Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 30 November 2011


A9 TV; November 30th, 2011

It is narrated from Hazrat Khbir (as), the Messenger of Allah (saas) said; “Hazrat Mahdi (as) has the mastership of the Prophet Moses (pbuh)”, he is a master like the Prophet Moses (pbuh), he says. “The beauty of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh)”, he is beautiful like the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) “The patience of the Prophet Job (pbuh)”. Slanders, difficulties, prison, pains. He is patient in all of them.

“Abu Khibr said to Imam Muhammad Bakr (as): "...HOW IS HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) RECOGNIZED?  He answered:"WITH HIS GUIDANCE AND HIS GRANDEUR”. He has a surprising grandeur. And he is surprised to his faith. He has an out of the ordinary faith. He has an uncommon grandeur. He says that he is known through the acknowledgment of his students and loved ones. So his students praise him. This is acknowledgment. They say, “He is this and that good.” He says that it is understood from that.

“Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) face will shine like golden-bronze. It will be so bright that the true color of his skin will not be able to be seen.” His skin is that bright. “Hazrat Mahdi (as)’s face is sometimes a light color.” A lighter white color. “And sometimes shines like gold.” So what does gold-like mean? Wheat color. “Sometimes it is darker and bright like the moon.” Sometimes his color gets darker, more reddish. Maybe because of the sun’s effect.

“Hz. Mahdi (as) is mild”, so he is balanced, “he has beautiful face and hair,” look his hair is also beautiful. “He has a thin nose.” So his nose is not large, it is thin. “And he has a young man's appearance  with a wide face.” His face is also wide. Look now, his face and forehead are wide. What does it mean? It means he has a large head, because his forehead is wide, his face is wide. Since his face is mild and straight, then his head is large. He has a large head. Our Prophet (saas)’s head was also large. The heads of the prophets are all large. Allah creates it like that.

“The spot on Hazrat Mahdi (as)’s cheek is a  bump like that on the Prophet Moses (pbuh)” a little bumpy “and bright like the stars.” What does it mean? It is not black. It is light colored. A color like skin tone, insha’Allah.

Look at these details, “Shoulder tip bone is also gentle.” Truly the bones of some people are hard as stone . Some people have younger bones. It is understood that he or she is young. Bones get harder with age; it is understood. So the skin, bone structure and flesh tissues are separate. May Allah forbid. Of course, it is a means to give up the life of this world. For example, their bones and ribs can be seen. It is seen. This happens in both men and women. They get harder. Flesh slides on the bones; it is separate from the bones. The skin and the bones are separate. May Allah forbid. When one touches it, it can be felt. Insha’Allah.

The display of blessing is beautiful. Our Prophet (saas) says, “Get blessed and show the blessings.” This is a nice thing for Muslims. Seeing a blessing on his or her brother or sister opens the heart of a Muslim. It also makes the hypocrites angry, insha’Allah.

Some people are very good-tempered. For example we have a brother. He says, “Master, I have a small hunchback but I am a person full of love.” So what does it matter if he has a hunchback or not? What is wrong with that? It is important that he has good morality. For example he says, “I stutter when I am stressed.” So what? You will acquire more merits. If you have two deficiencies, you will acquire more merits. But people are ruthless of course. Some of them may not feel love just because of that. They may not have respect. This is a moral deficiency. Feeling hatred towards someone because of his disability is a low and despicable act. We love him due to his fear of Allah. He love him due to his morality. If you have good morals , good for you, how nice.How could you love one in any other way? There is bones and flesh. What is left to love? There is nothing left. Man dies in a short time. His body is  destroyed beneath the  soil. Insha’Allah. His fear of Allah stays. Insha’Allah. Life after death, the infinite life is important. Life here ends very quickly.

(About people who like the violence and bloodshed of communists and thus became communists)

He must have just been a communist. He must have gathered information from here and there. Someone must have told him something. He must have got it  from magazines and so on. He has got in the mood of a communist. He must have viewed the pictures of Che Guevara. He might have been amazed with the beard of Marx, as in “What a thick beard  he has”. He might have liked the violence of the communists. Because as far as I can see from his manner, he looks like a ruthless man. He might have liked the sadism of the communists. He might have liked bloodshed. He might have liked that they are against  religion and what is sacred. He might have liked being psychopath. If you let him, he would become a satanist. What does he do instead? He says, “Let’s become a communist”. This is the thing. If these are not communists, they either become satanists or join  gangs. They join the street gangs. Or rather they join the mafia. Therefore, in such people such characteristics can be seen. You are very cultured and informed. So you can size him up in short. Even if he says, “I do not understand” he must already have.

You must not be tense about that issue. For example you can say, “It is impossible for a protein to be formed by chance. Another protein is needed for a protein to be formed.” That would stick with him for all eternity. If you ask him, he would say, “No I am not impressed. I am not listening to you.” It is not important. You cannot get results by criticizing the social structure of communism. This is not the way to strive against communism. You would be defeated. You cannot handle this. You must destroy the essence of communism. What is the essence of communism? On what it is established? It is established on the dialectic philosophy. What is the dialectic philosophy based on? It is based on Darwinism. How is Darwinism destroyed? It collapses when you hit it on two points. For example, you will say proteins first and fossils second. There are 350 million fossils, you will say. They have not changed in any way. They are the same as animals now. There is no chance. 350 million. They have not changed. Despite this, there is no evidence Darwinists can show. They cannot show a single transitional form fossil, not a single one. Now this ends it all. But we are making it simpler. Look, we are not even mentioning chromosomes. We are not mentioning chromosomes. We are only saying; “Is it possible for a protein to be formed by coincidence?” Of course, he would say, “It is possible” due to his ignorance; but you will say to him, “Look, what is Dawkins saying? What is Dawkins saying? He says, “Only aliens could do it.” He says, “It is not possible, it has to be designed. It is impossible through coincidences.” Because a protein cannot be formed without proteins. So, what is Marxism based on? It is based on Darwinist philosophy. It is a theory based on Darwinism. What happens when Darwinism is gone? Marxism is caught out in the open. Like a house without a basement. A house without a basement; think about it, there is a house hanging in the sky. What happens? It collapses. This is what you will do. Do not bother about masonic symbols. You cannot cope with them.

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