Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 09 November 2011


A9 TV; 09 November 2011

Almighty Allah tells Muslims that they will watch the Day of Reckoning. That is what will happen When Allah desires it. But normally [it happens] in another dimension and normally, they should be unable to see it. The dimension of this world and the hereafter are not the same. But if He wishes, Allah can show the 4th dimension from the third, or the third from the fourth, insha’Allah.

Of course we teach people love and affection. The world is very loveless. People do not love one another. I see that. We see that on the majority of programs. People’s faces are cold, like ice. They are very loveless. As if they were made out of bone. That also goes for their attitudes to women. For example, they talk in such a way as to ignore the existence of a very attractive woman. That is most dishonest and shameful. It is unfitting to act as if one were unaware of the existence of a beautiful woman. My own conscience would not permit that. When I see an attractive woman or a beautiful thing, I always stress that beauty. I went to a furniture store the other day. I was looking at the furniture. Every piece I looked at was really lovely and artistic. “What a fine person you are,” the owner said. “They come here and when they like a piece of furniture they just give a slight grunt,” he complained. “’We don’t like all the other furniture,” they say,’” “But you are honest and sincere, you still refer to that beauty, even if you don’t buy it,” he said. Indeed, the people involved have designed something truly lovely and produced a perfect work of art. How can one keep silent in the face of that?  When I see a pretty flower, I always say how much I like it. And I always mention their beauty when I see an attractive person. I always mention moral virtue when I see it. That helps me let it out. I mean, I cannot hold myself back in the face of beauty. If I do not let it out I will become tense and uncomfortable. But I can never tire of beauty or love. Of course not, insha’Allah.

2011-11-27 20:09:16

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