Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 05 November 2011

A9 TV; 5 November 2011

I have seen somewhere yesterday. Some of our brothers say we should pray three times a day, others say twice. Now look. I can quote reference sources. From where? From Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nasai and Ibn al-Majah. I can quote references from all books of trustworthy hadiths. According to the account handed down by Abu Huraira: “He heard the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) say: “If there is a river before the door of one of you, if that person washes in the river five times a day, would there be any trace of dirt left on him?” And the Companions said, “Not a trace of dirt would be left on him.” Then Rasulullah (pbuh) said: “Praying five times a day is like that. Allah says that sins are washed away with prayer five times a day.” So much for praying three times a day!

“A man asked Rasulullah (pbuh) about the times of the prayers. And he replied: "Pray with me for the (next) two days.” (On that day) he commanded Bilal to recite the call to prayer just as the Sun was setting. He recited the call at noon.” Look, he made the call to prayer at noon. “He later commanded him to recite it for noon. The he commanded him to recite it when the Sun was high, and white and bright, and he recited the call for the afternoon. He then commanded him as the Sun set, and he recited the call for the evening. He then commanded him as the light faded over the horizon, and he recited it for the night-time prayer. Then as dawn was breaking he recited the call for morning prayer. On the second day he commanded Bilal to wait until the atmosphere was cooler. And he delayed the call until it was very much cooler. He then performed the afternoon prayer rather after the Sun was at its highest, later than on the day before. He performed the evening prayer shortly before the whiteness faded from the horizon. The night-time prayer he performed after one-third of the night had passed. He performed the morning prayer when it was truly light. He then asked, “Where is he who asked about the times of the prayers?” And the man who had asked identified himself. And he said, “The times of the prayers are between those (two times) you have seen.”

So you see, these five prayers are totally clear. Look, from all these reference sources at once. Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nasai and Ibn al- Majah. So that puts an end to it, insha’Allah.

Our activities in America are really excellent. American people are mature. They support freedom of ideas. They are predisposed to look favorably on Muslims. They are predisposed to look favorably on Islam.  But people with bigoted minds of course muddy the waters. It is very hard to repair the damage they do. To compare the damage done by extremists to that caused by atheists and irreligious types, the extremists are a million times worse. In other words, it is the extremists who turn people off religion. It is terrible damage. Something very tine, like a fly, can still be totally disgusting. These people are very small but also quite disgusting. But it is very hard to explain that - because it is a closed system. It is impossible to talk or explain anything. I would explain things if they could talk reasonably. I would show evidence, but they are obsessed. And since they are ignorant they are also very aggressive and ferocious. But since they call themselves Muslims, people imagine that is what ordinary, normal Muslims are like. The damage from that is immense.

They held a welcome for me when I first came to Istanbul. I am not complaining about them, as they did not know me. But they shot at me seven times, though nothing happened to me, thanks be to Allah. I have been detained around 100 times. But nothing happened. I have no criminal record. Not even a traffic violation. I am now 55, and they have never harmed me. They imagined they could soil my quality of life. They were jealous. But my quality of life increased many times over. They tried to separate me from my loved ones. But the number of people who loved me just grew. They were jealous of the love and interest women showed me. But Allah has given me hundreds of times more women friends, or colleagues, sisters. They envied my wealth. And Allah bestowed an amazing wealth on me. Many times more. They envied my health, but Allah gave me wonderful good health and fitness. He gave me youth. And now Allah has given me television channels and radio channels, insha’Allah. I have some surprises in store. Allah has been instrumental in our setting up foundations. He has imparted the most enormous wealth and strength, alhamdulillah. He has given me a huge preaching ability. I have received wide acceptance from the whole Islamic world.  Look, Iran does not allow anyone’s books to be sold. Only my books are sold. All Islamic activities are banned in Russia. Only ours are unrestricted. The Russian secret service told us quite openly, “we will give you special support, and you can do what you like.” The Russian secret service detained our colleagues twice, but in a very friendly manner. “You can operate where you like,” they said. “In all the mosques, or anywhere you like. Your books and everything are unrestricted,” they said.  “If you have any problems, tell us,” they said. But they have banned activities by anyone else. But we are free everywhere, masha’Allah. You can see how everyone at all levels of the state supports our channel. It is supported by all parties. Every party. Because we are honest. I am honest. I live for Allah, I have no greed, no worldly greed. I have no party axe to grind. Because all of Turkey is my party. The whole nation is my party. I love everyone. Everyone, bare-headed or covered up or anything. I think they are all devout believers.

(In answer to the question “Are there freemasons who believe in Allah?”)

Of course, there are devout masons and irreligious masons. I strive to make the irreligious ones believe. And I strive to make those who already believe in humble, sincere Muslims. I exclude nobody. Nobody must be pushed to one side. Almighty Allah did not even say that Pharaoh should be excluded. He was preached to until right up to the last moment. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) worked a miracle, but he [Pharaoh] still behaved badly. He behaved basely and immorally. He was shown nine miracle, and none had any effect on him. But the Prophet never gave up. Right up until Allah took his soul. If even Pharaoh must be preached to, then why not preach to freemasons? They are worthy sons of the country and valuable people. They are class, high quality people. Of course we must save them. We must pray and strive for their happiness. Why throw people on the scrap heap? We must look out for everyone, including freemasons. We must also look out for the masons and the Templars, and for communists and atheists and everyone. We must try to save them. Why should we spurn them. I tell the truth to Christians and Jews and everyone.

Israel belongs to Allah. Russia belongs to Allah. America is Allah’s. They are all under the Might of Allah. They are all under His control. They are all entities created weak by Allah.Of course Islam will rule in Israel, and in Russia. Islam will reign everywhere. Allah makes us His instruments, of course. Israel supports it, and the masons and the Templars. For the first time ever we are going and talking about the Qur’an in masonic lodges. We tell them of the existence and oneness of Allah, and of the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism. So we go there. We go to the most intensely protected and hard to enter places in the American Army and tell them about Islam and the Qur’an. We go to Israel and tell them. We speak in the Israeli Parliament. We go to places that extremists could never even imagine, alhamdulillah. We enter Pharaoh’s palace and talk about the Qur’an there. Things the extremists could never dream of, alhamdulillah. Thanks be to Allah, many masons have become Muslims. That is snowballing, alhamdulillah.

2011-11-22 14:34:01

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