Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 26 November 2011


A9 TV; November 26th, 2011

(Regarding the report that we are in Hijri 1433)

1433; the age when Prophet Jesus (as) was taken to the heavens was 33. We will shortly enter 2012. If you consider a person  as an animal and tell him and convince him that he is an animal, some sort of an advanced form of an animal, that guy acts like a beast. He acts like a donkey and an animal. It is very important to teach that man that he is not an animal but a human being. If he learns that he is a human being, he wouldn’t act like an animal. But if he believes that he is an animal, he acts like an animal. If you tell him day and night that he is an animal, then he sincerely believes that he is an animal. That is why it is essential to eliminate the Darwinist/ Materialist education. Darwinism indoctrinates people into believing that they are animals, right? They say, “You are not a human being but an animal. We descended from microbes. Our forefathers were microbes.” Upon hearing this the guy thinks that he is a microbe, if he has descended from a microbe  he acts likewise. He possesses the character of a microbe. First this has to be first eliminated.It is very easy.What is the solution then? Science.We believe in science to the end. We stake a claim on something. We believe that science is a blessing. What does science say to us? Paleontology tells us to gather all the evidence. How much evidence?Ten million? No. Twenty million? No. More than three hundred fifty million fossils; three hundred fifty million. We bring them forward. For instance, imagine that we lay them all over a plain. Not a single one proves evolution; they all prove creation. If you can not grasp the issue with the support of three hundred fifty evidence, what can I say  to you? Three hundred fifty million pieces of evidence. This aside we say, “Brother, if you are sincere, bring one single evidence relating to your creed. Bring and put that fossil on the table”, right? Indeed we also said we'd skip the fossils and agree to  accept its photograph. There also exists  not one photograph. The guy appeared on the television. He has it photocopied; he shows it and then takes it back. He shows it and then withdraws it. Such awkward acts. Show it sincerely if you have an evidence. He can not. He is afraid of showing the photograph, he can not because it is not accurate. There is not such a photograph, no document.

In the oral form, the Torah depicts it but in the written Torah it is not mentioned. Rabbis look and say, “This is him.” They immediately recognized him. But they asked, “Why didn’t the Prophet come within us?” This is the issue! Why not someone among us? They said, “We believe that he is a prophet.” “It is evident that he is a prophet. But he had to appear among us. That is why we do not accept him.”

(Regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar’s friends accompanying him and their beneficial activities)

In the past they used to say; “This guy is ugly; he has lost touch with the world. He has nothing to do in this world. He, Allah forbid, is seeking to console himself. He tries to console himself

with the Hereafter.” Look, you are exceptionally beautiful. At this point, the issue becomes irrelevant. He says, “The guy is poor. Allah knows what he would do if he had any money? What would he do when he has no money? He hopes to experience his aspirations in the Hereafter. That is why he no longer aspires after this world. This is why he is devout. All our friends are wealthy. They are multimillionaires”. What happened? That theory has also lost its credibility. They used to say, “These friends are ignorant. They don’t know anything. They have no manners or general culture. If they read and make research, and occupy themselves with science, they will see the facts. They would no longer have any relation with Islam, may Allah forbid.” They [our friends] have excellent general knowledge; they are superb young people who  received their degrees from the most prominent schools and they have mastered science. They have a very good grasp of science; they have encouraged science and they love it. They consider science as a blessing. They are interrelated with science. Science has brought them to religion, Islam, faith and the Qur’an and become instrumental in them having a profound faith. Now what has become of this theory?This hasalso come to an end. They are super intelligent, extremely wise, they have general culture and are very classy. They have turned the entire theory upside down. Some were saying, “Brother, our places are different, we have our own separate ghettos, we have our little places. We live in basement stories, in the suburbs.” They say, “We have no relation whatsoever with the high society, the enlightened section of the society, the intellectuals. We never talk to presentable women with no scarves. We never talk to women wearing bikinis.” They used to say, “Their world is different, ours is different.” I also demolished this theory. I talk to women wearing bikinis as well as those in burqas or with veils. I embrace all of them, I love them all. They are all special people. Therefore we thwarted all sorts of blasphemy and  schemes. They were talking against our Alawite brothers. I taught them that they are very dear to us, that they are the purest people of the world. I eliminated this rage and hatred in the bigots’ minds. I said that Alawites are the people of love, that they love Allah, the Book, the Prophet, people, kids, flowers; that they love the arts. I told and taught that they are blessed and pure people who ponder deeply. That scheme is also thwarted. Then they defamed Ataturk, I proved the devoutness of Ataturk. They are now out of any plots to hatch in this issue. Right now they are struggling and we allow none of that. Once we cooperate with devout Jews and start to struggle against irreligion, they noticed that Muslims’ working hand in glove with Jews and Christians will eradicate disbelief entirely and thus they started to attack like mad dogs. We were obliged to dismiss these dogs all day long. They no longer have any breath with which to speak. They attempted to stir up fitnah but we have “extinguished” it too.  There are also those in Israel trying to stir up upheaval. We are also extinguishing them. There are also those among them. We also prevented upheaveal in Turkey. We are anti-disorder; we stop it. They attempted to divide our nation into those with scarves and those without scarves. We broke their necks. We stopped it. They tried to hatch a plot as those who side with Atatürk and those who do not. We also stopped that scheme. My nation has very well grasped Ataturk and loves him very much. They all used to love him, but there were those who did not know. We taught to those who did not know. We taught them to show respect to those well-groomed ladies without scarves. Some were explicitly enemies to them. They used to hate ladies who wore no scarves. They used to hate ladies having make-up and who wore no scarves. This hatred generated also hatred on the other side. This time, these ladies started also to hate them. It was an ongoing problem. We also stopped it, united our nation and made them brothers. The PKK became mad; it attempted to divide Turkey. Only our roaring sufficed it. They were startled like dogs. We supported the police, the courts with all our might and main, and that secession, many thanks to Allah, has been eliminated with the prayer of believers. Otherwise as you know, they were attempting to make an agreement. How is it possible to make an agreement  with a communist? How can you make an  agreement  with communists, the murderers who heeds not Allah, Allah forbid, and the Book? They say that they will establish a communist state and turn the entire world into communists. How can you make agreement  with them? They state the following: “We can agree if you also convert to communism. We broke their backs with our ideas. There is no allowing  for such schemes.

Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not run away from his country. His place of emergence is Istanbul. If he has deserted Istanbul like a bird, then this means he is not the Mahdi (as). Someone who runs away can not be the Mahdi (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) is  brave, he is courageous. He does not avoid  anything; neither  prison nor anything else. He fears  Allah alone. He deals a devastating blow through science and knowledge against Darwinism and materialism. He makes alliances with devout Christians and Jews, Insha’Allah. He embraces all Muslims, he does not grow arrogant. He does not say that he receives revelations or  that he is the Mahdi. His saying that he is the Mahdi is a portent of his not being the Mahdi. According to the hadith, Hazrat Mahdi (as) in no way accepts being the Mahdi.

(Regarding an Iranian commander who recently made the statement, “We will first destroy the anti-missile system in Turkey in retaliation of a possible attack targeting Iran.”

There are some people who want to set Iran against Turkey in a war. I really do not know if that brother actually said something like that. If he really said it, then that means he is explicitly deceived. First of all Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not allow for  a war between Turkey and Iran and secondly Prophet Jesus (as) does not allow it. As  living beings. And Hazrat Khidir (as) does not allow it. These are very harmful words. They should never utter them. Neither Iran attacks Turkey nor vice versa. We will bring down the heavens upon those who attempt it. No one can dare to commit such a stealthy act. Neither Turkey can attack Iran, and nor Iran can attack Turkey. Nothing of the sort can ever happen. Those who try to set a Muslim against other Muslims are perfidious. As the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as), we do not allow such perfidy or such a conspiracy. This is unlikely.

(In response to an audience member who said, “My spouse left me. What would you suggest to me?”)

Put your trust in Allah, there is goodness in it. Allah separated you. Ultimately he is also a human being, a poor servant of Allah. He is also a brother of  yours in religion. You will also go to the Hereafter and he will also go to the Hereafter. You will both die, and under the earth you will both turn into skeletons. Why do you exaggerate this? There is, Insha’Allah, a goodness in it.


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