Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 17 December 2011

A9 TV; December 17th, 2011

Generally the communities in Turkey are tolerant; they are of sound mind and mature, but surely some groups in some of them are shy and hesitant, they cannot be hopeful. Some of them have weak faith. Otherwise, there is more than enough people who will establish the Unity of Islam both in Turkey and the world, but due to weakness in faith and hesitancy, as Bediuzzaman puts it as, “the vein of cowardice” and “despair”, they become paralyzed. Satan sits them on their path in these two ways, and Bediuzzaman also speaks of it. He sits them on their ways of cowardice, and on their ways of hopelessness. These two need to be isolated and eliminated, says Bediuzzaman. Insha'Allah this will happen.

When the culture of intellectualism mixes with true religion, it turns into something else. Then it  not become effective.
In the absence of guidance you can convey as much knowledge as possible, become an assistant professor, a professor and   not accomplish any results. So many professors have come and gone from Turkey. They had had no impact whatsoever. Incidents will proceed as Allah says, as our Prophet (saas) says.

(In response to a Lebanese minister’s statement who said; “If Turkey ever attacks Syria, then we will ally with Russia and Iran and demolish the cities of Turkey.” )

There is nothing of the sort. The decision of war can not be made without consulting  Hazrat Mahdi (as), Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Khidir (as). The three of them are against war, they do not allow it; so they cannot.
(About our Kurdish brothers)

The Kurds are  dear to us. When one speaks of  a Kurd, a brave, hospitable, modest, inoffensive, honorable, solemn, noble, and spartan man will come to one’s mind. Salah ad-Din Ayyub, Bediuzzaman, Anatolia, the whole of  Anatolia will come to mind. Kurds are in our hearts. We are proud of them. We are honored by our Kurdish brothers. They are all the sweetest people in the world, masha’Allah. They are all very attractive, well-mannered, respectful and pure. They know how to speak; they remember Allah and speak of the Qur’an; they are very well-mannered. Because they are aware of this, those in thrall to the dajjal hatch plots by means of the alleged Ergenekon organization and similar organizations in order to annihilate these holy people, most of whom are sayyids. They made plans to beset them on all sides and eradicate them, but Allah thwarted their plans. When the Unity of Islam is established, Insha'Allah, we will have joy together with our very dear brothers in those beautiful Kurdish tents.

We will never surrender our land and our citizens to the communists. They will simply forget this; we will bring down heaven and earth upon them. If they are insane, I am more insane than them. They need to be intelligent, Insha'Allah. We will never allow them. In no way shall we give a millimeter away of our country. While we speak of “growing bigger” look what they are talking about! Are you insane? We are talking about the “Greater Turkey”; by Allah’s leave, we will decorate the entire region extending from the Adriatic sea all the way down to the China Sea  with the breath of the Turkish Islamic Union whereas these guys are speaking of division. They used to struggle to convince us. When we roared, they shut up all of a sudden. Now they remain in deep silence. Many columnists used to express their fear of being slaughtered by them. I told them to give up cowardice. If they have 50 thousand soldiers, we can respond to them with 25 million fresh soldiers. They need to give up such impertinence. If they want to assist the Islamic Union. they are welcome to. This is beautiful, this is an honor. Other than that there is no other way.

If a citizen does not speak Turkish and only speaks Kurdish, we can make translations. Why shouldn’t we? There is no need to be so harsh. We make translations into English, into German etc. If my mother, sister does not speak Turkish, I would surely tell him in Kurdish. Why shouldn’t we? But our Kurdish brothers must absolutely learn Turkish. I am of both Circassian and Arabic descent but I neither speak Circassian nor Arabic. I speak Turkish, Insha'Allah.

Those who assumed that they have cornered Muslims, that they could isolate Muslims from  society, who assumed that beautiful women, good food, beverages and opportunities, nice words, joy and song all belong to the disbelievers looked and saw that all of them actually belong to Muslims. The most beautiful women are among Muslims, the most handsome young men are among Muslims, the most luxurious houses belong to Muslims. The best of ideas, the most beautiful morality, the most perfect of everything belong to Muslims. Meanwhile the system of Mahdi improves in all aspects, masha’Allah.

If we let Turkey  be disintegrated, we allow, as a nation life  to become haram to us. We would not give a millimeter of land from Turkey. You must simply forget this. We will bring down the heavens and earth upon him. You will support the Turkish-Islamic Union. That is it. We would not let you establish a communist state in the South East of Turkey. They used to call  Moscow “communist.” Now Moscow also abandoned it.

Incidents would not come to an end in Egypt; tranquility would only prevail in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Neither Libya nor Egypt will  attain peace. There will be settlement only by means of the appearance of Imam Muhammad Mahdi (as).  Disorder will not come to an end in any place.

The Alawite expressions are very beautiful. They are amazing, they have profound meanings. They read them with love and passion. Alawites are our dear to us; they are brave, well-mannered, of moral perfection and kind. Like all other people in the whole of  Anatolia, like our brothers, they are gentle people whose hearts have become exuberant with the love of Allah, love of human beings, animals, plants and all other things. May Allah open the hearts of each one  of them, may Allah guide them all. They are the sweetest of all, masha’Allah.

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