Surah Saba, 11 (The signs of the existence of Allah are very clear)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated 1 December 2011


Surah Saba, 11

I seek refuge with Allah from the satan. "Make full-length coats of mail.." So that means defense is important in every period of time. At the moment, tanks and carriers are all equipped with wide armors. Right? Wide armor is a great necessity in the Southeast [of Turkey] for instance. ".. measuring the links with care. And act rightly, all of you, for I see what you do.""..measuring the links with care." That measured links are all created by Allah; Allah makes His servant an instrument in this. Here Allah is drawing our attention to technology. You see the technological devices; they are like razors. The technical parts are all very well-arranged. All of them come into existence in a very orderly manner. For instance at home I look and there is the television, Allah created it. I feel astounded.  I keep thinking, my brother, Allah creates the pen, He creates the radio, the television and shows them to us openly. I mean the signs of the existence of Allah are so very clear that He creates televisions, radios for you. And the man still comes up and says -May Allah forbid- "Does Allah exist or not?"  My brother Allah has created a computer in front of you. He creates a faucet and water comes out from that faucet. He creates water inside that faucet. I mean everything is original, extraordinary and wonderful.  

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