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Indonesia Antara News Agency, 16 September 2008

Adnan Oktar: The conception of Islam set out and applied by Turkey is an excellent model for Europe. Europe regards Turkey as very excellent and useful in that area, it also considers the way Islam is lived as ideal for the world. This has already produced a complete solution to the question. Under Turkish leadership, an enlightened, rational and genuine conception of Islam will rule the world, Insha’Allah. 

MPL TV, 23 April 2008  

Adnan Oktar:For one thing, Turkey has experience of state. It has experience of empire. It has experience of running countries. And it has the ability. And the Turkish nation has remained quite sterile. In terms of moral values, Anatolian virtues have remained unimpaired. Anatolia has been preserved. That hospitality, cleanliness, moral virtue, warmth, humanity, neighborliness, compassion and altruism have remained as they were. But Europe has lost them... This will not make Europe uneasy. THIS IS A SALVATION FOR EUROPE. The Turkish-Islamic union will be like Europe’s policeman at the same time. BECAUSE A VERY POWERFUL INSTITUTION WILL HAVE EMERGED THAT PROTECTS EUROPE, PROTECTS THE WORLD AND BRINGS THE WORLD PEACE AND SECURITY. EUROPE WILL LIVE IN PEACE AND CALM. Why should Europe not want that? Nothing will change. This system will also support NATO and the EU. THIS IS A GREAT BLESSING FOR THE EU. BECAUSE BY MEANS OF IT, THE EU WILL BECOME EXCEEDINGLY WEALTHY... The love of the Turkish-Islamic union will enfold them, too. They will live in peace.

Zaman, 18 July 2011

Ukraine's Foreign Minister, Konstantin Grishchenko said Ukraine is following up Turkey’s improvements for EU adjustment process and stressed that both countries have much to learn from each other.

2011-11-28 23:27:44

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