Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 6 November 2011

A9 TV; November 6th, 2011

(Regarding the appearance of ladies in burqas in the TV program “Conversations with Harun Yahya” on A9 channel)

The reason why I have these ladies in burqas appear on our TV program is that there is a huge oppression toward these ladies in burqas. In the society, in every corner of the world. There are also lots of people who oppress them. It is also the case in Turkey. They suffer a very ill-natured treatment towards them, both in terms of style and manners. I do it especially to put an end to such kind of treatment, Insha’Allah. That is to say, this is the way we express our love and support towards our sisters in burqa, Insha’Allah. This way, in one way or another, we immediately eliminate any insinuation made at them since in this state there remains no one who would dare to open his mouth, Insha’Allah. That is because you are a very good quality and beautiful people. I also have our sisters with scarves appear on our programs. We assume an attitude that would put a stop to hideous expressions and attacks against scarves. With the quality and beauty [of these sisters], we deal a blow, a spiritual blow, to such evil tongues, Insha’Allah. I especially have ladies with a western looking appearance appear [in our programs], Insha’Allah, for there are also  very mean, bigoted and filthy assaults against them. In order to silence those fools against well-groomed ladies with make-up, I especially have you appear. This way, we teach feelings of love, respect and compassion to those impertinent ones. A great majority of our nation are mature, but there are some churls. We show them that they must behave honestly. There is also a grudge against well-groomed ladies as well as those ladies with scarves and those in burqa.  This is a deadly savagery; there is the bigotry of both sides. I teach to these bone-headed bigots, these churls how to behave decently, Insha’Allah.

(Regarding the audience member who sent a message stating that he does not belong to any of the Islamic schools.)

In this time not belonging to any Islamic school would be dangerous. How will he do it? In this time, it is obligatory to belong to a particular Islamic school. Until the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as), it is obligatory to be of an Islamic school. There are the Hanafi, Hambali, Maliki and Shafi schools. Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra), Hazrat Ali (ra) and Hazrat Uthman (ra); they are sweeter than one another. They are all lovely and they are all more blessed than one another . Hazrat Ali (ra) is my grandfather. He is my dearest. But do not make such comparisons. We must apply matters just as how our Prophet (saas) said: for instance our Prophet (saas) says, “The most superior one is Hazrat Abu Bakr.” Other than that, it would be inappropriate. We can not say, “This is what our Prophet (saas) says, but I think otherwise.” They are all fine, all sweeter than one another. Hazrat Omar (ra) is very intelligent, he was a very magnificent person. May Allah grant him mercy. Hazrat Uthman (ra) is called Zinnurayn, right? Our Prophet (saas) says that he possessed a double light. They are very sweet people. They cause blasphemy through such words. It is a cause for division also. What kind of a mindset would it be? When you go to Paradise, you will embrace all of them. “I loved you more.” Let it reside with Allah. Do not make such things. Do not put them forward  as causes of blasphemy and division. It is a pity! If you could ever see Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra), you would go and prostrate at  his feet. You would love him very dearly. Why do you utter such offensive words? If he ever heard such words, Hazrat Ali (ra) would feel uncomfortable. He would surely not enjoy thinking that he was more beloved. Hazrat Ali (ra) was a very modest, sweet person. There was no competition among them. But you form an environment of competition. There is neither competition nor any hostility among them. They all love one another. You must also love one another. Love the Companions of our Prophet (saas). Be convinced with what our Prophet (saas) said so that the issue would be over, Insha’Allah.

(In response to the question “The title ‘The Owner of the Time’ is attributed to Hazrat Mahdi (as), but isn’t Allah  ‘The Owner of the Time’?)

Yes. Allah makes him  ‘ The Owner of the Time’. Allah makes Hazrat Mahdi (as) the ruler of the world. Who is the Ruler of the world? Allah is the ruler of the world. Allah makes Hazrat Mahdi (as) instrumental for it. For instance,Badii, Allah is the Badii. There is the Bediuzzaman. Allah manifests in him.That is to say, it is the manifestation of Hisbeautiful attributes, Insha’Allah.

Do not ever care with how much people pay attention to details. It is not important whatsoever. It is very important to deal with the essence. For instance, they say, “Why this and that happened during the incident that happened between Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Husain?” Will Allah ask this to you in the Hereafter? You will be asked whether you believe in Allah and the Book. Have you abided by what is lawful and unlawful? Have you performed your acts of worship? Was your faith profound? They try to make discrimination between Hazrat Uthman (ra) and Hazrat Ali (ra). These are very unnecessary. The best explanation is the one which had been made by our Prophet (saas). There is no need for more  explanations other than that, Insha'Allah.

If they have a right creed, Allah saves people from scourges. Otherwise Iran would be disintegrated, let me say. Indeed, three countries attack it.That is, they would strike the centers of vital importance. A very catastrophic civil war would happen. Iran would disintegrate, be divided. That is to say, it would disintegrate into three parts. But if they listen to what Rasulallah (saas) spoke of  in the true sense of the word, and trust in Allah; because currently they do not have a style that trusts in Allah; you see it when they come here. “What would America say?” America would say nothing. What will it say? Nothing. They still ask, “What would America say?” Nothing. Have you ever demanded that the Islamic Union  be established and has ever America rejected it? America says nothing. Americais fervently attached to an understanding of Islam that advocates love and compassion and non-blood shedding. They want it profoundly. So does Israel. But if you say, “Hazrat Mahdi (as) has appeared on the wall”, everyone would feel irritated. Even Turkey felt anxious. They said, “We accept the radar base to be established in Malatya.” In Malatya. Why? Against whom? Against Iran. There is no other reason. They in no way change their mind. You all know; would a ghost Mahdi remain in a cave for a thousand years ? They say, “There is no need for the Hazrat Mahdi (as) to come. His image already appears.” Why would Hazrat Mahdi (as) appear? They say, “I saw the light.” All right, he has already come. Then the light will speak to  you and then you will go and bomb, right? You will say, “I saw the image on the wall.” “We will shed an ocean of blood  .” My brother, this is insanity. Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not shed blood. He does not even awaken a sleeping person. Don’t you see the hadith of our Prophet (saas)? You must take Iran’s word seriously. I warned Saddam, he did not listen and a disaster came upon him. I warned that madman in Libya, he did not listen and he was  massacred horrifically. If Iran also abides by Rasaullah’s (saas) words and the Qur’an, Iran would become one of the best countries of the world. The Unity of Islam would also come about. A very easy, a very beautiful life will come. But in a contrary situation, the disaster seems to be at hand, Allahualem.

Women, all of European society will turn Muslim. They will perform their prayersin a beautiful form.They will be very well-groomed,very clean.They will enjoy a lot again, they will eat in luxurious  restaurants.They will ride in clean cars. When Islam dominates the world, Insha’Allah, all women will go everywhere alone with ease. The bigots will make no objections, those ill-mannered men will not make insinuations at women. No one will say, “Why is your hair covered?”  or “Why don’t you wear a scarf?” “Why do you wear make-up?” There will also not be any people resembling apes. People will be free as much as they can be. All the European ladies, all the European high society, all the members of  American society will be free and at ease, Insha’Allah. They will live by Islam and the Qur’an with love. They say, “I have seen a woman or a man and felt so and so.” This is unbecoming. If a woman changes her intentions, she may look with lust on a man if she wants. And similarly, if a man wants and changes his intention, he can look with lust at a woman. I mean those men with that mindset; they can do anything. They may steal, murder a man. As long as a person does not fear Allah, there is no end to it. He can get into an incestuous relationship, attempt to be with his own daughter because he has no fear of Allah. There is no hindrance before him. Once you have fear of Allah, there is no problem whatsoever. A woman can be beautiful and well-groomed as much as she can be. That man will see her like a flower, and he sees her as a manifestation of Allah.

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