Turkey will be the elder brother in the region

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Kordon TV 27, July 2008

Adnan Oktar: Frankly, what I mean is; TURKEY IS REQUIRED TO USE ITS INFLUENCE, ACT AS AN ELDER BROTHER, EVEN BECOME A LEADER TO ALL ISLAM COUNTRIES IN MIDDLE EAST. TURKEY SHOULD BECOME AN INFLUENTIAL LEADER.Turkey is a country where wise, sincere, conscientious people exist. It has a perfect army. An army consisted of conscientious soldiers who are very meticulous. They are very well educated soldiers. And every country loves the Turkish Army. Wherever they go, people feel love for them.  They, for instance, go to Iraq and people there love them. They go to Bosnia; people there again love them. In Somalia; again people show love to them. They are respected everywhere. They are loved and respected in Afghanistan as well. There is an actual state here. This means that the entire Middle East, the Islamic world loves Turkish army and the Turkish nation. Thus they want Turks to be their elder brother. SO, TURKEY NEEDS TO STEP IN AT THIS STAGE AND INTRODUCE A SPIRITUAL LEADER THROUGHOUT ISLAMIC AND TURKISH COUNTRIES SO THAT SHE CAN FULLFILL THIS DUTY AS THE ELDER BROTHER. IN OTHER WORDS,ESTABLISHMENT OF THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION IS A MUST FOR THE ENTIRE REGION.This Turkish-Islamic Union does not connote a racial superiority; it does not mean that we are the best. It means being compassionate to Christians, to Jews, entitling them the best of lives.  Surely, we defend the excellence of Islam and of course we love our nation as it has good morals but we do also know that all other nations have a right to get the benefit of this Union and they are precious. Allah knows who is the best among us. We compete against each another in good actions; I could never claim that solely my nation is the best one, not the others. I always mention that all the nations are good. That relieves the Israel. The Israelis are trapped behind walls. They are almost living in a jail. They live in fear for their lives. Palestine is an environment full of terror and sordidness; this is a great sin, and there is no other solution. Neither American nor English interference; none of them could save.THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TURKEY’S INTERFERENCE AND ITS ACTING AS AN ELDER BROTHER. Every passing day imposes moral responsibility upon us. This has to happen once and for all. 

A9 TV, Kackar TV, 30 March 2011;

ADNAN OKTAR:Being peaceful is the main characteristic of Turkey. TURKEY IS THE SOLE COUNTRY WHO WILL BRING PEACE TO THE REGION. SHE IS THE SOLE LEADER COUNTRY WHO WILL BRING PEACE TO THE MIDDLE EAST, THE BALKANS AND ALL OF THE ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. The Kurdish people, Laz people, Zaza people are all our brothers and our souls. All parts of Turkey should be free.  We are not looking the issue in an egoistic way. Let everyone become free, let the democracy prevail everywhere; let the freedom be felt in everywhere. It is unproper if freedom is specifically demanded just for Laz people or Kurdish people or Turkish people. We accept all the citizens living in Turkey are Turkish. They all deserve the best standards of living.  We want them to live in the best environment with peace. We want democracy, art and science that should be applied in the best way. It is something egoistic if people want these good things only for a specific group of people. It is something abnormal for sure.  

Kackar TV, 26 January 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: The hadith involves the explanation that life spans will be extended in the time of the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). People of the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will consider all Muslims as their own sons or own brothers. This is something related to Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) meticulous attitude. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will take care of the people’s doing exersize, becoming happy, getting rid of pains, sorrows. What makes people depressed? The sorrows, fears and pains make people depressed. A psychological collapse happens in such cases. But this psychological collapse will get removed by means of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Because of people feeling great joy they remain young and hearty; thus their life span will get extended. Furthermore, the developments in science and technology and the inventions in the area of medicine will lead this.  People will be careful about having halal food. People will follow our Prophet’s (saas) Sunnah and have an excellent healthy diet. As people will stay out of illicit foods and drinks they achieve health and wellness. Drinking no alcohol, smoking no cigarettes. We see the destroying effects of the alcohol in the statics carried out by the state. Hundred thousands of people are losing their lives because of alcohol and smoking. Again hundred thousands of people are losing their lives because of taking drugs. All these will go away. People will not seek happinesss in drinking alcohol and smoking anymore. Instead, they will find great joy in faith, in love of Allah. Therefore they feel relief, peace and great joy. As a result, LIFE SPAN WILL GET EXTENDED. The reason is quite clear insha’Allah…

Rota News, 11 October 2011

Futurist (future scientist), Professor David Passig was in Istanbul to launch his book “2050” in Turkey. During his interview with Anadolu Agency, he made comments about the 21st Century.

Passig expressed that many states in the Middle East would collapse by 2050 and said, "Turkey and Israel will continue to be the leading power in the region.TURKEY WILL BE THE ONLY COUNTRY TO BRING PEACE TO THIS REGION.”

Passig also stated that, as was the case many a times in history, only Turkey could prevent the collapse of these countries and added, "Turkey will inevitablyprevent the collapse of these countries. Turkey's position offers this in the region. TURKEY WILL BE THE ELDER BROTHER OF THESE COUNTRIES. As was the case in the past, these incidents happening in the Arab countries has also initiated migration to Turkey." 

Proffessor Passig also mentioned that people would live up to the age of 150 in the near future. 

“ Children of 1-2 ages of today will live about 150 years. The reason for this is sterile and pure drinking water. In the past, people did not have access to pure water. The development of technology and facilities increased people's living standards. Clean water is very important for human health. We consider people who live very long as miracles. However, the reason is very simple. It is the clean water. Only with clean water, human life can multiply by 3 times. When the factors such as genetic and technology are added, HUMAN LIFE WILL  PROLONG EVEN MORE.”

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