Turkey can't be indifferent to the Middle East

What He Said?What Happened?

Adana CRT TV, 30 September 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is walking on the right path, which is indeed beneficial and very much favored. Gradually, it cleans up, calms down, and becomes hale and healthy. Turkey has gotten rid of its cancerous cells. Now Turkey is like a young man who is fresh and spunky. INSHA’ALLAH, TURKEY WILL BE THE LEADER OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND BALKANS, THE ENTIRE ISLAMIC AND TURKISH WORLD. TURKISH AND ISLAMIC WORLD WILL GET UNITED TO FORM A GREAT TURKISH – ISLAMIC UNION. TURKEY WILL TAKE THE LEAD AND BE THE ELDER BROTHER.THUS, TURKEY WILL MAKE UP THE THIRD SUPERPOWER and become a factor of equilibrium apart from United States and Russia. This will bring the age of peace and safety throughout the whole world Insha’Allah… 

Patronlar Dunyası, 13 October 2008 

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is moving towards the Turkish-Islamic Union. Our moral values will be strengthened and we will also be more powerful in monetary terms, and become the super state of the region; then there will be neither Kurd problem or nor Armenian problem, nor Israel problem; all will be solved right from the root Insha’Allah. Iraq will be under the control of Turkey Insha’Allah, Syria will be under the control of Turkey Insha’Allah, Azerbaijan will be under the control of Turkey; meaning Turkey will be their spiritual elder brother Insha’Allah. Turkey will be their spiritual elder brother and assume a moral responsibility. Turkey will ensure the stability, peace and security of the region completely. Being the elder brother is the attribute of Turkey, SINCE THE OTTOMAN PERIOD SHE HAS BEEN THE ELDER BROTHER OF THE REGION, AND SECURING PEACE AND TRUST IN THE REGION. However, this time it will be perfect, it will be very beautiful, very auspicious and very good Insha’Allah.

Yeni Akit, 27 February 2011

Turkey can’t be indifferent to the Middle East

Murat Mercan, the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Commission of Turkish Parliament (Grand National Assembly of Turkey), stated that Turkey can’t be indifferent to the incidents occurring in the Middle East due to the geographical and cultural reasons and said: “Turkey can not be indifferent to the incidents going on in the Middle East due to the historical, geographical and cultural reasons. When there is an incident occurring in the Balkans, we deeply feel this. The Anatolia boils up if there is no peace and stability in the Balkans. This is also the case for Caucasia and Middle East. Turkey cannot generate politics that will apply only in her borders. Imagine a region extending from Istanbul to Morocco or Afghanistan or Macedonia where no passports are needed… Isn’t that exciting? I think these developments will serve this. The admirations that would like to meet the expectations of their nations must cooperate with Turkey.”

2011-12-22 21:57:04

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