Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 November 2011

14 November 2011; A9 TV

I describe the essentials. Muslims would be ruined if I were to talk about superstition. Their brains would give way. It is terribly wrong to take up Muslims’ time, weaken them, distract them and provide opportunities for disbelief by talking nonsense. Because that nonsense would then attack Muslims. And Muslims would be at a loss what to say and do. Nonsense provides material for disbelief, day and night. And that nonsense becomes more blatant under disbelief.

(In response to a viewer who said he was in urgent need of cash and asked “could you send me 250 Turkish lira?”)

 There are many people, many brothers, who can be of assistance to you. But would your conscience allow me to abandon all my work, for the sake of Allah, and to occupy myself with such things, instead? Even 10 lira is very valuable to us. With 10 lira I can buy a book and be instrumental in someone coming to faith and being saved. We must use and spend all our means and power on Allah’s path. Our concentration, time, money, means and everything. What are you talking about? You are talking about classic business. These are not things to be mentioned to a man with a cause, to one who struggles. Should I abandon my cause and struggle? I strive day and night to be an instrument whereby many people come to have faith. I use even the slightest means that comes my way to tell people about Islam and the Qur’an. Should I use those means to free people from business concerns instead? You have relatives and friends and other means to do that. You are a businessman. You can get credit from the bank. There are places who do that legitimately. I don’t know, maybe you could mortgage your place of work or something. You can get a bank loan in some way. Do it like that.

(In response to a viewer who said, “Islamists’ opinions are generally conservative, but not yours.”)

Yes, I am not conservative. I try to be expansive, insha’Allah. I am on the side of freedom, and democracy, and love, and fervor. I favor what is good and beautiful. I am on the side of truth. And beauty and art. Therefore, I am also on the side of the essence and truth of Islam. I am a sword of knowledge against bigotry, insha’Allah. I am a sword of knowledge against corruption, insha’Allah.

The fact is that the good thing about us is this: there is a terrible, deadly hatred of fanaticism in the world. They first inflict the scourge of fanaticism on Muslims, and then slaughter them. They put them in the midst of bigotry. The fanatics say, “Come and be a fanatic.” They turn them into fanatics and then put them to the sword. Fanatics are also highly irrational and foolish. They cannot explain anything. These idiots can only behave like hyenas among their own circles. They cannot stand up and discuss matters at the Istanbul Technical University, for example, or Robert College or METU. They would merely be laughed off the premises and humiliated. They in any case have no self-confidence because of their stupidity. They could never do that. But I go to places these types could never even bear, or imagine, and talk explicitly and convincingly about Islam and the Qur’an, in such a way that no objections can come from the other side. But the fanatics talk about things utterly foolishly and stupidly and inconsistently, in a nonsensical manner. They are harmful. I am always trying to put right the harm they do, to correct their inaccurate statements. And I have been really successful. Normally, Iran would long since have been invaded. But I prevented that by dint of intensive efforts. They were thinking about it last year. I am now trying, insha’Allah, to make up for that strife. They try to provoke war between Israel and Turkey, but I calm things down again. They spread corruption. They then try to provoke conflict somewhere else, and I calm that down, too. But this is all a religious observance, of course, and a good thing, masha’Allah.

Ibn Arabi says that hypocritical teachers will oppose Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). But this is explicitly set out in the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) and Shiite sources; Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does not now Arabic. That is an important characteristic. It means he is not in Mecca and Medina, insha’Allah. Cübbeli [hodja] also says, “he has not been trained in a madrassa.” “He is not affiliated to one hodja or sheikh,” he says. In other words, “he has no special learning. Allah has given him divine inspiration.” “He has given him special knowledge.” “That is why he is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh),” insha’Allah.

I have been instrumental in millions of people coming to have faith. I have saved millions from the scourge of Darwinism and materialism. I have been instrumental in strengthening the faith of millions of Muslims through my books and works. You cannot do it all at once. You have to do it in stages. You must first talk about faith. You must give people fear and love of Allah. You must settle that first of all, not last, insha’Allah.

Every sincere person of good intentions who is capable of giving love experiences the flavor and beauty of being a Muslim, therefore, insha’Allah. And people are of course positively influenced by such people, insha’Allah.

Allah regards filthy people as very suitable for stupid and mindless ones. There are those horrible people out there, for instance, who shout things at women and generally behave badly. Allah gives them filthy people. But Allah bestows intelligent and pleasant people on reasonable ones. This is a miracle. You will see it if you look closely. For example, a beautiful woman goes by and they wolf whistle at her. Or they say something intended to embarrass her. Allah will always inflict unpleasant types on them. Yet a woman is a most pleasant being. She always deserves the pleasantest words. But I look on the internet and see all these horrible writings by people with hatred in their hearts. Yet as they write these thingstheir own hearts are darkened. And when their hearts darken, so do their bodies. Their cells become cancerous, their faces grow ugly and their brains start to dissolve. Their hair falls out, diseases appear, their insides decay and they develop a most horrible state of mind. They imagine that nothing will happen to them. People swear at and defame others, and they imagine that nothing will happen to them. But Allah starts to dissolve them from the inside out. But they fail to work that out. He harms them inside and out. Internally, they suffer a decrease in goodness, beauty and pleasantness. Moral vice causes terrible damage. It is not easy to write pleasant words or to praise someone. It is not easy to compliment them. But swearing and insulting people is highly enjoyable for one’s earthly passions and comes very easily. That is why base people swear at one another all the time on the internet, if you notice. There is a whole storm of swearing and insults. But pleasant words are very much few and far between. And those are people from the way of the Mahdi. Kinds words are difficult. Compliments are difficult. One has to use will power and determination and care and think properly and always think the best of people to be able to speak kindly of them. But they keep swearing at one another. I see it is really widespread. I look to see if anyone is really loved, and it is terribly rare. There was a female artist and they crushed her under insults and oaths. I saw another artist, a man being crushed like that. Another psychopath appears and swear at all and sundry, and becomes famous for that. He swears at everyone and thus attracts attention. Why not speak pleasant words? Pleasant words are important. Is there nobody to be loved in this country? Are there no fine people here? You should say good things. If something is really ugly, then say so, and that is fine. But they never speak of beauty. Only of hate. They open hate web sites, one against the other. Against Sheikh Nazım Hodja, or this or that hodja, or Yaşar Nuri Öztürk or someone. Words full of hate. Or against politicians. But words of love are very few and far between. It is easy to say, you are nice or you are good.  But it is less easy to say it and mean it.

2011-12-26 10:31:46

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