Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 31 October 2011


A9 TV; 31 October 2011

When we have Islamic Union these lovely faces will smile with sweetness. There will be no system that kills women. Women will be well-groomed and attractive. Bigots imagine that they will look like stoats, that life will die, that humanity will die, that art will die, that science and everything will die, that they will slay all of life’s beauties and install an extremist system. No way. It will be like it was in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), like the Age of Felicity. Joy, beauty and delight will prevail everywhere. Being against make-up is terribly wrong. That is our Prophet’s (pbuh) own personal advice, for women to put kohl on their eyes. If they do that, it means they do everything. Kohl has the greatest effect of all. Kohl shows women off best of all. When you have kohl, that means you have everything. There was also rouge at that time. A kind of make-up of the time. But the materials were more natural then. They used henna, for instance, and other things. Because human beings are weak. But they become attractive when they are well groomed. Of course they must be well groomed. Women must also be well groomed, and men must be clean and smart. Some people are disgusting and live like animals. That is unacceptable.

The internet is the Dabbat al-Ardh, the one referred to in the Qur’an. I have described it before. The way of the Mahdi and the way of the dajjal [antichrist] reveal themselves within the Dabbat al-Ardh. Because we can grasp the way of the Mahdi by comparing it to the way of the dajjal. For example, their mouths are filthy and vile and aggressive and bigoted. Their mouths are godless and bookless. Their mouths are those of the PKK [terror organization] and curs of that kind. What do we call the sum total of that? The mouth of the dajjal. The community of the dajjal. A team belonging to the way of the dajjal. But if we look, we see love, affection, compassion, quality, beauty, goodness, forgiveness, pleasant conversation and hospitality, then that is a branch of the way of the Mahdi. An arm of the Mahdi striving against the arm of the dajjal. We see that when we look carefully. Otherwise, the way of the Mahdi is invisible to the naked eye. The way of the dajjal is invisible to the naked eye. People expect a creature with one eye in the middle of its head. And when they talk about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) they immediately want to see a single person. OK, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is one person, but his effects come through his ideas and his followers. The dajjal is one person, but he also acts through his ideas and followers. The arena where these ideas clash is the world. Where is the most powerful and visible arena? The internet. When you look at the internet you see a total battle of ideas against the way of the Mahdi. Against the way of the Mahdi, like a rabid dog. You can see its attacks. It attacks the truth, beauty and right as if it were rabid. You can see the foaming mouths of the extremists, the mouths of the irreligious and their allies. You can see the atheist on top and a member of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon behind.

Then comes a pervert, and behind him an atheist. Next comes a member of a communist terror organization. Another one is a bigot. Then comes another arm of bigotry. But these are all one single team. A single community or a single nation. They act as the way of the antichrist. But Muslims are good people, honest and fine and pleasant. They act as a separate community. Of believers, of people who love Allah. Christians who believe in the existence and oneness of Allah are allied with Muslims. Those Jews who believe in the existence and oneness of Allah are also allied with Muslims. And there is a merciless struggle going on. What kind of struggle? An intellectual one. One waged with intelligence, knowledge and philosophy. Now, my brother may say, “the internet is against Muslims.” Let us imagine he says that it contains writings against Muhammad Rashid Erol or Sheikh Nazım Kıbrisi, or against Bediuzzaman or me, meaning my group of friends, or against the followers of Esat Coşan. What does that mean? It is a manifestation of the way of the dajjal. When you look you will see the way of the dajjal.

You will see the way of the dajjal in their filthy, bigoted mouths, in their loveless mouths devoid of beauty and quality, in their mouths that strive to pollute and foul the world. Because the dajjal’s job is to pollute and foul the world. Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) duty it to beautify it and cleanse it. The dajjal pollutes. The way of the dajjal pollutes the air and the streets. But the way of the Mahdi cleans the air. So people and buildings are clean. The dajjal just makes people foul. But the way of the Mahdi beautifies people. The way of the dajjal makes them ugly. They end up with dull, meaningless, soulless faces. Their faces grow ugly and repellent, cold and uncared for and filthy. They turn into apes. Almighty Allah says in the Qur’an they turn into pigs and apes. He turns them into pigs and apes. They assume a foul and ugly appearance under the way of the dajjal. But under the influence of Islam, the Qur’an and the way of the Mahdi, light, beauty, goodness and loveliness will come to people’s faces. But the way of the dajjal has a filthy mouth. Its talk is filthy. It uses foul words. It is without hope and full of fear. It seeks to spread fear. It expresses terror. It uses perverse terminology. But the way of the Mahdi expresses love, beauty, peace and goodness. You can see the bitter struggle between the two on the internet. Look for a committee of the dajjal on the internet and you will see them right away. And if you look for Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) people, you will see them right away. The mouth of the way of the dajjal is destructive in all it says.

That is why a hadith about the dajjal says, “the dajjal has a pipe, from which a thousand and one sounds emanate.” Look, “a thousand and one sounds.” The internet and the television are also the pipes of the dajjal and produce a thousand and one sounds. But they are also the stage for the way of the Mahdi, a place where the way of the Mahdi fully reveals itself. It also uses them to show up the filth and foulness of the way of the dajjal. It produces many different sounds. It may be in the form of bigotry, or the PKK, or the terrorist mindset or a suicide bomber. But they all have the same mindset. The way of the Mahdi wants people to live. The way of the dajjal wants to kill. The way of the Mahdi aims for long lives, the way of the dajjal wants short ones. The way of the Mahdi is full of joy, but the way of the dajjal means grieving and weeping. It encourages tears and weeping. It engages in a constant philosophy of sorrow. But the way of the Mahdi uses joy to preach against the way of the dajjal. The way of the dajjal says there is no Allah, in its own eyes. But the way of the Mahdi constantly talks about the existence and oneness of Allah.

People have seen such passion and love in people’s eyes for the first time on this channel. I can honestly say I have never seen true passion in a woman’s eyes on any TV channel. On none of them. Maybe I just never came across them. But I have never seen deep love on any channel. People may have shown each other true love, But I have never come across it. I suppose it must happen, insha’Allah. And its being so sweet and joyful and such a far cry from bigotry is a lovely thing. Because our distinguishing characteristic is that women will be beautiful under Islamic Union. Homes will be lovely, and people, and food and cars and everything. But under the concept of Islamic Union thought up by the dajjal, life is poisonous, pitch black. There is no joy or beauty there. People stink, women stink, and everywhere there is filth and dirty talk, hypocrisy and trickery, show and pride, deceit and artificiality. It involves telling lies in the name of Allah, making the religion unrecognizable, putting it in a dead-end, locking it up, it involves madness and bloodshed and wrong of all kinds. But Allah will destroy such a filthy and disgusting system. He will not permit it. Allah will tear it down wherever it is. But those fools cannot see. Does Allah not tear that system down wherever it may be? Does He not ruin it? Do you still fail to understand? They are still trying to persist in their filth. An idiot throws a stone into a well, and a thousand people cannot get it out. People have a predisposition against this bigotry. There is a chain effect; “You mean, you are not an extremist either?” they say. “May Allah forbid, how can I oppose bigotry? Of course I am a bigot,” they say. That is the vile system they have set up. Even bigots are disgusted by bigotry, but they pretend to be bigots for their own advantage. Otherwise they are not really bigots. That is the horrible system they have set up. They all imagine everyone else is a bigot. They all smother one another in that psychopathic system. That is unacceptable, and we will never allow it.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) loved women very much, and the power of the Prophet (pbuh) is specially set out in the hadiths. He was a very strong person. His strength and love were very powerful. We see that in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. The bigots do not like to hear that, but I say it anyway, insha’Allah. All the prophets have had a huge love of women. In proportion to their faith. The more faith a person has, the greater his love of women.  That is how much he loves their beauty, and how much he loves animals. That determines how much he loves beauty and cleanliness. He loves all that is beautiful. In proportion to his faith. But bigots loathe women, and seek to turn them into apes because they detest them. They try to turn them into something disgusting. Bigots dislike pretty women. And Allah dislikes them. He gives them foul women who stink. And they are all disgusted by one another. Both are utterly filthy. Their women are like the wife of Abu Lahab. They all spread filth. Allah sets them up with one another. He gives bad men to bad women, and bad women to bad men.

The bigots cannot even imagine classy, high quality Muslims. It would never cross their minds. They could never dream of that kind of lifestyle. Ataturk was also aware of that, masha’Allah. He spoke of “faithless teachers.” That is a splendid way of putting it. Look, Ataturk had a huge love for genuine religious teachers. But he loathed faithless ones. Base guys like that. He would call them to him and they talked and behaved falsely. They tried to give him a good impression of them. But Ataturk loathed them. Ataturk said a lot about that.

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