and you would know them by their mark and know them by their ambivalent speech. Allah knows your actions.” This means that if Almighty Allah wishes,hypocrites can be recognized from their characters. “you would know them by their ambivalent speech.” Hypocrites have a stronglyvariable manner of speaking. They must be followed veryattentively.They remember Allah, but it is possible torecognize them from the issues that they most avoid. A hypocrite does not avoid superstitions.He talks a lot. He wants to draw Muslims into superstition and suffocate them. In other words, he wants to draw them into a swamp and suffocate them there. Just as how a crocodile draws its prey into water and then suffocates it. It draws with all its might. It holds its prey very tightly once it catches it. That is why it is very important not to fall into the ocean of superstition of a  hypocrite. A Muslim must pay great attention to it.What is the solution? To hold on the Qur’an very tightly. A Muslim does not fall into the ocean of superstition if he holds on to the Qur’an very tightly. Because no superstition enters the Qur’an. Once they try to introduce superstition, you will say, “The Qur’an” and nothing else. In this way the superstition burns. What  is that burns the superstition? The Qur’an. Those who want to burn superstition must bring forward the Qur’an. You will see superstition being burned . If you want to burn the hypocrite in the spiritual sense, one thing that a hypocrite most dislikes is the Qur’an, Allah forbid. When you show him the Qur’an, a hypocrite almost flutters. He can not tolerate the Qur’an  like the zombies we see in some movies that can not resist light and start to melt down.A hypocrite also melts down when he sees the light of the Qur’an. The Qur’an inflicts pain on him. This is what overwhelms him most. That is why a hypocrite does not want to utter the word “Qur’an”. He utters it as a mere formality. For instance,if he cites a verse from the Qur’an, he can not help but tell seventy superstitions. He simply mixes the honey with poison. That is why we must tell them to speak to us with the Qur’an in mind. A hypocrite is unable to speak from the Qur’an. He simply puts forward his idols, his idolatrous creed. As you speak with the Qur’an, he asserts his own idols.You must tell him, “You imposter! Do not come to me with your idols; talk to me with the Qur’an.”He can not do so. What are the issues that a hypocrite most avoids? One, the adequacy of the Qur’an. The Qur’an. The Unity of Islam. He definitely finds a way to avoid it. Surely he never directly says that he is against the Unity of Islam. He employs  filthy ways to express it, and thus you perceive that he has no intention for it. Let me not speak of  them one by one right now; you would surely understand them. They find a way to elude. Just pay attention to how they speak. They seek to find a way to evade, because the Qur’an burns them. They fiercely evade the Unity of Islam because they know that a hypocrite can not survive in the climate of the Unity of Islam. They know that it will be a very difficult environment for them. They can not attack Muslims, they can not assume a false identity, they can not be arrogant. They can not propagate their communities to be the most precious group. That is because every hypocrite needs the feeling of arrogance and pride. They try to present themselves and their groups as grand beings. They say, “We are the most glorious, the most flawless.” How can he dare to say so when the Unity of Islam is established?That is why they do not want it, because otherwise they have to acknowledge the presence of someone who is greater than themselves. They definitely would not want that. With the mindset they have, hypocrites feel at ease when they do not have to acknowledge someone who is better than them. They want to live more comfortably in their own Hells.Why didn’t satan  prostrate before Prophet Adam (as)? Because in a state of prostration, he would be unable to be haughty against Prophet Adam (as). He can not stress his greatness. So satan severely rejected it.That is also the case with the hypocrites. They consider their groups as the greatest and the most glorious while they consider others to be experiencing disbelief. They consider them to be abnormal,  to be perverts.

(Some hadiths regarding the system of Mahdi in the Kutub al-Sittah; the Second Phase)

It is related that in the time of Hazrat Mahdi  (as) “The earth will throw out pieces like golden plates.” In other words, an enormous wealth will come out.  The hearts of people will soften, they will become generous. The Earth will fill with abundance.”

Abundance is something important; for instance, we experience it in Turkey now. This abundance is obvious to see.

“A treasure will come out from beneath the Kaaba. The Ark of the Covenant will be dislodged from the Antioch or  Lake Tabariya .” It is the famous golden ark of the Prophet Moses (as). “It will be put on shoulders and brought before Hazrat Mahdi (as) in Bayt al-Maqdis. Upon witnessing it, all Jews except for some will convert to Islam.” This means that Hazrat Mahdi (as) has good relations with the Jews, and when they see the Ark they will convert to Islam.

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