Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 07 November 2011


A9 TV; 7 November 2011

Age, beauty and everything are feelings inspired in our hearts by Almighty Allah. Otherwise we would know none of these. Thanks be to Allah. Thanks be to Allah for giving us the concept of beauty. Thanks be to Allah for giving us the concept of handsomeness. We might never have known it. Everything might have been lovely, but we might never have known. Fresh water might have seemed bitter to us. Food might have caused unpleasant sensations in us. Roasting meat smells very delicious. Apples and oranges and everything are delightful. But our bodies might have been repelled by those same smells. Allah has created our perceptions in perfect form, masha’Allah. But these smells are pleasant; ultimately, they are the vibration of molecules. Allah represents the vibration of molecules as the blessing of a pleasant smell or taste in our brains, masha’Allah.

(An answer to the question “Is there any objection to taking Christians and Jews as friends?”)

For instance, if I say, “I believe in the Trinity,” may Allah forbid. That is what the Qur’an forbids. I can love them as people. Of course I can be friends in human terms. How else can you tell people about Islam and the Qur’an? This is a very foolish idea. Allah has created him as a Christian. Why should I be his enemy? Why should I hate him? Of course I must love him. The same with the Jews. They are from the line of the prophets. Why should I hate them? I pray for their happiness, and for them to be Muslims. Why should I hate them?

(About Mr. Adnan Oktar’s female followers)

I look at your cleanliness, I see it in various places, on certain channels and out on the streets. I see coarsened young people, coarsened young women. Coarsened and wild like animals. They know nothing of kindness and good manners. They are wild like animals. Their facial expressions are savage. Their talk is unbalanced and they are suspicious and restless and tense and ready to lie at a moment’s notice. They are always false and unbalanced. Then I look at Muslims and they are pure, chaste, modest, sweet, polite and respectful.

(About the argument over not adopting Christians and Jews as friends)

Allah tells us not to be friends with the idolaters. You must not be friends with immoral people. Or people with no faith. In other words, there are immoral Christians and immoral Jews. As there are immoral Muslims. Will you take them as friends? Take the immoral man who rapes his own daughter. Will you be his friend? What will you do? You will stay away from him. Christians and Jews may also be immoral. That applies in all societies. That is what the argument is all about. It does not mean we should not be friends with innocent Christians who cause no trouble for anyone. Because that would conflict with verses. Because Allah tells us in verses that we can marry them. And marriage means that you have taken someone as a friend. You share the same pillow. You call her, “My love” and “my darling.” You embrace her. She is now your wife. The verse says you can marry Jews and Christians. How can someone tell his wife he is not her friend when he marries her? One must consider the meaning of the verse. One must consider what the verse means. The verse tells one not to go along with their false actions and beliefs. But Almighty Allah does not say, “Behave with hostility toward an innocent Christian or Jew who minds his own business.” Because Allah tells us not to be friends with the idolaters. But they never mention them, for some reason. What are the idolaters? All kinds of immoral or bigoted types who ascribe equals to Allah. Can you be friends with a sinner? No, you will stand against him. If he is immoral and cruel and oppressive, you will stay away from him. It is like that. 

You should interpret verses with verses. You do not know how to interpret verses with verses. So are you denying other verses? Look, Allah says you will find those who say they are Christians to be closer to you. Would you deny that? Allah says we can marry Christians and Jews. Would you deny that? The Qur’an refers to those Christians who behave wrongly. To those who attack Islam and the Qur’an, not to Christians who mind their own business. You do not look to see what the verse says next. Have you read the next part of it? No. They reject the other verses. They pick and choose. They say, “I agree with this part of the verse, but not the other part.” How many times have I made this clear? Why did our Prophet (pbuh) take a Christian wife? Was he her enemy? Did he marry her because he was her enemy? Why did our Prophet (pbuh) marry a Jewish woman? Because he was her enemy? Maria is our mother. We respect her memory. She was a Christian. She was a Christian when our Prophet (pbuh) married her. Do you know better than our Prophet (pbuh)? Do you know better than Allah (may Allah forbid!)? There is a verse that reads, “do not approach the prayer when you are drunk.” Now these people concentrate only on the first part, or only on the second. If you take away the reference to alcohol, it says you should not pray at all. You have to take the verse as a whole, in context. You must interpret verses with other verses. But they do not consider other verses.

(In answer to the questions “Could you tell us about the moment of death and afterward?” and “Could you tell us something more about the reality of matter?”)

I have already set out the reality of matter. I had begun to set it out. A brother of ours from daily Yeni Asya wrote in, Ümit Şimşek Hodja, I think. “He awakens a feeling of terror in people, it frightens them,” he said. As if to say, “Would it not be best if the Hodja did not discuss this matter?” I have heard that from many people. “It evokes an intense feeling of terror,” they say. So I then enquired what I ought to do. I said I could describe it in a more moderate way. In a gentle way. But people who fully understand the reality are terrified. They fall to their knees from fear of Allah. A huge terror may indeed enfold them. That is why I want to describe it gently and moderately. That is what I will do from 2012 on. Otherwise, if I wanted and by Allah’s leave, I could describe it in such a way they would feel it in their own bodies. People have such a mechanism. They can feel it and realize it in their own bodies.

Allah sets everything out in the Qur’an. But He sometime describes things symbolically. He sometimes speaks of the fires of hell, for instance. When He speaks of the fires of hell, I think of molten metal or flames spouting forth. I think of a person leaping up and down if he has burned his hand. It is impossible even to speak of someone falling into fire. One loses the ability to reason and literally goes into shock. Yet people in hell talk quite calmly. They even show off. They behave badly. They still insist on not believing in Allah even there. Their strange behavior persists even there.

But children’s souls are taken long before they die. At the moment of death it is as if a veil is lifted, and one moves from one place to another, as if waking out of sleep. People are often groggy and bemused when they wake up. Hazrat Ali (pbuh) says, “it is like waking out of sleep.” Indeed, people sometimes imagine they have woken up, whereas they are actually still asleep. That is the system. It is quite clear, as if one had just woken from sleep, insha’Allah. That is the reaction they make when they first wake up. That appears in the Qur’an; “Who has raised us from our place of sleep?”, they say we were sleeping, we were in a sleep. They try to work out where they are. Then the unbelievers say, “Alas for us!” “This is what the All-Merciful promised us. The Messengers were telling the truth.” It was true, they say. But they still continue to show off in the hereafter. They show off in the flames. In other words, it is not fire as we understand and know it. For example, Almighty Allah speaks of flames the size of camels. We do not know because it is relative. But we will understand it there. We will also see hell. All Muslims will see it. They will not enter it. But Muslims will pass by. They will see it for themselves. They will also see it as an image. They will have the opportunity to watch hell all the time, as if on a screen. But as the Qur’an says, Muslims will never be frightened or uneasy. They will be at ease right from the moment of death, when their souls are taken, and at all times thereafter. Allah gives constant guarantees on that. There are many verses about that. Allah says they will never be disturbed or made uneasy and their hearts will be at peace and at ease. But unbelievers will be stressed and terrified, the whole time. They follow the callers, and rush to where the sound comes from. The area is very large. Allah shows this to Muslims so they can enjoy it, for a change. Muslims get used to paradise once they have entered it. It becomes normal life for them. Being finite is very peculiar. It seems strange to us, doesn’t it, being finite? Everyone is bemused. We know it instinctively. Being finite does not seem logical to us. Being eternal does seem normal to us. That is why people actually begin their normal lives once eternity has begun in paradise. They live their true lives. And after that such questions never enter one’s mind. But faith still persists in paradise. Paradise is founded on trust in Allah. Because, may Allah forbid, a person may wonder there, “Will Allah permit me to live forever?” The believer trusts in Allah, and his heart is at peace. As you know, the Prophet Adam (pbuh) harbored doubts in. Satan told him he would not exist for ever. “There is a tree there. If you eat the fruit from it the materials in it will affect you and after that you will be eternal,” he said. “What Allah said is untrue [may Allah forbid]” he said. “Go and eat that fruit, and the you will live for ever.” Trust me, I am telling the truth,” he said. And the Prophet Adam (pbuh) believed him. That is amazing. His wife also believed it, as did he. They went and ate. The moment they ate, Allah lifted the imaging of those garments of paradise. They then covered themselves up with the leaves of paradise. They tried to cover their bodies. Then, as you now, Allah sent them down to the dimension of this world. Then when he saw his weakness in this world, his body’s natural needs and his helplessness, the Prophet Adam (pbuh) wept, he was so shaken up. He never imagined that human beings could be so helpless. He was amazed to see that feature of his body. Because he was used to there being no such thing in paradise. Then he looked at this world and everything was very harsh. Of course one develops a perfect faith and character. Then Almighty Allah took him back to paradise. We can see how essential the test is. Some people ask, “What need is there for the test? It would be better just to go to paradise direct.” But it is not as you imagine. May He forbid, in that case people might still have doubts about Allah in paradise. They may not be sure that Allah keeps His word.  Because the concept of virtue also exists in paradise. Punctiliousness over what is lawful and unlawful also exists in paradise. Muslims go there with the training they receive here. They still fear Allah there. They both love and fear Him.  Fear of Allah does not cease in paradise. The believer will always love and fear Allah, insha’Allah.

I could go into more detail about the secret behind the death of small children. But let me just say this. They do not suffer. Let me just say that. But there is another aspect. If any of our brothers are curious about this in private conversations, I can also say this. Allah is infinitely al-Halim [The Forbearing], infinitely merciful. It is He Who teaches us mercy. It is He Who teaches us pity and forgiveness and love. We learn these things with the compassion we learn from Him. We learn them by the will of Allah, insha’Allah.

But we may encounter the flames and phenomena of hell in a way we never imagined. For example, we think of the chains of hell as being chains of metal. But we may encounter chains of a kind we never imagined. There are the gates of hell and of paradise. We think of gates as being of metal or of wood. But there may be gates of light we never imagined before. They may be dimensional gates. There may be things we had never imagined. Allah is not obliged to describe them. He just tells us to “believe.” We will see when we get there. Allah has provided no detail. But He does speak of things no eyes have seen and no tongues have tasted. We do not know. These things are not such as we can fully comprehend. But it will be like waking from sleep. Once you awake it is all over, insha’Allah.

(Surat an-Nahl, 18)

If you tried to number Allah’s blessings, you could never count them. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

We are in a sea of boundless blessings. Atoms and molecules are a blessing. Matter is a blessing. Water is a blessing, flowers are a blessing. Insects and everything are a blessing. Everything is very lovely, insha’Allah.

 (About Mr. Adnan Oktar’s female followers)

Allah shows the difference between the cruelty of unbelief and the radiance of faith. The light and radiance on Earth are very powerful, masha’Allah. The reflection of that light is very powerful. People see that faith produces a miracle. The profound and huge difference between manners, honesty, kindness, and beauty in the face on the one horrible, coarse spirit of unbelief appears as a miracle. Allah works a miracle. That means that lack of faith does the most unbelievable damage. I should not say unbelievable, may Allah forbid, because it is believable, saying unbelievable is just a linguistic habit. You all have the warmth and light imparted by honesty and propriety. There is a huge difference between you and shallow, showy young girls. That is why iblis [devil] and satan and the way of the dajjal [antichrist] are striving with all their might to neutralize you and me. But they have only caused your radiance to grow still further. That is all they have been able to do. They have tried all forms of torture and persecution and defamation. They have tried all forms of vile behavior. But we have always stood up to them, laughing and smiling. Our Prophet (pbuh) says that in the End Times “The dajjal will persecute and torment the Mahdi most. But just when the dajjal thinks he has achieved results, the Mahdi (pbuh) will appear before him with a smiling face.” What does that mean? That will also apply to the followers of the Mahdi. And since we are also followers of the Mahdi, we also stand up to them with a smiling face and joy and light after all their torments.

There are no such things as aliens. There are djinns. One will only be in contact with them. As in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). The djinn will serve man, in other words. 

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